A Conversation with Higgins. Or Is It A Conversation with Benu?

Benu is the Archangel Gabriel, beautifully brought forth by a woman named Karen Cook in New Mexico. Benu has been a friend of my sister in law for many years. Recently, Benu presented through me when I thought I was bringing Higgins out to talk with her. I feel a little weird, attempting to bring forth a being that is not ‘mine’, but I pressed forward since I know she has loved Benu for so long . I apologize to Karen. I could not hope to present Benu with more clarity, compassion, and humor than she has.

I have typed the conversation below. I interpreted his name as Ariel. This error bothers me. I assume it is secondary to the fact that I am not especially familiar with the Archangels. I do not believe that any of them are within Higgins. Nevertheless, it does remind me that from time to time I do not choose the correct word. How the connection between me and Higgins works is still a mystery to me.


C: Since last night I have been feeling that Benu would like to say something to (name removed) through me. Is this the case?

Benu: Yes.

C: What do I need to do to receive it? You feel distant.

H: Relax. Wait. It will come.

C: Okay.

H: You are rushing. Allow us the fifteen minutes we ask for.

C: Okay. I feel in a hurry.

H: If you cannot offer us the time we need, then wait until you are can. In this instance, it is not we, or Benu, who is not ready. It is you. Relax. All is well.

Ariel/Benu: Greetings. Yes. I am Ariel. Thank you for bringing me forth. I have a message for my friend, whom you call (name removed).

H: Relax, Friend. Take a break. We need to have a discussion with Benu. Stopping communication.

(Comment from Cheryl: This was a peculiar moment. Benu was about to say something when Higgins jumped in and stopped the whole thing. I wouldn’t call it a tussle, but definitely Benu was about to do something out of bounds.)

A couple of hours later I sit down to try again.

C: Do I understand that you are ready?

Benu: Yes.

C: What is your message for (name removed)?

(Comment from Cheryl: As I await the message from Benu, I feel him envelop me but he is much more serious than before, even though I could still feel his humor and good attitude spilling over. I attempted to discern the difference and the best I could understand is that Higgins asked Benu, or coached Benu, to interact with me a little differently than he had planned. It wasn’t that Benu was different, it’s just that he felt different. I guess it is like getting together with a friend in jeans in a sweatshirt vs. meeting the same friend in a suit and tie.)

Benu: This is a message about control. Dear friend, you must give up control in order to take control. Having lived with you now for several days I better understand how to help you.

You continue to attempt to control your life by looking backwards. You get where you are, you look around and wonder why everyone else isn’t synching with you. You will have more success if you lead your life by looking forward. Meaning, before you get there, you must have already created the life you just stepped into.

If you will spend a few minutes every day creating your next day you will have more success.

Tonight, begin an evening routine of setting your positive intentions.

  • Miracles happen
  • Miracles have happened to me
  • More miracles are on their way

If these words do not feel like yours, try others.

  • I value friendship
  • I value being a good friend
  • I value being valued as a good friend

Or perhaps…

  • I like feeling peaceful
  • Peace feels like a comforting blanket
  • I can be peace wherever I am, in any circumstance

When you get to every tomorrow and something wonderful happens, you will know your preparations were successful.

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Universal Response Is Instantaneous

C: Last night, I got the sense that you are formulating a response to an unasked question. Bill, from Metaphysicsmusic1, responded positively to something you said in a recent post about how the universal response is instantaneous. Do you have something to say about that?

H: The Universe is comprised of one thing and that is Source Energy. Everything is an extension of this. You are a part of it, the way your toe is a part of your body.

When you desire a thing, Source knows and source agrees with you. Every time on every subject.The Source of All that Is says yes. Always yes, never no. On every topic.

You ask for a thing via your emotional output. Source matches your emotional output and responds in like kind. Instantly.

Let’s say you want something. Money is a big issue for many of you so let’s use money in this example. Let’s say you desire more money. But the emotional offering you share with source is the equivalent of ‘I don’t have enough money’. Two things always happen. You create in your physical realm of possibilities the possibility of having enough money and the possibility of not having enough money. You create two equal and opposite options in the physical universe. This keeps the Universe completely balanced.

