Synchronicity and the Law of Attraction

Question:  Could synchronicity be the result of the Law of Attraction? Synchronicity is a link between two events related by meaning only, not by objective cause and effect. Usually synchronicity links an objective event in the physical reality, with an immaterial one, in the mind. And this seems to point towards the Law of Attraction, isn’t it?


The Oxford dictionary online provides this definition of synchronicity: the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.

Higgins:  Synchronicity is the Law of Attraction, yes. Further, when you open your eyes in the morning, everything you see or experience is a result of the Law of Attraction. If you like what you see, good. If not, decide what you do want. Make a plan to get it. Take action on your plan. Do so with powerful intention to succeed. It shall be yours. Until you begin to understand thought, desire, action and belief the arrival of these desires will often  seem synchronicitous in their arrival. In reality, you create your reality and synchronicity as defined does not exist. All things have causal connection.

Received April 17, 2018

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animal cruelty…

Note: this question refers back to Higgins’ post from March 29, 2018 entitled ‘Animal Cruelty’.

Question:  What about cases where animals are used for food? Often they are raised in terrible conditions and suffer greatly when they die.

Higgins:  This is about people’s inability to remember their true being. If each could remember their own inherent enough-ness they wouldn’t treat or kill animals inhumanely. But people would still eat meat. In a system of society wherein individuals have become conscious of their interconnection with all things they would simply ask for an animal to offer itself for their needs and an animal would. The animal would be killed in as humane a way as possible and thanked for its selfless offering.

Meat would also be consumed in moderation. 

As human kind becomes more awakened genes will turn on such that you will need less meat. Until then, we encourage you to be gracious and thankful to the animals who do give their lives for your nourishment. A small amount of meat is needed and we encourage you to eat small portions for improved well-being, both physical and spiritual. A plant-based diet is the most effective for assisting human re-awakening.

Received April 17, 2018

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If We Shouldn’t March…

Question:  I liked marching in that protest. I felt good about myself. So even though I don’t know what to do to solve the problems our nation faces, while I marched I felt that I was doing something to voice my opinion and that at least was something. I stood to be counted.

Higgins:  This really is the heart of it, isn’t it? We have said many, many times move toward what brings relief. Move toward what brings a feeling of power. That is what you did that day and we applaud that.

A predominant emotion in many of the marches that day was anger. We remind ourselves that anger is very important in stimulating a person to action when one is sliding down the emotional scale towards victim hood. We remind you that you are not victims so slide through anger quickly by looking for a solution and working towards that.

In this particular situation, the issue is gun control. People are using guns to kill people. Some feel that tighter gun control will help. It won’t. What will help is finding a solution to the why. Why did that person need to do this?

When you look deeply enough you will find that fear and desperation have led them to this. While many acts are committed in anger, anger is an expression that helps a person move away from fear and desperation. It is a taking back your power emotion.

What can you do about someone else’s fear and desperation? Be kind. Be inclusive. Find your compassion. Most importantly find your happiness. Help everyone you meet find theirs. Obviously, you won’t touch the life of every person directly. But ALL of you together will.

Received April 13, 2018

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If We Shouldn’t March, a Continuation

Question:  I saw Higgins say something about a great force and about the march for our lives event. I was wondering since Higgins said it was intended for good but instead could have negative effects, what would be the better way to handle things? Since gun violence has been a big issue in the USA, and people standing up to fight against it, what would be a better course of action to make real change? Because so far with how the government has handled things, it doesn’t look like it would change any time soon on its stance on guns, unless something radical took place like the march for our lives protesting guns. Not trying to be too political here, but just wondering what is the better action to make real change in this case.

Higgins:  Continuing…

We encourage you to look around. What do you see? Do you like what you see? If so, we suggest you get more involved  in whatever you see that you like. However, if you look around and see things you don’t like, we suggest you get involved in producing a solution to the thing you don’t like.

This conversation in particular is about students who are trying to do just that. These students are working to stop gun violence by changing laws. Great start. The problem is, you just can’t say no and get a satisfying response from the Universe. Your solution must start with yes. Yes, we want a safe school environment. Yes, we want to be a generation of healthy, happy, inclusive individuals who contribute positively to the world around us by doing what we love most.

Many of you will dismiss this saying, “We are trying that and it’s not working. We have violence anyway.” And so you continue your attempts to squash that which you do not want. And your attempts get bigger and finally the biggest bully wins?

No. The biggest bully doesn’t win. The most loving heart wins. The most compassion wins. Happiness wins. Will you learn what a loving heart looks like? Will you figure out how compassion wins? Will you make happiness more important than economics?

