A Conversation With Higg(in)s, November 20, 2022

I connected wth Higg(in)s just now. All I can get by way of communication with them is to be peace. I will be able to ‘hear’ them better as I become peace. I think what they said was to practice being peace, then listen for us when you are peace. During this ‘conversation’ I could not bring to the forefront of my consciousness the last thing the Wisdom Phase said. Higg(in)s said not to worry, that part (the Wisdom Phase) doesn’t matter anymore. The Wisdom Phase was simply a tool to assist me in moving up the emotional scale to the peace so that I can ‘hear’ them.

What was interesting is that clearly peace is the first step in the Knowledge Phase and everything to come from them in the future demands that we each achieve peace now.

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A Conversation With Higgins, November 6, 2022

The power has been out since Friday night at 10:20 ish. I was asleep in bed when an explosion awakened me. The walls literally shook. There was a whirring noise and with each whir the clock, my phone that was plugged in, and the Google Home Assistant all lit up and flashed on the ceiling the bedroom. I don’t recall whether there were one, two, or three explosions. Doesn’t matter. The end result was the power went out with a dreadful finality. The room was intensely dark after that and I made my way around finding flashlights and so on.

Last night I went to spend the night with Mom and we did have a nice time. I stopped at Safeway at 41rst, where the power was out. All the stop lights from the freeway up to 41rst were out. An interesting experience. Safeway had pulled all the bagged salads and refrigerated items from the shelves and had employees sitting in the dark to make sure you didn’t pull milk or dairy items from the cases. A woman at the door approached me as I entered to ask me not to pull items from anything I had to move a curtain or open a case to get into. Very odd, shopping in the dark and only being able to buy non-perishables.

I’m home now and the power is still out. I’ve done everything I can think of to entertain myself but now it is dark and only 6:05 PM. It is cold. I turned the gas stove off before I left for Mom’s yesterday and it doesn’t heat up very quickly, apparently. It finally occurred to me to have a conversation with Higg(in)s. I smudged and used sweetgrass to call them in, which I don’t believe I have ever done before. I sat quietly a few minutes in silence before several large energy beings came into the room.

The question I asked was from K. R. She asked about peace and what they mean about being peace in such a way that when one gets up to move from one place to another it is not one moving, but instead peace is moving.

I got quite an interesting response. They first reminded me of the original teachings of Higgins, the Wisdom Phase, when Higgins shared that emotions run the gamut from very slow feelings of abject depression, abject fear, overwhelming guilt, and inconsolable mourning, to joy, elation, love and peace.

They were very clear to say that emotions are not linear. Describing them as linear is easier for us to understand, but emotions are not linear. So while elation and peace are both very high emotions, you won’t find them in the same place.

They went on to describe a continuing education program I am working through. I have to recertify in BLS and ACLS. I started the BLS Thursday and was surprised to discover that it is all online now. The program is guided by Artificial Intelligence so when I make a mistake, it quizzes me more thoroughly on that topic, and areas where I show mastery, the program moves through swiftly.

If my recollection is correct, the program started out something over and hour, maybe an hour and 5 minutes to completion. As I worked through the program, each mistake I made added time to the run time, so at one point I’d been working on it for twenty minutes and still had an hour and twenty-one minutes left.

Higg(in)s went on to compare life to this Artificial Intelligence learning program. Each time we ‘make a mistake’ the ‘computer program’ that is life, repeats the sequence we need improvement in until we master it. If I understood correctly, if we use peace as our fallback position when we are in doubt as to the correct choice, we will tune into God, or Source or whatever that infinite intelligence is that is behind the universe. When we do that, we are guided, or maybe inspired is a good description, to right thought, right action. Even if we just simmer in peace, peace would be a ‘right answer’ in the Artificial Intelligence analogy.

My understanding about Higg(in)s’ comment about being peace is that they want us to learn to simmer in peace. When we are going about our daily lives, we should use peace as our baseline emotional point. That way, when we move from here to there it is peace moving around in a physical body.

