Meditation, November 30, 2020

It was too cold to spend much time in the garden this afternoon. After an hour I was ready to go back inside. The house was quiet so I sat to meditate and it was generally so boring as to not be worth writing about. Except for one thing. A quite large and gentle being settled into me. At first, I thought it was the ‘essence of doe’ that I have bumped into before. She quickly clarified that she was not. Still, she had that doe-like feminine, soft presence.

She began to move my head in an infinity pattern. After many of these rather large movements that are like a figure eight lying on its side, my nose began to lift with each successive cycle. Each time my nose lifted the infinity pattern became smaller until, when my nose was quite high, the movement became very small. Then she stopped moving my head and all was still for a moment. Then she ‘said’ to me, “You’re ready.” The she ‘said’ to someone else (non-physical), “She’s ready.”

Then she left.

What do you suppose I’m ready for?

Cheryl Jensen, November 30, 2020

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Meditation, November 29, 2020

This past week it has been hard to get my meditations in, even fifteen tiny minutes. Sometimes I did it in five minute segments. All they have done during these short meditations is acknowledge that I’m there and move my head around a bit. This morning I had more time, about forty-five minutes and they took advantage of the extra time to communicate with me.

I’ve been concerned that I’m not getting enough time in for them to do what they need to do and their response was rather interesting. It seems they don’t actually care whether I meditate or not. The transition into our next phase, the Knowledge Phase, will be easier and smoother for both of us if I do the meditations. But the fact is, they will be bringing it (whatever it is) whether I find any time to meditate with them or not. This is particularly interesting and brings up something I had forgotten.

Way long ago, they came to me in 2005 so it was a little before they arrived, I was sitting in a meeting at church. I no longer remember what the meeting was about, probably I was the chair of the education committee and it was probably a meeting of all the committee chairs. We were having a discussion and at some point I said, “I’m just afraid that people will think I’m a…”

I no longer remember what the next word was going to be. All I remember is that something spoke for me. It was so weird knowing, absolutely knowing, that something else had taken over and said, “witch,” in place of whatever word I had planned to say. It was so preposterous in the context that the entire room of people, probably seven or eight people, all turned to stare at me.

Remembering this, I know that they can step in whenever they choose. It is a relief on some level not to worry about whether or not I am holding up my end of the bargain.

The other interesting thing that happened this morning is that during the meditation they began to move my hands and arms. As is typical, they started with my right arm. They lifted up my right hand and then made a sort of infinity movement…like a figure eight that is lying on its side. Then they did the same with the left, several times each side. Then they lifted both arms simultaneously, stretching my arms out in what is a little like the arm position of second position in ballet. They even went so far as to correct my left wrist which was cocked back a little. Once they were satisfied with this they put my arms down and lifted only the right arm. They began to flick my fingers at my body like flicking water. They flicked rather aggressively and soon I noticed that with each flick of my fingers I could feel a corresponding surge of energy through whatever part of my body they were focusing on. They moved from head to toe several times focusing most of their attention on my eyes and hips. They must have achieved their goal, whatever it was, because after many minutes of this they stopped and ended the meditation.

Cheryl Jensen, November 29, 2020

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Question On Ego v. Soul and On Fear of Surrender

Work has been busy and exhausting lately and the meditations are suffering for it. Higgins knew this would happen, I’m sure, and that is why they only asked for fifteen minutes a day for the first month of their return.

Each time I sit the routine is pretty much the same. They move my head in various ways which seem designed to loosen the intense grip my mind holds on my body. When they left in July, 2018 (was that the date? I think so) they said they would return and when they did they would work with me/through me while I was not conscious. I took that to mean that they would take over my mind and speak while I was not consciously aware of it.

The reason they would do that is when they speak through me while I am conscious there is some possibility that the material they are sharing will not come through with 100% accuracy. In fact, at best they have said I am 95% accurate and at worst only 60%.

