Can Nature Turn Against Humans?

Question: Can nature turn against humans?

Higgins: The answer is both yes and no.

Whether you envision nature as trees, insects, mountains, rain, the great outdoors, or weather in general, each aspect of nature is in itself a sentient being. Every sentient being, including mankind, has the capacity to live in accordance with its Eternal Truth or to deviate from Truth.

While nature has the capacity to turn against humans (which would be a deviation from its Truth) it does not. Nature does not deviate from its Eternal Source of Inspiration. Humans do. Animals who live in close contact with humans will do that. Nature does not do that.

Humans living in harmony with their Truth or even generally in harmony with their Truth will not be subjected to the harsh aspects of nature, unless of course that particular human enjoys testing their limits. In this instance, nature works with the human to provide the test of endurance.

What appears to be nature working against humans (the recent tsunamis, hurricanes and earth quakes are all good examples) is in actuality nature responding to humans in perfect harmony. These tempestuous Earth and weather conditions are simply a reflection of the human situation. Are you physicals not raging in much the same way?

Humans are killed in these for either of two reasons. The first reason is that they are not clearly aligned vibrationally with their own safety. The second is (on a completely unconscious level) they agreed to do so for the greater advancement of mankind. Remember that the Earth experience is one of contrast and all things that occur are opportunities for each of you to decide who you are more clearly.

For example, when these sorts of disasters happen do you not notice the generosity, kindness and assistance that is afforded the ‘victims’? As humans you determine that you are compassionate, kind, generous and have skills to offer. These seemingly awful disasters are really opportunities for you to be your best selves and to know yourselves more fully.

So can nature turn against humans? Sure. But it doesn’t. What it does do is clearly reflect mankind’s best and worst aspects. If mankind as a whole will turn their attention towards the best of themselves, search for inner peace and develop compassion for all, the weather patterns and the Earth itself will respond in like kind.

Received March 21, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, USA

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