We recently said that the Universe is electromagnetic and you attract and repel life experience much like a magnet. Once you have made a request, the object of your desires is yours. Universe always says yes. Your job is to align with Source’s response.

What most of you do is continue offering the repelling electromagnetic vibration and wonder why the object of your desires never arrives. What you need to do is turn yourself so your attractive magnetism, the other side of the magnet, is presented.

Try this experiment. Hold two magnets, one in each hand. Now, bring the two closer and closer together until you feel either an attractive force or a repellant force. The attractive side wants to stick together. The repellant side will not stick together. It will not. And this is you, attracting and repelling your life. When you want something, and want something, and it never arrives it is not because God isn’t answering your prayers. It isn’t because you didn’t work hard enough or because you don’t want it enough. It doesn’t arrive because you did not align the attractive forces necessary to allow it into your life.

We have an analogy we think will assist you in understanding this.

It has been cold for the area where the entity lives. The temperature has been as low as the single digits and teens. The first evening of the cold snap, it snows. She puts on her heavy coat and a leash on the dog and away they go on their regular walk. They like to go to a lake close by where there is a fenced area for the dog to run off leash and a dock where she likes to stand. There is a lovely view of the lake and here is where she has been practicing her prayers of gratitude.

This particular afternoon she arrives at the entrance to the lake as she has literally thousands of times before. She must pass through a gate to walk the last 180 feet to the lake front. But the lock is frozen and her key will not slide into the keyhole. She holds the knob in her gloved hand and attempts to warm it but after several minutes, it will not budge.

She trudges through the snow back to the house and asks her husband what to do. He tells her to walk a different direction. She is adamant that she will get to the beach and makes some suggestions. Each of them is met with the same answer: No, that will make it worse in this kind of cold.

She is going to that beach and says so. Her husband is pragmatic and unmoved. She leaves the house somewhat testily, realizing she is not going to get this as easily as she anticipated, but absolutely determined that she shall visit the lake, with the dog, now. She wanted help that he is not able to give her.

This is the important part of the story. No one can give you what you want. You must align with what you want yourself.

The entity walks back down to the gate. She stands with one gloved hand on the knob and one ungloved hand on the key. She warms the key. She presses her ungloved hand to the knob. She cannot hold it there long. The knob is too cold to tolerate. She tries and tries and does not give up. After many minutes, the key slips in a tiny bit.

The dog is bored and tries to move away. He has found a scent. He pulls on the leash. She drops a glove in the snow. She stoops to pick it up. He pulls harder. She loses her balance and drops it again. He is not making it easy. She contains him. She continues. And continues. The key slides in a bit farther. And then a bit more. It takes a long time. Ten minutes or more. But she does not give up and finally the key turns the lock. She pulls on the gate. It is frozen. She pulls harder. It opens. Then she must pull the gate open into the several inches of snow that have accumulated. Finally, both pass through the gate.

This is the best analogy we have seen yet for aligning with that which you desire. You may be able to see the thing you want as the entity could see the lake on the other side of the fence. Perhaps it is a car driving down the road that your heart desires. But it is not yours until you align with it and you align with it by making whatever small adjustments are needed until you make enough adjustments to achieve your goal.

This analogy brings up another consideration. If the thing you want is an object, one can often find a way to get it. Stealing is one option. The important thing is, stealing or cheating your way to a thing may get you the thing but it will not get you the alignment that keeps other things like it coming your way. Make the effort to find the alignment.

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A New Year’s Eve Visit from Higgins

Most nights as I go to sleep, I try to do the backward count from zero to negative twenty, hoping they will hop in as obviously as they did that one night when I felt a spark slip into my heart. They haven’t done that again, not that they haven’t been with me, they just haven’t done it that overtly.

Last night was New Year’s Eve and the fireworks in our neighborhood are over the top. They are so loud that as the concussion of sound passes through the house, I can feel it in my body. The light from them illuminates the inside of our house like a flash of lightning. My dog shakes and follows us from room to room. Even a dose of the pill that usually calms him had no effect last night. Eventually, we gave him a second pill which produced the desired soothing effect. He went to sleep so I could go to sleep. I started the backward count.