Taking it a step farther, if we are in the emotional set point of peace then we are, by definition, not angry, frustrated, hostile, sad, or depressed. We are peace. And, well, peace is peaceful. Imagine stirring up a bee’s nest. The bees fly out in attack mode. Higg(in)s seems to want us to be bee’s flying around in peace mode.

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From the Angels

Through the years it has been a rarity for me to connect with Angels directly, although within Higgins there are a few. I serendipitously rediscovered this message from them the other day. It is dated November 12, 2010.

From the Angels

Be gentle with yourself and all whom you meet, regardless of form.

Relax without the aid of technology or toxins.

Allow the birds and the trees, the flowers and the leaves, the sun and the wind, the water and the earth to befriend you. They will lead you to that which you seek.

Be a friend to that which you consume for what you consume becomes your flesh.

You are only as fragile as you consider yourself to be. So see yourself as expansive, stretching to encompass enormous amounts of whatever is before you with grace, ease and simplicity.

Allow the Earth to absorb all of life’s toxicity. She is your friend in this life experience.

Conspire with your Spirit Guides. Allow them to inpsire you to a life of ease and pleasure. For you, in your best moments, are only glimpsing the tiniest portion of that which is available to you.

Dare to dream. Modify your dream again and again to meet your ever evolving desires.

There is no limit. Enjoy.

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A Reiteration of Recent Conversations

Higg(in)s is back in some way. Not in the clear and decisive way I expected, but back just the same. They gently press me to master three concepts, which I have expressed in the two previous posts. This is a recent iteration.

  1. Appreciate the wonderfulness of easily breathing in and out. Appreciate sight, hearing, taste, the sensation of touch. Appreciate the workings of the body we don’t normally think about: thought, the circulatory system, the digestive system. Be grateful for our body working smoothly.
  2. Remember to be peace in such a way that when you get up to move, it is not you moving. Instead, it is peace moving.
  3. Remember to ask for what you want from life. The more clearly you envision the desired thing being a part of your life, the more quickly it will manifest. This is because the magnetic attraction you emit is most powerful when you know clearly what you want and what you will feel like once you have achieved it.

If you will do these things: Success with step one ensures you will stay alive, referencing the body; the application of two means you will survive, referencing having necessary basics; and with the application of three you will thrive, even in difficult times.

Higg(in)s persists, saying, “And this means mastery of these things. You must practice until you develop strength and flexibility, just as you would to master any skill.”

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A Conversation with Higg(in)s, October 4, 2022

Yesterday I sat with Higg(in)s for awhile. They came in quite readily, it seemed. I use the word ‘seemed’ because I am sometimes not fully convinced that Higg(in)s is anything more than my imagination. The being who came to interact was from neither the Wisdom Phase, nor from the Knowledge Phase. ‘He’ ‘said’ we now know to appreciate breathing in and out, and to appreciate the fine, full workings of our bodies. We also know to be peace in such a way that when we move from one place to another, that we are not moving, instead, peace is moving.

‘He’ went on to share the next part of their teaching. I am unable to recall whether he referred to this as a third step, or the second step in the Knowledge Phase. Either way, he intended this as step three in a series of actions we can take to help ourselves to thrive during our planetary turmoil. Step three has three parts. First, ask the question. Second, listen for the answer. Third, take action. (Act upon the answer is what I think he said.)

During our interaction he made attempts to clarify what asking the question means. I came to understand that first a desire has to be noticed. For example, I need to place a phone call and during that phone call I have to decline an invitation. Before I make the call I determine the desired outcome. I want to be kind. I want to enjoy a pleasant conversation. I need to state my side clearly, and with compassion for the person receiving the information.

After clarifying my desire, which is the asking part, I next relax my mind and await the response part. This is what he called ‘listening for the answer’. This part cannot be hurried. Relax and let the response seep in. One might assume that if one were in a life or death emergency that the response would come quickly and obviously but since he didn’t mention it, I suppose it shouldn’t be assumed.

