Definition of Love

Question:  Will you define love?

Higgins:  Love, like water, is hard to define until you’ve experienced its many nuances and forms. Perhaps the best way to explain love is to explain how it feels. It feels like a full heart. Push all thoughts away and feel what your heart feels. If it feels full and complete and happy without any further action on your part then you are feeling love.

Received March 5, 2018

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More on Emotions

Question:  You gave a really nice definition of bliss: We’ll gently define bliss as being in love with everything all at once. It’s a bursting with happiness sort of feeling.

I would like you to define a number of emotions that could be used to explain emotions and what they are for. What do you think the most important emotions are?




Eager anticipation/happiness

Confidence of self/surety/a gentle knowing that you are and that is enough



Variations of anger (frustration, impatience and also rage)








Question: Do you put them in this order for a reason?

Higgins: Yes. Love is the most important emotion. It is, if not readily available to you, accessible through compassion. Bliss is in many ways a sort of super-happiness. Happiness is easiest to explain as a sense of eager anticipation. Self confidence is extremely important to your sense of well-being. It is not possible to fully and truly achieve all the previous emotions until you know, with your entire being, that you belong here if for no other reason than that you were born. Contentment and satisfaction come when you are pleased with the life you are living.

Hope is valuable because when you cannot achieve these powerful emotions, hope is the emotional bridge. Every emotion listed after hope is less powerful, less wonderful. Anger has many faces. Anger, frustration, impatience…these emotions are a powerful communicator. They tell you that you are losing control; that for some reason you are slipping into victim mode. Your core belief about yourself is that you are powerful and capable so when you begin to feel as though you are having a loss of power some level of anger kicks in to jolt you to action. Rage is a last-ditch effort to move yourself from victim back to powerful creator of your own life.

Boredom and discontent show that you are not creating your life with intent. Sadness, like loneliness, indicates a loss of power. While grief is normal at times, there is healthy processing of grief that will pass and there is unhealthy dwelling in misery. Same with loneliness, take action when you are lonely or know that you will sink lower still.

Embarrassment and guilt occur when you’ve lost confidence in yourself. Fear is perhaps the worst enemy because it is disabling, so very far away from the able person you are.

Received March 4, 2018


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Emotions as Guidance

“Let’s say that bliss is due north on your compass and we’ll gently define bliss as being in love with everything all at once. It’s a bursting with happiness sort of feeling.”

Question:  I love this statement (above) from yesterday and wonder a little about due north. If bliss is north then happy or content  would never get you to your goal. You would always be a little west or east of due north. Can you clarify?

Higgins:  Let’s use another analogy, that of a policeman directing traffic. If you are in any way aligning with your true nature of happiness the officer will have you drive straight through the intersection and you will be safely on your way to your goal destination. If not, the officer directing traffic will direct you to turn left or right or even make a U-turn.

Your emotions are the traffic officer telling you which way to go. Depression, for example, is your personal traffic officer telling you to pull a U-turn and go back the other way. Anger, on the other hand, is more like a detour.

Emotions that feel good can be envisioned as taking the scenic route to your destination. In non-physical, holding bliss is quite easy. You can manufacture the most powerful creative energy at will. In non-physical it is much harder so you hold lesser but still fine emotions like satisfaction, contentment, pleasure or happiness highlighted by moments of joy.

So to answer your question more directly: holding bliss takes you straight to your goal destination while lesser yet still positive emotions take you on the loveliest of scenic routes.

To be clear:

Your goal destination is realignment with Source. This is like returning home after being on vacation.

Your purpose for life is spiritual growth.

Your path to that growth is through eager positive anticipation and joy although you will achieve the growth whether or not you achieve joy. You are completely free to choose to stay on the path of joy or to leave the path. If you leave the path you are free to return to the path at any time.

You anticipate aligning with Source while you are physical (Source is Magnetic North) and easily slipping back to non-physical alignment with Source when you are complete here.

You will know when you are complete because you will feel a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment and you will feel done with physical life. Not all of you achieve this sense of completion before you die but you all have the capacity to do so.

Received February 27, 2018

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On Emotions

Question:  What would you like us to know about emotions?

Higgins:  We thought you’d never ask. We say this with great affection as well as with delight that you are heading in this direction.

Emotions are your guidance system. You are programmed to want to feel good and to prefer good feeling emotions over emotions that do not feel good.

We’d say it’s like having a co-pilot with you at all times telling you which way to turn at any given moment. Only it’s not like having a co-pilot. You have a co-pilot. Your co-pilot is with you at all times and guides you relative to your ‘flight plan’. Prior to your birth you have planned a life that will provide you with the spiritual growth that you desire.