I made it to negative two before drifting into sleep.

At midnight, I awakened to chaos. My darkened room intermittently filled with light or reverberating with the shock waves of the explosion that caused the light, and my dog panting in hysteria.

There really is nothing to do in this situation except get up to watch the show, and soothe the dog, if it can be done. But I couldn’t move. Higgins had hold of me and I was paralyzed. I stayed relaxed with my eyes closed and waited to see what they would do. Would they let me up to go watch the fireworks?

Higgins didn’t let me up. Instead, as I lay quietly visions came to me, like watching something on a screen only the screen was the back of my eyelids. The background was white with silver letters, alternating with silver with white letters. They gave me a spectacular display. First, words said Thank You for 30 (something). Then a series of intricate lettering including Happy New Year followed. Streamers and ‘fireworks’ all exploded into my field of vision, all in the silver and white or white and silver theme.

I could not read most of it because it flashed by quickly but still, it was spectacular and very fun for them to provide this for me. I’m pretty sure the 30 referred to completing thirty days of gratitude. The other words went by too quickly or were too low in my field of vision to be seen fully. The silver and white fireworks with streamers were enjoyable regardless of whether or not I was able to see the whole ‘screen’.

When it was over, my mouth opened and breath left me in a whoosh. In a normal sort of way, I breathed in and my body was my own again.

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Universal Response is Instantaneous

C: Higgins you said a day or so ago that ‘Source is aware of you. In much the way that you are aware of the parts of your body, Source is aware of you. Whether you are happy or hurting, Source knows it. Source responds to you instantaneously, although in your timespace reality responses often appear to be delayed.’

You seemed to imply that the delay is the time it takes for matter to coalesce rather than response time from Source. Will you expand on this?

H: Imagine placing your finger on a hot stove top. In portions of a second, your nervous system relays a message that says, ‘Hey there! Hot stove not good for finger! Move finger now!

That is how fast the Universe responds to you. Sometimes it doesn’t appear that the Universe responded because your now looks the same as it did a second ago. That is because the emotion you sent out was that same as it was a second ago. You must change your dialogue before the Universe can change its response. Then…

If you change your emotional request in such a way that your emotional request matches your desire, then the object of your desire must come to you very quickly. In a timespace scenario such as you live in on Earth, the gift of time exists. If you are miscreating, time between vibrational request and manifestation is a good thing, allowing you to change your emotional offering about a subject before the physical manifestation of it arrives. However, when you are creating appropriately and you want a thing now, time can be a deterrent. Sometimes you waver in your emotional offering during the time you await its arrival into your life. Your emotional wavering then slows the creation process. And…

Yes. Sometimes the thing you want must first be designed and manufactured before it arrives in your home in full physical form.

The short of creation is: Determine what you want. Do not waver in your belief that it is yours. Live as though you already have it, whatever it is. It shall be yours in physical form if you do not waver.

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A Conversation with Higgins, December 29, 2021

C: *Yesterday you said: Let’s continue this conversation tomorrow. We will attempt to explain matter as an extension of consciousness, consciousness as electromagnetism, electromagnetism as light, and light as matter.

H: Consciousness is the foundation of existence. Speaking from a human’s perspective, thought creates matter by interacting with The Field. The Field consists of particles that gain mass when a person thinks a thought with conviction. The saying, ‘His words carry weight’, is a true thing. The emotion carried by the person producing the words is the key factor in whether particles in The Field begin to coalesce into matter.

Think about two magnets. If you will place the two magnets in close proximity, one side will repel the other magnet and one side will attract the other magnet. Emotions are the magnets of life. Emotions literally attract and repel the occurrences of daily life through electromagnetic interaction within The Field. Everyone and everything exist within The Field. The Field is God. There is nothing that is not God.

Every request that you make attracts a response through this electromagnetic field. The strength of conviction behind your words is reflected back to you in The Field’s response.