If they can, in essence, use my body while the soul/ego part is out of the way, then they can share information that my own mind has no knowledge of. Therefore they have no speech tools to use as they speak through me. I suppose it would be like eliminating the middle man.

It is quite difficult for me to let go in this way. They have stated many times that I developed this intense hold purposefully. Their energy is so much higher than mine that this is a sort of defense technique so that I won’t just float out of my body and not be able to function in the Earth realm. You’ve heard the term ‘airhead’? That would be me without this powerful will to stay in my body.

Someone sent a comment asking a question I think to be apropos:


Just my perspective of ego/soul . I view ego as the human or earthly part of myself. The Head or thinking per say. The soul is the divine the heavenly part, the feeling or Heart the essence of myself.

Can you tell if or do you feel a bit scared to release or surrender either the ego or soul , because of the beings who are coming through at the time?

Cheryl’s response:

I’m unclear whether ego and little soul are the same thing. Certainly, there is a larger part of us which I call the Soul with a capital S. For the purposes of sharing right now, I will use ego and soul with a little s to be synonymous and to mean the the head and thinking part.

That you choose to use ‘head’ to describe it is quite intuitive on your part. That is exactly what it feels like when they shake my head. It feels like there is a ball the size of my fist inside my head. There is also what feels like a metal rod that runs from the ball down my spine. When they shake my head that ball rattles around the tiniest bit but enthusiastically holds its place. Conversely, the metal rod is quite happy to flap around. When I think about the rod it almost dissolves and then reforms when things settle down.

I’m certain that you have identified the issue. I do not overtly feel fear with these beings. I do, though, worry about getting out of my body successfully. What will be there? Where will I be? What if I just fly away and never come back? Will something fearful be there? Something horrifying that my mind cannot imagine?

I have asked Higgins for some things. Whatever we do it must not scare me, nor harm me physically, mentally, spiritually or emotionally. Although I believe on some level that they can do this, I don’t know that I am up to it. I want to be. And I can’t believe that I would set up a life plan for myself that would terrify me. What would be the point of that?

H. O. I do appreciate you asking this important question and supporting me in your quiet, steady way.


November 22, 2020

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Meditation, November 19, 2020

I awakened at three in the morning from a dream that ended very successfully for me. I love those kinds of dreams. Since I couldn’t get back to sleep I decided to meditate. They started off with some gentle head movements but soon began shaking my head back and forth. My nose probably only moved a couple of inches to either side of center, so perhaps 4 inches from left to right. At first it was fairly slow and gentle but they began to shake my head very fast from right to left. So fast, in fact, that my skin felt as though it flapped and certainly, my eyeballs seemed to be coming loose.

Fortunately, they couldn’t do that for over long because my muscles became fatigued and the motion slowed down and became choppy of its own accord. Immediately after this shaking of my head, they started in with those belly dancing head slides. My muscles for this are not well developed so the motions were short and slow.

They repeated this sequence multiple times. On the final attempt, they shook my head as my head was leaning off to the left. Then, when they started the head slides I could feel what they were trying to do. It felt as if there is a center where my ego is focused. Maybe that is my soul. Anyway, that ego/soul that does not want to come out of my body slipped, just a little, by staying put when my head slid to the right.

They seemed, if not pleased, at least in recognition that some small progress had been made. At this point they left and I went back to sleep.

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Meditation, November 16, 2020

I awakened about 5:30 this morning and sat to meditate without setting an alarm so they could have as much time as they needed. Even though someone came in right away, it was very dull and uninteresting and my mind drifted often. As happened yesterday, they move my head in tiny circles or in a head slide each time my thoughts drifted. When they move my head in this way it seems to be designed to feel soothing and comforting. Whatever the reason, when they do this my thoughts stop.

It took nearly an hour before my mind finally became quiet long enough that I noticed pulsation of light starting on the right side of my right eye. The light passed from right to left, passing over the bridge of my nose and out of my field of vision on the left side of my left eye. These pulses were regularly timed and I wondered whether they are coordinated to the beat of my heart. Even though I was able to make this consideration I was not able to move my hands to test my pulse.