While life is a little bit like a play and you simply one character within the story, your life is not scripted: you ad-lib all the way. There are some defining events that give structure and shape to your life. How you respond is up to you. Furthermore, your response also determines what life events will unfold next. Each of you literally draws each next life event towards you relative to your thoughts, emotions and beliefs.

Your emotions regarding a given event are a glorious game of Hot and Cold. Rather than using verbal cues like ‘you’re cold’ or ‘you’re getting warmer’ or ‘ooh, hot, hot, hot!’ your copilot uses emotions to help you understand where you are relative to where your flight plan says you wanted to go.

Everyone’s plans for life differ. But one thing remains the same: you planned a life that would cause spiritual growth and you knew that you had a compass to direct you. Let’s say that bliss is due north on your compass and we’ll gently define bliss as being in love with everything all at once. It’s a bursting with happiness sort of feeling. Any emotion that feels good is some northerly direction and emotions that feel bad are not. Anytime you feel bad you need to stop and recalculate where your emotional north is.

You are literally programmed to seek happiness and your copilot gives you emotions relative to your thoughts and actions. Your job is to recognize when you are not happy and make immediate changes that alter your course towards happiness.

As long as you do this continual realignment with happiness and other good feeling emotions, your life will unfold tidily. You will have quite a nice life despite having some bumps in the road. If, because of those bumps in the road, you allow yourself to dwell in emotions that do not feel good life will be difficult.

Being a good person will not bring happiness. Happiness brings happiness. Don’t beat yourself up for being a good person with a difficult life. Just choose to turn towards feelings of relief. Take action that brings relief and always, always do as Joseph Campbell suggests: Follow your bliss and doors will open where there were no doors before.

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Make Friends with the Elements, Step One

From Cheryl: I apologize for posting these out of order. This is the last in the series on magic, telekinesis and bending the elements.

Question:  How does one go about making friends with the elements?

Higgins:  Spend time outdoors. Literally step outside. What happens? Listen to what you are being told. Making friends with the elements is not about what you want. It’s not about you wanting to control the elements. It is about co-operation and co-creation and collaboration.

The elements will speak to you. For example, sunburn is a clear indication that you are not respecting the element of fire. Remember, friendships require trust and respect in addition to that unnamable bond that draws two together.

Received February 15, 2018


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Making Friends with the Elements, Step Two

Question:  How does one go about making friends with the elements?

Higgins:  Spending time out-of-doors is the first step. At first you’ll just be getting the hang of it, learning what the elements are about. After many visits with the elements you will begin to feel comfortable outside in the weather. You will notice a rhythm. You will notice what brings the elements of earth, air, water and fire both happiness and pain. And you will begin to do what all good friends do for their good friends. When you reach this point it is time to talk to the elements. Tell them your plans. Tell them what you want. Then listen. They will respond. They will say yes. They will say no. They will tell you what they need, or they won’t. But if you have built a trusting relationship it is likely they will respond. When you can talk to and get a response from the elements you are on your way to bending the elements as you desire.

As always, temper your actions with kindness and you will have better success.

Received February 15, 2018



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Magic, Telekinesis and Bending the Elements, Part IV

Higgins:  on Magic

There exists a spectrum of energy. One end of the spectrum is considered light and the other dark. In reality, there is only a spectrum of energy. Humans name it light and dark because of the way it feels. Most choose the light because it feels good to you.

Light really means lighter vibration and that means you are working with less dense energy. Less dense energy is not less powerful energy. In fact, in your realm light energy is the more powerful. Some ways humans might interpret energy with a light vibration are happiness, joy, love or compassion. The reason dark energy may seem more powerful is that you, as a whole, are more familiar with using it than you are with using the lighter energy. Even your Superheroes use dark energy to achieve their ‘light’ goal. Try using light energy to achieve your light goal for more satisfying and longer lasting results.

As you develop your personal energy (the Force within you) you can begin to direct this energy with intent. You already do that when you decide you want a new car, or to have a good day, or to find a different job. The magnitude of the cyclone you create in thinking about something is the amount of the Force you can muster. A dust devil has little creative ability while an F-5 tornado has huge creative ability.

When Harry Potter casts a spell and points his wand he is focusing his energy more powerfully on the thing he wants than he can do without a spell and a wand. Spells and wands are perhaps fun tools but they are not necessities. We do not encourage you to become dependent on them but if they are fun for you then use them.

Received February 12, 2018

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