Imagine dropping a stone into a pool of water. The water will be displaced in rings that radiate from the contact point. At first, the waves are short but as the waves move farther from the source, the waves become longer. Prime Source, or God, is the original contact point, so to speak. It is the origin of electromagnetic radiation. You are an outer wave. Light is also on the spectrum. If you can imagine a light wave slowing, you can begin to imagine it moving slower and slower and finally coalescing into form. Perhaps you can imagine water molecules coalescing and falling from the sky as rain; rain then collects into a puddle; in cold temperatures the puddle freezes and becomes a solid.

To specifically answer the question, what is consciousness, consciousness is the interaction of positive and negative electromagnetic forces.

*This question is part of an ongoing conversation with Alain Rifat, Simulismblog. Please see Simulismblog, March 15, 2021 for the first post.

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A Conversation with Higgins, December 28, 2021

C: *What is consciousness?

H: Consciousness is a circuit. Consciousness flows like water, always towards the path of least resistance. Consciousness is electrical in nature.

Attempting to explain consciousness to you is much like explaining water to someone who has not experienced water. If we said water is made of two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen, would this help you understand water? We could add that water exists in three phases: solid, liquid and gas. Would this bit of information help?

Water is something to drink. It hydrates the body. Water is the ocean. Water is rain. Rain may be torrential downpour or light and misty. Water is a glacier and water is powdered snow for skiers to enjoy. Water is a mighty waterfall, the Amazon River, and a leak in the basement. Water is a diving pool, a Slip and Slide for kids in the summer, and water is a Tsunami that destroys cities. Water is a rainbow. Water is a lake to play in on and around in summer, and it is water to boil noodles for supper. When rain saturates the soil of a hillside, and the hill slides destroying homes and lives below, that is water. Water is also the liquid that bathes a child and causes crops to grow. Without water, there would be no rainbow.

Consciousness is like water. It is electrical. It is light and it is darkness. It is a solid, a liquid, and a gas. It destroys cities and simultaneously nurtures the tiniest creature. Consciousness permeates the Universe. Consciousness is the Universe. It is matter. Consciousness is. It is the only thing that is.

The prime source of life is the thing you try to perceive as God, as something separate from you. But you are not separate from this source, you are an extension of it. All things are an extension of this initial source. Source cycles energy constantly.

Source is aware of you. In much the way that you are aware of the parts of your body, Source is aware of you. Whether you are happy or hurting, Source knows it. Source responds to you instantaneously, although in your timespace reality responses often appear to be delayed.

Let’s continue this conversation tomorrow. We will attempt to explain matter as an extension of consciousness, consciousness as electromagnetism, electromagnetism as light, and light as matter.

*This question is part of an ongoing conversation with Alain Rifat, Simulismblog. Please see Simulismblog, March 15, 2021 for the first post.

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Another Visit from Higgins

I was aware of Higgins as they ‘jumped’ in last night. They were like a spark landing in my heart. When they come it has been my observation that I am immediately paralyzed in so much as I can’t think or move. There are two questions on my mind for them so I attempted to ask them and was surprised to be able to. The first question I asked: What is consciousness? The second question: What are you doing?

These questions seemed to fall on deaf ears. There was literally no noticeable response. There was no acknowledgment or recognition of my having asked anything. I lay in bed enjoying their tingly energy for a long time before finally drifting to sleep. I’m not able to think much of anything while they are doing whatever they are doing so this morning I am wondering again, what are they doing?

Tucker needs his daily walkies and we trudged through the snow to the lake. He really enjoys the snow and plays like a little kid. While he ran around, occasionally plunging his face into the snow up over his eyebrows for no apparent reason other than the pleasure it provided him, I walked out onto the dock.

While I enjoyed the view up and down the lake and watched the geese variously flying from spot to spot, or not, as they saw fit, an idea began to settle into my mind. When Higgins was still in the Wisdom Phase, they used to shuffle through me so that each individual piece of consciousness, each ‘person’ so to speak, got some practice using my body. Do you suppose that is what they are doing? Each individual consciousness that will be working with me in the Knowledge Phase is getting in some practice?