How to make being a loving person look cool? How is it that compassion wins? What does happiness look like, anyway? These are things that need to be addressed.

And fear? Forget about it. Every morning when you wake up and every evening before you sleep state your intentions: I choose safety. I choose security. I choose to feel good about myself and have fun doing things I like. I choose to feel good in my body and to feel happy. I choose prosperity and fulfilment. I choose to be surrounded by people who help me feel good and safe.

Stating these things sets up a vibration in you which the Universe matches. Remember? It’s called the Law of Attraction and like attracts like.

Received March 30, 2018

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Regrets Abortion

Question:  Dear Higgins, this is very difficult to write but I am seeking your guidance as I feel that I shattered my soul several years ago, and there is little left in me. You see, several years ago, I had an abortion. There was no reason for it. I did not want to do it and yet I did it anyway. I was weak and I see it as an act of violence I committed on myself and my child.  I have been to counseling which does not help (it was not the best decision to make at the time…which is what they all say.)

So laying out before me, I see a map of my life with all the decisions I made or could have made. I understand that every choice in life is both a beginning and an ending. I am at peace with my life decisions…except this one. This abortion was more than a mistake, it was a life-failure. I see on the map the way my life could have gone. I have come to realize there is no one to blame but myself. I have denied my parents a grandchild, denied my husband a child, and denied my husband’s children a sibling.

I have broken my own heart and shattered my own soul. There isn’t much left of me.

I then went on to get pregnant and have a baby. I thought this would help. Although I love my child with all that I have, I don’t really have much anymore. The grief has gotten worse since my child was born. I see the gravity of what I have done by having an abortion. I know this is not the spirit of the aborted child returned to me.  I wake up with a knot in my stomach every morning. My body still shakes from time to time. I cry every day. I pray. I meditate. I try to connect to the spirit of that child. I have found no relief.

In order to maintain my mind and continue working, I’m afraid I may have to take medication which will turn me into a zombie and I will just go through the motions… but the pain will be less.

I know you say some spirits do not want to be born. Then why couldn’t there have been a miscarriage instead? Do any more spirits want to be my children in this lifetime? Will that soul return to me as a child?

Your advice is greatly appreciated.

Higgins:  Life is wonderfully delicious in its complexity and variety, yes?

During sleep there is a light sleep time, a deep sleep time and dream time. Everyone, including you, use a portion of deep sleep to enter a different level of consciousness. The state of being awake is one form of consciousness. Deep sleep consciousness is different. During this deep sleep time your consciousness interacts with the consciousness of others, both physical and non-physical. You meet up with key players in this life and in your next. In this case your parents, your husband, your children and the unborn child and any others who may have been involved. You all made a plan and had an agreement about this soul that you would eventually choose to abort.

Clearly, this is unbeknownst to you or your family members in waking consciousness.

Humans do this because life is a growth experience. You wanted the growth and were ready for this on all levels. The unborn soul also knew what it was doing. It did you a great favor and aches for your happiness. Unlike you, it is able to stay centered in its eternal knowing that all is well, so the child/soul is not falling apart or angry and wishing it had been born.

We encourage you to thank this little soul for the sacrifice it made for your spiritual growth. Love this little soul with all your heart, as we encourage you to love each member of your family and every person you encounter. Always. Embrace whatever the teaching is for you. We think it is love. If you can come to the understanding that this is an opportunity for you to discover your eternal truth you will be able to find your happiness in this.

What we mean by find your happiness: Each person has an aspect of self to share. The sharing of this brings fulfilment and a sense of eager anticipation to each day. When you then begin to share this aspect of your self with gusto you find happiness in being.

Allow yourself to grieve whenever you need to. Allow yourself to feel shame if that is what you feel. And most importantly allow yourself to feel the intense love you feel for that child. And when you are ready (and we feel you are ready now) begin to look around for that important intersection between the world’s great hunger and your heart’s desire. How can you use that great love to make a difference in the world? Look there. We think that is where you will find your happiness.

As for your husband, parents and other children…when you are ready, explain your actions to them. Make a heartfelt and sincere and most importantly, a truthful apology. Dig to the truth and lay it out for them. You have learned something and you have the opportunity to grow from this. They also have an opportunity and perhaps you can show them the way. Not tell them the way. Show them how beautiful this opportunity is and help all of you grow into the people you want to be because of the beautiful gift this little soul gave you rather than in spite of it.

Will other souls want to be born to you? Of course. Will that special little soul? We think not. Our sense is that you will meet that little child in the future as someone else’s little child.

Blessings Friend, on this Great Adventure.

Received March 26, 2018


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If We Shouldn’t March, What Should We Do?