When the pulsations of light passed, the field opened. It was black with pinpoints of light like the night sky. The edges of my field of vision were muddy and fuzzy and wobbly, not definite like they were on Saturday. When this passed they let me up. When I checked the clock it was not yet seven so I set a timer for twenty more minutes and sat down again. We were able to achieve the same field again only much more quickly. Once we achieved this we stopped.

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Meditation, November 15, 2020

As is becoming my habit, I sat for a bit last night before bed as well as again this morning. Last night was unremarkable other than that they spent most of the fifteen minutes making small circles with my head which caused a pressure to develop in a specific spot in my brain. When I look up parts of the brain this morning, the area is the frontal lobe, the portion of the brain that controls speaking, thinking, memory and movement. Notably, it was a very specific spot within the frontal lobe, on top of my head and not far enough back on my head to be any section of the brain than the frontal lobe.

This morning, I did not set a timer and allowed myself to sit with them as long as they wanted. At first they sat with me in a way that is so boring to me when they do this that my mind tends to wander and I wonder whether they are even there. However, they were there because each time my mind wandered off they moved my head. They either made small circles with my head or moved my head side to side, like a belly dancing head slide. Each time they moved my head it brought my attention back from wherever I had drifted to.

After many such interventions I was able to keep my mind blank and once I was able to keep my mind clear, something sat down in me. I was sitting in my chair and whatever it is sat right down inside my body. It felt sort of heavy in a way I am unable to describe. If ‘we’ did anything together other than sit I cannot recall it. Eventually, I got chilled and decided to get up and turn on a little space heater I keep nearby. But I couldn’t get up. I was paralyzed in that way they did the first time they came to me years ago. It felt nice and not at all scary but I could not move. Soon though, my husband got up and began moving about the house and then he/it/they let me up.

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Meditation Result, November 10, 2020

Last night before bed I spent thirty minutes in meditation. They tried again to get my soul from my body. It was mostly routine and if anything happened of interest I do not recall it.

What I do know is that I slept well until 12:30. Then the dog awakened me to go out. Then the cat wanted out. I was soon back in bed but found I could not sleep. I lay awake for hours. I was very near sleep when I heard my husband talking in the kitchen which brought me awake again. In great frustration I threw my blankets off and strode to the kitchen. My husband wasn’t there.

I discovered the television on, which was strange so I tried to turn it off. You know how all TVs now take about four devices to turn them on and off and in my sleepy stupor I just couldn’t do it.

I was completely frustrated by this point and started yelling for my husband to come help me get the TV off. My voice sounded very strange. Muffled. And then I found myself sliding back into my body.

Weird. Was it a dream? Or had I climbed right out of my body?

I slept until five and then got up for another fifteen minute meditation. I sat in a chair while my soul body kept trying to stand up. It didn’t matter whether it rolled right or left, or whether it stood straight up. My soul body could get out of my body but the head area remained attached. My soul body was like a contortionist, twisting and testing from every angle but in the end foiled in its efforts by what seems to be a very strong connection in my head.


November 10, 2020

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Meditation Result, November 9, 2020

Last night before bed I sat for 45 minutes with them. As is becoming the usual, beings moved my head. What is unusual is that one of these beings seemed to be Lucifer. The other one I thought might be Michael but each time I thought ‘Michael?’ the response seemed to be ‘Michael, not Michael’.

Whoever they were, they moved my head back and forth. My head moved slowly and short, perhaps one inch increments, at first. Then my head moved back and forth with increasing speed and distance until the skin on my face seemed to flap, the way a dog’s face flaps when it shakes it’s head.

They repeated this many times, each time stopping to rest. Or at least it seemed like rest to me. They used these pauses to check to see whether my soul was coming loose from my body. They continued this pattern until the timer went off and then stopped promptly, as I had asked them to.