Act upon the answer. This seems obvious, but there have been many times I received inspiration that I did not act upon. Take action. The action part, he conveyed, is crucial to our success.

If I understood him correctly, by following these directions we have all the information needed to thrive during turmoil. He meant this literally. He encouraged us to practice these things to mastery, saying they are the foundational teachings for the Knowledge Phase. We must understand them fully, and master the application of them, in order to fully benefit from the Knowledge Phase.

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A Hint of Higg(in)s

Two days after my previous post stating that Higg(in)s wasn’t back I had an interesting conversation with them. Subtle though it was, subtle enough I wasn’t quite sure I hadn’t made it up, the message was very interesting.

It was a warm evening and I sat outside. Some sort of connection was initiated and while it was not the tight and tingly feeling I have come to expect it was definitely something. It seemed as though neither the wisdom phase beings nor the knowledge phase beings were speaking. Instead it seemed to be an intermediary between the two groups who said:

Item 1) I cannot stress enough how important it is for your well-being during this difficult time on Earth that you shall recognize and appreciate how much you enjoy breathing in and out; that your body moves in wonderful ways; that you enjoy your vision, hearing, taste and other senses. You enjoy a keen mind. You appreciate your heart pumping blood, and all the parts of your body, known and unknown, working in harmony for a body and mind in tip top condition. And if you’re not in tip top condition that tip top really sounds like a good place to be.

And that would be the final message from the wisdom phase.

And this shall be the first message from the Knowledge Phase:

Item 2) Wherever you are, be peace in that place. If you are sitting you are a haven of peace in that location. If you are walking then each step is a place of peace. Peace is moving, it is not you moving, peace is moving.

These two steps will help keep you safe and comfortable during this transition.

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Still no Higg(in)s. Disappointing. Last time I was able to have a good ‘conversation’ with them they said it would be about three months until their return. It has been four months now. I recall when they would tell me they were waiting for an event to ocurr that would stimulate their return. That seemed to be the invasion of Ukraine because at that time Higg(in)s provided us with a series of meditations to promote peace and well being in Ukraine and globally. At the conclusion of those meditations they said they would collect data. I guess I assumed that when the data was in they would begin. Perhaps the data is not in yet? Certainly, the shelling ocurring near the nuclear power plant is of concern and one certainly hopes Higg(in)s will return in plenty of time to help us avert an even greater catastrophe.

There are a few people hoping for new messages from Higg(in)s. If you are one of those I point you to Amazon. I have several books available via Amazon that are collections of Higgins works. All of these are also posted here, but sometimes it is just easier to read a book while sitting in a comfy chair.

Bright blessings everyone. I will continue to keep you posted on Higg(in)s return.


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How Can We Reverse Cancer and Other Diseases?

Wellness begins with thought as all things do. Whatever your physical condition, your thoughts took you there. Your thoughts, words, actions and the emotions that came with them got you where you are physically, financially, socially. Where you live, the clothes you wear, the condition of your home, your neighbors, your health…all these things are attracted by you. You are not a victim. You are a skilled player.

Imagine you are wrapping a gift. You get a bit of tape stuck to your finger and you attemp to flick it off into the waste can. Each time you flick the tape gets stuck to another finger and as many times as you flick is how many times it moves from finger to finger, but it stubbornly remains stuck. In frustration, you stop what you are doing and concentrate on removing the tape from your finger. You apply it firmly to the liner of the waste basket and finally you are able to continue wrapping the gift.

Discomfort of any kind, whether disease, financial hardship, difficulties at work, poor relationships, or loneliness are solved by stopping what you are doing and trying the same thing a new way. Like getting the tape off your finger. You must change your approach.

We would have you find something wonderful to focus upon and focus upon it with determination. The effort required to focus on the wonderful, the uplifting and the joyful is the cost of achieving your goal. This is called the Law of Economics. You will find that at first it takes quite a bit of effort to focus on happy things all day, every day. As you practice it gets easier. It only takes a few seconds for the Universe to shift in response to your new energetic offering. But once the shift occurs you must learn to maintain this happy focus for the preponderance of your waking hours in order to begin to see evidence of your desire. As long as you remain focused on happy thoughts, the Universe, which is always bringing you the things you ‘ask’ for, will begin delivering good things.