Question:  I saw Higgins say something about a great force and about the march for our lives event. I was wondering since Higgins said it was intended for good but instead could have negative effects, what would be the better way to handle things? Since gun violence has been a big issue in the USA, and people standing up to fight against it, what would be a better course of action to make real change? Because so far with how the government has handled things, it doesn’t look like it would change any time soon on its stance on guns, unless something radical took place like the march for our lives protesting guns. Not trying to be too political here, but just wondering what is the better action to make real change in this case.

Higgins:  The laws that exist in the Universe are complex. The Universe itself is quite beyond the complete comprehension of the human mind. That said, there is a law that is being called the Law of Attraction and we very much like this description, in part because it simplifies an important concept and makes the law easy to comprehend.

The Law of Attraction simply says that like attracts like. Attraction is based on vibration. Vibration and emotion are equivalent within the context of this conversation. An organized march that stands against a thing cannot bring about the arrival of something else, namely the thing you want because you haven’t identified the thing you want, only the thing you don’t want. The Law of Attraction can only bring more of what you ask for from a vibrational standpoint.

Decide clearly what you do want. Then focus on that.

For example, you already know you don’t want anymore children shot dead in their schools. But what do you want? Safety? Happiness? Thriving communities? Well-being? Focus steadfastly on these things and you will have success. As long as you continue to focus on that which you do not want you will only draw more of that which you do not want.

This may sound trite but guns do not kill people. People kill people. People simply use the tools that are available, currently guns, to reach a goal. If guns are not available, those same people will simply find another avenue to reach their goal.

If you want positive change you need to begin to get outside yourself. Be inclusive. Make an effort to interact and know those around you. As long as there are circles drawn with some inside the circle and some outside the circle, you will have those who feel on the outside. Make everyone an insider.

That also means that for those of you who feel on the outside, you must make an effort to be accepting of people’s efforts to include you, no matter how awkward and uncomfortable the attempt may be. As you practice you will all gain skill in inclusivity and it will become second nature.

The short answer is: Look to your left and right, to your front and back. Help the person standing there feel good about being there. Make sure to acknowledge everyone’s presence. Help them feel welcome in the world because everyone’s presence is welcome in the world.

This could become a lengthy post so we’ll break it into two parts.

Received March 30, 2018

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Animal Cruelty

Question:  I’m wondering if Higgins could comment on animal cruelty. I read stories about atrocities that people inflict on animals whether on an individual level or a mass level. The cruelty and pain some people inflict on animals is almost beyond words. Do animals choose to come into the reality to be abused? What about the abuser? When animals pass away, what happens to them? What happens to the animal abuser? Is there a spiritual purpose for all this?

Higgins:  The thing we want you know about cruelty of any kind is that it only occurs when one of you gets off-balance. You are, at the center of your being, generous, kind and loving beings. When a person gets off-balance there is a sort of draw or maybe suction that creates a desire within every person to realign with feeling powerful. Since most of you don’t know how to realign with your true nature, which is by definition an extremely powerful creator, you often get stuck in patterns of behavior that are destructive. Remember, though, that the pattern of behavior is developed because it brings some feeling of power.

Take away message: abusers need your compassion, not your contempt or hatred or even fear.

Very few people or animals decide to come into the physical realm to be abused. Just the same, abuse happens often. The mass consciousness is a very powerful persuader and most of you do not know how to, or that it is possible to, choose your own energetic tone. Often people, especially children and animals, fall into the trap of abuse because they don’t know how to carry their own energy.

All of you are eternal beings. When you die, man or animal, your spirit rejoins the eternal flow of Source Energy. There is no other option. After a particularly difficult life experience, a person’s soul goes into a sort of sleep for a year or more while they recover from the atrocities they either committed or endured. Animals need this less often but it happens for them sometimes.

The spiritual purpose is growth. Prior to birth all people have a sort of general plan that leads them through certain difficulties in order for spiritual expansion. Should that prove more difficult than expected, and it often does, one is thrown off-balance and slams around like a washing machine in the spin cycle when the wet clothes are no longer evenly balanced. Those people end up hurting others in various ways, some more harsh than others.

There is a wonderful book we encourage you to read by Neale Donald Walsch. It is called The Little Soul and the Sun. We think it will help you understand the complexities of human interaction quite a bit better. It isn’t quite the same for human/animal interaction but still you will likely come away with a different view of abusers.

We also encourage you to read our recent posts from March 21 and 22, My Prayer of Choices. This short read helps those who don’t know how to carry their own energy to keep a positive energetic profile. A positive energetic profile acts as a repellent to bad things.

Secondary to your question we will consider what we could provide that would help you all to help animals in a similar way.

Received March 25, 2018

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