In A World Behaving Badly, Part 2 of 2

Cheryl: I recently asked this of you: It feels like the world’s gone mad. It feels as though our economy is collapsing. People are, well, behaving really badly. It’s as though we have lost all decency. Our leaders are making abysmal decisions and those who are attempting to step up don’t seem to have viable answers either. Do you have a suggestion for us to stabilize ourselves?

You responded by asking us to stabilize our own emotions and gave us a practice period before answering this question further. Are you ready, or are we ready, to proceed?

Higg(in)s: Stabilizing is a one at a time process. As one person comes into emotional stability, they also begin to receive clearer information which arrives as inspiration and intuition. A stable person then is able to act on their intuition and inspiration. When a person receives inspiration and intuition from emotional stability and acts upon it from a place of emotional stability, the product is…well…we liken it to a placing a puzzle piece. It will be just the thing that is needed: the right thing in the right location at the right time.

Cheryl: This seems to suggest that we cannot do anything about the decisions our political leaders are making.

Higg(in)s: You can think positively about them. That is always helpful. But your most powerful creating is the creating you do for yourself. If you want something to change, find a solution and implement it. You will find the solution presents itself to you when you are emotionally stable and quiet inside.

Cheryl: Will you give us some positive thoughts to think about our leaders?

Higg(in)s: Certainly. But we ask you not to deflect our response above. You think there is something wrong? Get quiet. Listen. When you are inspired with a solution, be willing to implement it.

Thoughts about your world leaders: See them as they want to be seen. See them as genuine in their desire to do good. See them as effective, fair, likeable, decent human beings, doing what they think is right, and doing it with good intentions.

We would also have you envision the world you would like to live in. Statements like these are helpful: I like feeling safe and secure. I like feeling prosperous. I like to feel good. I like being inspired to action that absorbs my interest. I like being able to move with and through traffic seamlessly

Make up your own positive statements if you like. Read them every day. As millions of people begin thinking these kinds of thoughts your leaders will respond to the mass consciousness (as they are doing now) and the paradigm will shift.

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In a World Behaving Badly

Cheryl: Higg(in)s, it doesn’t seem as though our leaders, any of them, know what to do.

Higg(in)s: About what?

Cheryl: Well, it feels like the world’s gone mad. It feels as though our economy is collapsing. People are, well, behaving really badly. It’s as though we have lost all decency. Our leaders are making abysmal decisions and those who are attempting to step up don’t seem to have viable answers either.

Do you have a suggestion for us to stabilize ourselves?

Higg(in)s: We very much appreciate your understanding that stabilization is a sensible starting point. The initial point of stabilization is, of course, yourself. No one else need be stable for you to enjoy your life, but you must maintain emotional stability at all times. We know that you are enjoying quite a bit of success at this. For those of you who need a reminder on how to stay emotionally stable we suggest forming a habit of consciousness. Consciously check your thoughts every so often. If they are not positive, shift your thought process. A good way to do this is to set a bell to ring every five minutes. Each time the bell rings review your thoughts. If they are not positive, bringing a positive feeling into your heart/chest area, shift your thoughts until they are positive and, importantly, bringing that uplifted feeling to your heart/chest area.

At first, the process can be tiring. The goal is to feel positive during your awake hours. If not positive, then neutral, but never negative or hard. We understand that sometimes there will be an occurrence that brings forth negative emotion. A sign of emotional stability is that you are able to choose to return to neutral or positive thoughts almost immediately.

Let’s stop here and give you a chance to practice stabilizing yourself. We will complete this response after a practice period.

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Continuing Our Post ‘About Shootings’

In yesterday’s post we said, “… when a person enters a school and shoots children and adults, shoots them dead, they are showing you to you. They are helping you to learn and grow. It is extremely hard on their soul to do this. They need you to remember the brilliance of their being and if you cannot, then you are also at risk of being lost.

The goal here would be, of course, to remember their brilliance (and your brilliance) before they are called upon (by you) to perform the ugly deed.”

You might well argue with us saying, ” Higg(in)s, how can you say to me that I called upon them to do these ugly things? I am against shootings! I don’t want them! I want them to stop!”