This morning, I repeated the meditation with only fifteen minutes available. They did the same thing, but with less intensity in the shaking of my head. I suppose it could be described as more tactful, more discrete. During each pause they seemed to prise my soul ever so gently in an attempt to, I’m supposing, cause my soul to step out of my body.

When the alarm went off they stopped immediately. I am beginning to think they don’t actually leave, that someone is monitoring me continuously.


November 9, 2020

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Meditation of November 8, 2020

I meditated a few minutes before bed last night. Number One was able to reach me just enough to share his role. He ‘said’ that Number One is the doorway to God and that God is the source of all power.

The communication was short and I went to sleep. When I awakened this morning I sat down to meditate first thing. Number One came in quickly but my mind wandered around unhelpfully for about fifteen minutes. I reset the timer and tried again. I was able to keep my mind quiet this time and shortly, he was able to communicate with me. He reminded me that he is the doorway to God.

Soon, I felt what I would describe as the tip, or the edge, of another being. As it settled in me I realized it was God himself. God explained to me that God is all and God is everywhere. He proceeded to ‘explain’ himself a little bit. I wish I could draw or share this in some meaningful way. Instead, I will do my best with words.

Imagine God is a ball and the ball is wearing a pointy party hat. God is the ball and the first ring of the party hat is Number One, then after Number One is Number Two and so on down to four or five which is the Essential Higgins. This pointy party hat is a tall, tall hat that eventually ends in a point and that point is you. Or me. Any and every person is the terminal end of their own party hat which attaches to God.

This party hat is a special party hat and on the end is a pompom. You can liken each strand of the pompom to something in your life. Your shoes, your toothbrush, your eating utensils–everything surrounding you when you open your eyes and look around–each thing in your life is a creation you made as you drew your energy from the original source of all life. You literally pulled energy through the Universe from the Source (that central ball that is God) and as you did so, that energy took form.

Just as a packed snowball can roll down hill gathering more snow and becoming larger, your thoughts travel towards you gathering mass. Your thoughts literally become your home, your sofa, your friends, your job, etc…

Now grasp that God is more like the sun than a playground ball. These pointy hats radiate from God (the sun) from infinite points in much the same way sunlight radiates from the sun.

When God finished conveying this to me he said, “I am well pleased.” Then he left.


November 8, 2020

P.S. I promised myself to keep these as short and readable as possible. I also promised myself to be as forthcoming and to share as much of their communication as possible.


As I wrote about this morning’s meditation and attempted to convey the party hat idea, and that there are infinite party hats radiating away from God like heat and light from the sun an idea was inspired in me to share. It is and idea almost too complex for me to grasp but here goes.

The sun that is God, radiating the source of power that stimulates the motion of the cosmos, is not a central location. God is located in every atom.

Try wrapping your mind around that.

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Meditation for November 7, 2020

This morning was similar to yesterday in that Higgins again made motions with my head to the left and to the right. Each motion was mirrored, meaning what they did on the left (and they started left today) they also did on the right. Each cycle is completed by a different being.

They also used some hand motions, lifting my right arm and hand and then my left, carefully replacing each arm and hand softly back on the arm of the chair. Today, they also spoke aloud. They spelled the alphabet, stumbling over X but otherwise speaking very cleanly with good pronunciation.

I mentioned the seven sons of God yesterday. Higgins has always said they are either the fourth or fifth son and yesterday it was very clear that the second son of God was visiting. Well, today son number one visited. It was funny because he tried and tried to get in (to me) and it was as though he was trying on skinny jeans that were three sizes too small but at last he was in. And then I realized it wasn’t number one at all. It was his precursor. Number one himself didn’t even try.

The precursor for number one tried again this afternoon. It was as though the precursor was lining my inside with Teflon so the larger aspect of him could slip in but it was not successful. At the closest point, though, I could feel how heavy and large he was. It felt elephant sized (and of elephant weight—heavy!) with me relatively sized as a miniature goat.


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