When Higgins first came, back in 2005, I asked them questions. For example, they said they were a group, well, how many in a group? I don’t remember the answer but it was over two thousand. Obviously, not all of them are main characters. Some are ancillary and some are consultants. Some were necessary for the Wisdom Phase but not necessary for the Knowledge Phase, and so on. It makes sense to me that these visits at night are for their benefit as well as mine and I look forward to finding out more.

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What Is Life?

C: Hello Higgins. Last spring, I began a conversation via email and blog with Alain Rifat, the webmaster of Simulismblog. It started with my asking him about the Higgs boson. He responded with several posts, the first on entanglement. (Simulismblog, March 15, 2021)

I received a very nice response from you on October 16, 2021, regarding this post, which I posted to Ask Higgins on October 20, 2021.

This post brought up further questions from Alain, the first question is: What is life?

H: Let’s define life as physical existence. A physical life is finite. Consciousness is eternal. You are an eternal spark of consciousness and your vaster you wanted to experience growth. Earth is a wonderful location for growth due to the significant variety to be encountered, and due to your freedom of choice.

Our definition of freedom is the freedom to follow your inspirations and guidance, or to not follow this guidance system. Not all physical locations offer freedom of this kind.

To experience a physical life, your greater Soul extends part of itself into a body. You are a continuum of consciousness that has taken residence in a physical body. Your greater Soul self observes you continuously, offering emotions and inspirations to guide you through this life experience. This information is much like the satellite mapping system in your cars. Once the desired destination is entered, the program provides directions to that location. Similarly, prior to your birth you plugged in a destination and your greater Soul provides directions for achieving this. Prior to birth, you knew you would have this connection 24/7 and were confident in your ability to use it.

When we use the word destination in reference to you, we do not mean a physical location. We mean an avenue to experience the growth you desire. Be assured that nothing is done to you. All things are done for you, to help you achieve this expansion.

To sum up the answer to ‘what is life’: Life is the insertion of consciousness into a physical body with the goal of experiencing further soul expansion. Whether you enjoy life or not, expansion occurs. However, life is intended to be synonymous with pleasure.

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Another Death Rattle

Waking up is not so unusual. I did that again this morning. I lay in bed quietly for awhile, acknowledging that I was not quite ready to get up. I knew I would not go back to sleep and I lay there in that comfy way for some time.

Perhaps fifteen or twenty minutes passed in this pleasant drowsy place when my mouth opened up and breath left me. I was completely conscious and there it was: my mouth opened and my breath went out. I breathed in again and strangely, I began to think. This is only strange because I realized before this I was lying there with no thoughts. Instead, I knew I wasn’t going back to sleep; I knew I didn’t need the bathroom quite yet; I knew I wasn’t hungry yet; I knew the dog didn’t need out.

Once my breath went out and in like that (I assume that was Higgins leaving), I began thinking. My thinking comes with words. I hadn’t noticed that before. I always think with words. While I lay in bed I was knowing without words.

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Mechanical Work

Surprise! I awakened early today. I decided to try a backward count because I fell asleep during the count I began last night. Last night I was tired and sleepy and they were coming in by the count of negative two so who knows what happened after I fell asleep. Anyway, I started another count this morning.

Right away, by count negative two or three, I noticed some beings or energy moving towards me. They came from the hallway side of the room near the door and felt like looky loos, milling around to check out what was going on. I was a tad uncomfortable about this but kept counting backward assuming Higgins would take care of it, whatever it was.

I continued counting to negative ten and at that point Higgins asked me to count forward to negative eight, so I did. At negative eight, Higgins began to give who or whatever it was a tour of what Higgins is working on with me. After quite a bit of time I began to understand that this energy is part or parts of my home and that my home is interested in what is going on with me. This energy asked Higgins how to help me and so Higgins offered the information. I don’t know what Higgins shared with them.

Then I continued the backwards count which was interrupted multiple times. My mind drifted often and at one point I had a visual of a mechanic under the hood of a VW bug, the kind that the engine is in the back. This mechanic was working in my left kidney area. It became clear that they were fixing glitches in my connection to them. I made the count to negative eighteen point five. At that point my mind was drifting and my body was tired of lying in that same position so I got out of bed, effectively ending our connection.

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