We would respond that you cannot struggle against a thing that you do not want. You must find a way to love the shooter, and those shot, and yourself, and your neighbor whose opinion upon the solution differs from yours. You must do this because you are the shooter. You are those slain. You are the neighbor whose opinion differs from yours. You are, each of you is, a light segment of that which you call God. When you try to separate yourself from that which you are you suffer.

We ask you to look at the ugliest thing before you and find a way to love it. That thing you are struggling so hard to love is helping you achieve your pre-birth learning and growth goals. Until you find a way to, at minimum, withdraw your attention from these shootings, and at best to find deep and abiding appreciation for them, you are stuck. You are destined to live them over and over again until at last you withdraw your attention from them, or solve them from the love in your heart.

To find a solution from the love in your heart, look at the most recent shooter. Look at her until you realize she had hopes and dreams for a happy life. Her conscious-self did not know that her soul-self had agreed to do some awful thing at some point. She experienced deep inner misery moving to the cusp, the point of no return, when she finally pulled the trigger. She hoped you all would shift your consciousness towards positivity and release her from this thing that was so hard on her soul. But you did not. And worse, after she has sacrificed herself for your growth, you are ready to toss her away. Do not blame her for your misunderstanding of the Universal Law. Instead, if you look, you will find the answer to discovering your own happiness.

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About Shootings

Let’s attempt a conversation regarding shootings. Humankind exists on an energetic continuum. You are able to experience this energy as daily life experiences. Let’s consider a school shooting one of many options that a person could experience in a day.

The energetic continuum that humans can experience stretches from abject depression and terror to joyousness and bliss. In between emotions on the continuum are hopelessness, then rage and anger, and after that, hope. After hope you would find eager anticipation and confidence.

When you come forth into the physical world you slide up and down this emotional continuum, and daily experiences are attracted by emotional points. Each one of you had some general idea of what you wished to learn while you are in your body. Each person you interact with assists you by providing an opportunity to learn what you wanted to learn, and to experience yourself as you proceed through life. Your goal, in a nutshell, is to find happiness.

When we state that you are experiencing yourself, we mean that literally. When you open your eyes in the morning, you are experiencing the physical representation of your thoughts and beliefs and the emotions you feel about your thoughts and beliefs.

Back to shootings, when a person enters a school and shoots children and adults, shoots them dead, they are showing you to you. They are helping you to learn and grow. It is extremely hard on their soul to do this. They need you to remember the brilliance of their being and if you cannot, then you are also lost.

The goal here would be, of course, to remember their brilliance (and your brilliance) before they are called upon (by you) to perform the ugly deed.

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Let’s Continue

In the past, Higgins has let me know when they want to talk. Higg(in)s is not doing this, at least not overtly. This morning I ask how to begin. I remember that last year, as they were coming back, they said, “Ask.” Begin the asking, I think is what they said. Well, I’m asking, what are we doing?

Last year, they did the series of meditations for peace in Ukraine. After some number of meditations, they stopped communicating again for a period of data collection and analysis. Quite a number of months later they began their communications again, asking us to appreciate our bodies, starting with breathing in and out.

Today they begin to add information. They are here, they say, to assist us in making a sort of leap in the evolution of man. The first step for us is to learn to appreciate. This is a broad concept, but they were able to bring it into focus using the magnet analogy.

When two magnets are held together, they will attract or repel one another. If they are repelling one another, they will not stick together until one is turned around. If one is turned around, the two magnets will immediately draw together. We are magnets. In order to draw towards us the sort of pleasant order we would like to see in the world we must persistently focus on that which we appreciate. We must do it consistently every waking moment.

They had me envision a plant. Plants are phototropic and grow towards light. They broadened the analogy by saying the Universe is comprised of infinite particles. Each particle has a side that we wish to draw to us and a side we wish not to draw to us. We are one magnet and each and every particle in the Universe responds to us magnetically, similar to the way plants respond to light.

Every particle of the Universe responds to us in the way that magnets do. If we will focus unfailingly on that which we prefer every particle of the Universe will rotate the face that we prefer towards us. This is being called the Law of Attraction, but we don’t need to call it law. Magnets attract and repel and the Universe works magnetically. That is the way it is.