If it feels to you that nothing in your life is changing, this indicates that the preponderance of your thoughts have not shifted significantly enough to change the offerings coming to you in the Universal Flow. The Universal Consciousness that is the Source of All That Is flows through you continually. It never ceases. So if your health, relationships, job situation, or financial condition are not improving it is because the Universe continues to bring you more of the same. Keep practicing until you notice improvement. Improvement will likely seem small at first but the trickle will become a fully flowing river if you will keep the positive thoughts (thoughts accompanied by an uplifted feeling in the heart) flowing.

An important note: A positive thought, or word, that is not accompanied by an uplifted heart is weak and carries little creative power. Search for thoughts that bring a positive lift to the heart when you think them.

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What Should We Do About the Gun Violence In America?

The problems you are experiencing are not about guns or violence or America. Of course, if you got rid of all the guns in America there could not be gun violence in America. But that would not solve the problem. The problem is that so very many people feel powerless to achieve the life they would like to live. When one feels powerless the natural instinct is to strike out. Anger feels better because anger has more power.

What we would have you do is begin finding your inner power and thus finding your inner peace. The closest available teaching to help you accomplish this is called the Law of Attraction. There is quite a lot of information available upon this topic, and many teachers of it. Some teachers might be considered New Age, some are scientists, some versions come from various religious beliefs. Whatever version is easiest for you to connect with is the version you should seek. We would have each one of you practice this with sincere intent every moment of your awake time. You cannot stop gun violence by saying ‘no’ to it. You stop gun violence by saying ‘yes’ to peace. It is paramount that you understand that peace is an inner thing and not an outward thing. You cannot control another powerfully enough to stop them from doing that which displeases you. You cannot pass enough laws or build enough jails to stop violence from happening.

If you want violence to stop, you yourself must be willing to stop. You must be willing to change what is happening around you by changing what is happening inside you. You must be willing to become peace. Then the change you want will occur in the natural order of things that is being called the Law of Attraction.

Note from Cheryl: Higg(in)s still feels a bit distant but they were willing to respond to this question. As I typed it, it seemed they were simultaneously asking me to type in some options for where a reader might find some information upon this topic.

  1. Abraham-Hicks, of course, is the primary teacher of the Law of Attraction
  2. Joyce Meyer speaks on Law of Attraction from a religious angle
  3. Gregg Braden, The Isaiah Effect, is a scientist’s version from extraction of ancient texts
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Changing of the Guard

Sat quietly again tonight hoping for a visit from Higg(in)s. They popped in and began moving my head in the usual circles. This goes on for a short time when a clear change occurs. They stopped moving my head and simultaneously I am struck by the thought that this is the old, coarse way of doing things. It is time for a changing of the guard.

There is a poem by A. A. Milne about Christopher Robin going to see the change of guard at Buckingham Palace. I know the first lines:

They’re changing guard at Buckingham Palace –
Christopher Robin went down with Alice.
Alice is marrying one of the guard.
“A soldier’s life is terrible hard,”
                                                                    Says Alice.

In the amount of time it took for those words to play in my mind, the ‘old’ Higgins slipped away to the left and from the right the new ‘guard’ slid in.

This new set moved my head in more delicate and deliberate circles. Rather than shaking my head ‘no’, they spent a good amount of time nodding it ‘yes’. During this time, my left eye felt as though they were massaging it from the inside out, and sometimes there was a pressure between the halves of my brain.

My hands became numb and I could not feel them. They lifted my left and right hands, as they have done many times in the past, and my hands became receivers (it seemed). Hard to know exactly what they were using my hands for but it felt as though energy was arcing from right hand to left hand.

As always there came a moment when seemingly they had achieved whatever their goal was and they left.

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