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Visioning a Kindness Paradigm

Question: Will you help me vision a Kindness Paradigm? Higgins: Yes. Let’s have a conversation. Let’s start by having you define kind. Questioner: Merriam Webster says sympathetic, loving; of a sympathetic or helpful nature; of a forbearing nature: gentle; arising … Continue reading

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Giving Up Feels Like Relief

Offering from Higgins: If you feel like giving up on your dream you are working it too hard. Relax. (Although we will admit that sometimes giving up works wonders…giving up feels like relief and relief is always an emotional step … Continue reading

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Can Nature Turn Against Humans?

Question: Can nature turn against humans? Higgins: The answer is both yes and no. Whether you envision nature as trees, insects, mountains, rain, the great outdoors, or weather in general, each aspect of nature is in itself a sentient being. Every … Continue reading

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On Death

Question:     Will you talk about death? Higgins:     Death: a good topic. Death is simply an end to the physical body for you are all eternal souls. Understand that your physical bodies are designed to last hundreds of years. Disease states … Continue reading

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Regarding Metaphor

From Higgins’ website: Regarding metaphor:  If you must ruminate, ruminate on something positive. That way, when your thoughts come back to you in physical format they will please you. March 14, 2013 Lake Goodwin, Washington

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A Helpful Prayer

Offering from Higgins: A very helpful prayer from one of our physical friends. Repeat it often until you find clarity. “I want to know what I came here to be and do and then do it.” Received March 7, 2013 … Continue reading

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What Is A Fall Back Emotion?

Question:     What is a fall back emotion? Higgins:     Humans are guided by their Broader Self in part by emotions. Each of you has made some kind of agreement with that Broader Self. This agreement reflects the You that you want … Continue reading

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