Your job is too continuously respond to your environment by focusing on the aspects you prefer, thereby drawing all particles into alignment with your desires, Particles that meet your magnetic offering will be drawn towards you and those that do not will be repelled. To be clear: This is always happening whether you focus on what you prefer or not. Your job is to focus on that which you prefer. Then you will improve the quality of your health, your happiness, your life in general. Furthermore, you will begin to draw qualities that you prefer from your neighborhood, your workplace, your government and your global community.

While you watch the news, listening to all the things others are not doing correctly and agreeing on its terribleness, you are creating more terribleness. If, however, you view the news and begin to offer thoughts about what you would prefer and focus upon that, you will have improvement.

For example, the situation at the southern border of the United States can only expand and worsen as you watch the news and offer a sympathetic thought pattern. If instead you will begin to process in your mind’s eye a vision of an orderly migration, that is what you will draw, It happens magnetically. You do not have to have the answer for how. The Universe will take care of that. You simply begin visioning orderly crossing of the borders.

When you are ready, expand your focus to include comfortable absorption of those crossing the border.

We’ve moved a long way from our starting point in this conversation. Start by focusing on appreciating the best in everything that presents itself to you. This is the beginning and the end. Nothing else is more important, nor more powerful.

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A Starting Place

I awakened this morning knowing that Higg(in)s has found a starting place for the Knowledge Phase. Funnily enough, it starts with mastering the Wisdom Phase. They are going to work with us on a narrow window of information surrounding deep appreciation of, and respect for, the body and mind.

Higg(in)s asks me to look around the table. I am sitting at the dining room table at my laptop writing on their behalf. They ask me: Do you like what you see, smell, hear, sense, touch? The answers are varied. No, I don’t like what I see. The table is untidy. What I smell is ordinary, meaning I don’t smell anything at all whether pleasant or unpleasant. The refrigerator is running and the clock is ticking. Otherwise, there is no sound, not even cars on the street. I feel the keyboard under my fingers and my forearms rest on the edge of the table. Do I like it? Never thought about it. The feeling I have is just what it feels like to have my arms in typing position. I do notice that perhaps, if I had my druthers, my backside might be sitting on something softer. I’m sensing them and I always like that. I do feel a little time pressure, as well as the pressure of writing something sensible and readable. They no longer move my fingers. I just know to type and when the words aren’t correct, to backspace and change them.

Staring with my visual space they suggest that in time, I could make some adjustments to my work space. Clutter could be contained better and the decor could be changed to better suit my current taste and needs. They also suggest that until that happens, I might place something beautiful in my line of sight. My birthday was in January but I still have a lovely birthday card that a friend sent. When opened, a humming bird pops out. I place that near me. Open, of course.

At first, regarding smell, I just thought they meant does it stink. No, it does not. But they pressed and suggested, “But mightn’t you enjoy a scent? Something baking perhaps? Or something fresh and citrusy?”

I pause typing for a moment to sprinkle cinnamon in a skillet and place it on the stovetop on low.

We move on to sounds. The ticking of the clock and the hum of the refrigerator, now that I am attuned to them, are comforting. Higg(in)s suggests that I take a moment to appreciate those sounds, so I do.

Regarding touch, Higg(in)s suggests that I think about new chairs with softer cushions. These are probably fifteen years old although it seems as though I bought them just the other day. Higg(in)s also suggests that as I type, I consider whether my position is truly comfortable and conducive to wanting to sit and type. I realize immediately that it is not. They press further saying, “Define what you would have.” It is not immediately clear to me what that would be although I spend a few moments in consideration.

A sweet fragrance just now reaches my nose: cinnamon. It’s nice.

The final item they address is sense. They don’t seem to have much to say about sensing them, but they draw my attention to my stomach where, when I focus on it, I notice a tension there that clearly relates to time. I await their comment. When it comes it is very logical: Allow enough time to do the things you do, and do them well. Just as you cannot clear the space around you in an instant, neither can you change how much time it will take to do the things you feel you need to do today. But, you can do one thing and do it well. So do that. And then do the next thing.

This is enough for now.

