On Death

Question:     Will you talk about death?

Higgins:     Death: a good topic.

Death is simply an end to the physical body for you are all eternal souls.

Understand that your physical bodies are designed to last hundreds of years. Disease states and degeneration of body and mind that you physicals perceive as natural aging progression are in fact not natural at all. Instead, diseases and infirmities of any kind are actually metaphorical representation of negative emotions and beliefs one holds.

The body’s natural state is perfect health (both mental and physical) and perfect weight along with grace, strength and flexibility (albeit in varying amounts).

Death is designed as a natural endpoint. Much as you get up to leave when a concert or athletic competition or movie comes to its conclusion, death is simply a point when your life experience has come to its conclusion. Death feels unnatural sometimes because it arrives out of sequence meaning your life has not come to a natural conclusion.

If you will seek to live life as a clear reflection of the true beauty of your eternal being AND if you will relax and let life flow, accepting both that which you consider good and that which you consider bad, all aspects of your life experience will improve.

Life lived reflecting the truth of the beauty of your eternal soul will be far more satisfying. The result of feeling satisfied and fulfilled is improved mood and an improved outlook on life in general that translates metaphorically to good health, longevity and a life that comes to a natural and satisfying ending.

Received June 29, 2011 at Everett, Washington

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