Regarding Depression

This was originally posted in 2011 and seems to be appropriate again.

Offering from Higgins:

Many of you are experiencing significant depression. We have a few suggestions should you decide that depression does not suit you.

Once you discover that a thing doesn’t suit you. Choose what does. For example, if depression doesn’t suit you then choose a word that does fit you–enthusiastic is a nice option.

Now, depression is at one end of a metaphorical block. Enthusiasm is at the other end of the street. To get from depression to enthusiasm you must walk towards it. The more attention you afford your plan of getting from one end of the block to the other the quicker you will arrive and so it is with moving from one emotional set-point to another.

Next you need to remind yourself that emotions guide you while you are here in this physical place and these emotions come from a part of you that is eternal and connected to the Source of All That Is in this universe. This guiding light part of yourself knows all about you and what you wanted to experience this lifetime and will continually guide you towards that. That is why you feel depressed if you are not anywhere near experiencing that which you came forth to be and do.

Depression is like a street sign telling you where you are. If you want to be on Maple Street and the street sign says Elm Street then you are not where you want to be and a driver who understands the signs will simply turn their car towards Maple Street even if Elm Street is the most popular street around and everyone they know hangs out there.

You physicals simply do not understand that you do not have to hang out where everyone else hangs out. You came forward with very clear understanding of where you wanted to be and if your emotions are other than positive you are not where you wanted to be.

This means that regardless of what society says you should want that you must follow your emotions towards what your heart says you want. 

Remember that ‘not where you wanted to be’ regards both physical location (your job or current situation is not right for you) and mental location (your thoughts upon your job or situation are not right for you).

It may well be very scary to realize that some major changes in life course need to be taken to get you headed in the right direction. We assure you that gentle persistence will move you in the right direction and small changes continually over time will easily and gently get you where you want to go: out of depression and into enthusiasm.

Received November 2, 2011

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Reason for Life

Question:  Is there any meaning or purpose or reason in the life we live other than to experience the Physical?

Higgins: Yes. It’s true, you are here for the pleasure of physical life. In a way, stepping into a physical realm is like going away for vacation. You go to experience something new, interesting or different from your usual day-to-day life.

You are also here to expand. You are here for Spiritual Growth. That’s why most of you pick a life that is somewhat challenging. Some of you pick an easy life from time to time, but there’s little challenge in that. You want to practice something new each time you play because it is causes greater expansion and is more interesting to the Broadest Aspect of Your Being. 

The consciousness that you think of as self is not aware of the Broadest Aspect of Your Being. That Broad Aspect of You guides you towards those things that will stimulate spiritual growth. All you need do is ask to be guided towards that which you desire. Your Broadest Self, or some aspect of Infinite Intelligence, will inspire you towards action. 

It really is a fun place to be, once you master the asking, inspiration and action part.

Received May 12, 2018


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The Law of Economics

Question: You’ve started to share with us in live sessions on something called the Law of Economics. Will you define or describe that for the blog?

Higgins: Of course.

The Law of Attraction and the Law of Economics are tightly intertwined. The Law of attraction simply means that life experience is drawn to a person based on their emotional output. Life events will be a reflection of one’s emotional offering. When a person decides to apply the Law of Attraction with intent to create with purpose, then the Law of Economics engages.

The Law of Economics states there is a balance that must be maintained in all transactions. This is an energy exchange. In physical, many of you trade hours of work for dollars. Some of you trade goods or services. The currency used by the Law of Economics is energetic, vibrational, and emotional. When the emotion and vibration emitted equals the thing desired, then that thing, whatever it is, is passed over from non-physical to physical.

This means you must become the thing you want before you see the manifestation of it.

Received May 11, 2018

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Speed up Change

Question:  My life isn’t changing as much as I want it to. How can I speed up the pace of change?

Higgins:  The steps of creation are: decide what you want; make a plan to achieve the goal; execute the plan; achieve the goal.

There is an invisible obstacle that slows the process of achieving the goal. The invisible obstacle is your emotional set point relative to your belief in your own ability to achieve the goal. That is why you need a well thought out plan. The clearer your ability to plan, the easier it is to achieve your desire.

Sometimes, it is impossible to see every step in order to make a clear plan. When you cannot see far enough ahead to make a plan, this is the time when tapping into your connection with Infinite Intelligence will help you.

For example, let’s assume your goal is happiness. It is pretty hard to set a concrete action plan for this sort of goal. What you can do is ask your Infinite Intelligence, “What is the first step towards my happiness?” Sit quietly and await the response. When the response comes you must act on it. Ask and act repeatedly until you achieve your goal. To ask and act repeatedly may be the plan you decide to execute.

You cannot wait for the Universe to provide you with the thing you want. You have to step up and meet the Universe as it is bringing the response to you. There is an energetic exchange required and you must make payment. Money is often used as an energetic exchange and you all understand how money works. But money is not the currency of the Universe. The currency of the Universe is your emotions. In this case, it is your belief and absolute conviction that you will have that thing you desire. When you have absolute conviction, then the thing is yours and it is yours very quickly.

Received May 5, 2018

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The Kindness Paradigm

It is time for us to choose who we are going to be as a species and that means choosing who we are as individuals. If you haven’t yet read The Kindness Paradigm, please do. It is available from Sno-Isle libraries on inter-library loan or buy it on Amazon.


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Message for Today

Question:  You have shared many teachings over the years. What is the most important message for today?

Higgins:  The most important message for today–and for every today–is to make peace with each event that occurs in your life as it occurs, and before you move on to the next segment of your day.

Received April 27, 2018

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Question:  I wanted to ask another thing which came to my attention after reading the latest one about someone’s abortion. (Regrets Abortion, April 10, 2018) In Higgins’ reply they said something about dreams. This piece actually, “During this deep sleep time your consciousness interacts with the consciousness of others, both physical and non-physical.” I am really interested in if Higgins could explain this deep sleep and interacting with both physical and non-physical. I have read sleeping dreams can play a huge role on giving some people the answers they have been looking for. How important are dreams, and why do we actually have them? If dreams are really important what’s the best way to determine the message or possibly an answer from any dream?

Higgins:  Dreams occur during a lighter segment of sleep than the unconscious sleep interactions that we spoke of in that post. Dreams relay information about the direction of a person’s current creating. If you are having bad dreams then you are experiencing difficulty in your life. If you are having good dreams then your life is headed in a positive direction. 

Dreams are not typically useful for obtaining answers.

Sometimes people do get answers to their questions in the dream time. In that situation, the person has been considering something prior to going to sleep. Typically, it has to be something that is heavy on your mind, a question. Then, in the sleep time, the subconscious works it out and presents it in a dream or what may seem like a dream as you awaken. The brain, when it awakens is usually quite slow and that is a time when it is easiest to reach you. A simpler way to get answers to your questions is to learn to quiet your mind in meditation so as to tap into the Field of Infinite Intelligence. Then you can ask questions whenever you like and get a more immediate, and trustworthy, answer.

The other sort of communication we talked about is not dreaming at all. You typically do not remember these out-of-body experiences. During deep sleep, your soul leaves your body. It goes out to congregate with other souls who’s bodies may be sleeping or who may not have bodies at this time. You then sort out information, like practicing the next scene of a play. Then in daytime, you act out your part. You should not know about this and we are all quite discrete about these interactions.

While this is a short, sweet version of what happens, it is enough to help you grasp the essence of it.

Received April 26, 2018

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