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A Next Step

As I ponder my next step with Higg(in)s I sit down with them for a little conversation. Not so easy as it once was. They reiterate clearly that we must learn to hold a deep appreciation for all the workings of body and mind. They ask us to master this step, placing pictures in my mind of a concert pianist to give me an idea of what ‘master’ means.

Deeply appreciating the body would naturally mean caring for the body. Caring for the body includes providing the body with regular, gently strenuous exercise, and with nourishing food; clothing it; bathing it; providing a comfortable bed for it to rest on.

As Higg(in)s impresses this on my mind they open my eyes and stare into the kitchen. There are an assortment of items living on the counter. They assure me that I haven’t yet mastered deep appreciation of my mind and body so long as my counter is cluttered. I ask why and they ‘say’ that a tidy household is a natural result of coming into harmony with body and mind.

Once we master deep appreciation of the body, and the subsequent steps in caring for the body that would be derived from our deep appreciation, we may choose to step over an invisible line into the Knowledge Phase. They assure me that the Knowledge Phase is the practical application of the Wisdom Phase and that to succeed in the Knowledge Phase we must master the Wisdom Phase.

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This morning I had extra time, so I attempted to connect with Higgins. They were speedy coming in, if faint. Cheryl: What are you waiting for? You said we were ready quite some time ago. Higgins: You are in the knowledge phase. This is it. We discovered, through our data collection process over this past year, that your next step in this phase is to learn to find something to appreciate in what is before you at all times. If you cannot find it immediately, find it as soon as possible and turn your attention always towards the solution or at least towards appreciation of the expansion that is occurring. Cheryl: I expected something different in the Knowledge Phase. Higgins: The Knowledge Phase is the answers. Cheryl: Answers to what? Higgins: To anything you seek. And to receive the answers you must be in a continuous mode of receptive appreciation, and gently eager willingness to take joyful action on the inspiration that tickles your brain.
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Higg(in)s on Appreciation

I sit for a brief moment to connect with Higg(in)s. They pop in almost instantly to say, “Focus on finding something to appreciate every moment of every day.” Then they pop out again. I think about it for a moment and rather than find something to appreciate I go back ‘in’ trying to find them again. Instantly they respond to me saying, “Do you understand what you just did? You are either unwilling or unable to focus on appreciation, and appreciation of all that is before you is the answer you seek.”

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A Couple of Interesting Conversations with Higg(in)s

Higg(in)s shared a couple of things recently. On New Year’s Eve and again this morning (January 2, 2023) they said something that I thought was strange. True. But strange. Not their usual welcoming and friendly demeanor. Not unkind, either. Direct. No frills. No beating around the bush.

Higg(in)s said in essence that I (as a representative of the species) asked what to do next and they told me: Appreciate your body and the workings of it, known and unknown. Appreciate your mind and the workings of it, known and unknown. This alone would have helped you have a very nice life, but you wanted more. So we told you: Be peace. Be peace in such a way that when you move from one place to another it is not you moving it is peace moving. This alone would have helped you live a very nice life. But still you asked for more. So we said: Review all the happenings in your life and review them from a place a of peace, considering what you would have. With this piece of information, you could build the life of your dreams with intention and clarity. But still you want more.

The fact that still you want more is telltale. We recognize that you do not understand the magnitude of what we have shared. And if you will not, or are not capable of, carrying out these things then we have come to an impasse. When mankind is given a thing, it is weaponized. You have cars for moving you comfortably long distances and drive them into crowds. You are given guns to help you hunt meat and you destroy buffalo herds for sport, and shoot yourselves in theaters, schools and stores. You are given nuclear power and, well, you know what you have done with that. We cannot proceed with more information until you learn to spend most of your time in appreciation and peace.

We have finished collecting and analyzing the data from the peace meditations we conducted last Spring. It is clear that as a species you are not emotionally prepared to move forward. You physicals want help but are not able to receive the help you want. You are not able to align vibrationally with the things you want. We are considering how next to proceed.

Despite how you receive the tone of our conversation, we are not exasperated with you. We hold great love for you. But we do anticipate spending a good deal of time helping you learn to appreciate self.

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