Ask the Universe with Emotion

Offering from Higgins:   Act as though you already have the thing you want. This helps bring you into alignment with your desire. Once you are in alignment with your desire it must arrive in your life. The Universe does not pick and choose what it gives you. It gives you what you ask for every time. Asking is done with emotion, not with words or wishes.

Received October 19, 2017

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Satan, the Antagonistic Principle in Matter

Higgins suggested I print this excerpt from the book Isis Unveiled, by Helena Blavatsky:

“…the Satan of the Old Testament…(was) but the antagonistic principle in matter, necessarily incident to it, and not wicked in the moral sense of the term.”

Higgins:     There exists a spectrum of energy. There is a positive charge and a negative charge just like a battery. Negative energy is generally perceived as bad. Bad things are said to be the devil’s work. Not so.

A knife may be use to slice a tomato. The same knife may be used to threaten or harm another human being. The knife is the same. It is the intention of the user that makes the knife what it is.

Received July 19, 2017


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Unemployment Rate

Originally posted in December, 2011.

Offering from Higgins:

Stop worrying about the unemployment rate and whether or not the government is providing jobs for you. Instead, relentlessly pursue  expression of self that brings you a sense of fullness and satisfaction.

You will find in expressing the true you that there is a niche for you that you will like and that will provide you with a comfortable life.

It is not the responsibility of the government to do this. It is your responsibility and you will find it is also your joy because it is what you came here to do. When you allow a government to do this for you, you are giving away an essential part of yourself and that leads to unhappiness.

It matters not what a government is doing. It matters only what you are doing. Are you truly happy doing what you’re doing? If not, are you moving in the right direction?

Received December 6, 2011

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What Does Higgins Think About Energy and Information?

This question is related to my post from 6/11/17 on reincarnation and souls. cj

Question:     Stunningly interesting and informative! Thank you so much for sharing! No doubt it’ll help bridge the discoveries coming from modern science with the revelations from mystics.

Mystics work on the soul (and the Soul!) Scientists work on matter. But both are discovering that ultimately they seem to be interested in the same “object”! Both found that only energy exists (“Whatever matter is, it isn’t made of matter.” H.P. Dürr: physicist); (“The stuff of the world is mind-stuff”. Sir A. Eddington: physicist). And energy seems to be information. If true, our Soul drives us in a sort of Great Game in a virtual reality we take for real! What Higgins thinks about energy and information would be very helpful to discover, isn’t it?

Higgins:     You are spot on regarding your description of life being a ‘Great Game in a virtual reality we take for real’.

Matter is light slowed way down which is why we say you are beings of light. Light is energy. Energy is generated by consciousness. There is one consciousness that exists and that is Prime Source (A.K.A. God or Allah or Great Spirit). You are a segment of Prime Source rather than something separate from it. Thus, you are a segment of consciousness and as such your thoughts are creative. Your thoughts create energy. Therefore, when you have a new idea; when you converse with others whose ideas stretch your beliefs; when you travel and see something new…all these things create energy and that is how God/Prime Source expands. It is continually expanding and grateful to you for being willing to play this amazing game which stimulates expansion.

When you have a thought your body vibrates as a response to the thought. Perhaps your body vibrates in disappointment. Perhaps it vibrates in agreement. Whatever the vibration, this vibration repeats the way a stone tossed into water creates a ripple effect along the surface of the water only rather than being visible only along the surface it repeats in every direction. That vibration is energy and the energy carries with it a copy of your thought along with the emotion you carried about the thought. This is information you give the Universe.

Let’s talk about tornadoes. The smallest tornado carries wind speeds of a range around 50 mph. The largest carries wind speeds of perhaps 300 mph. When you have a thought that creates a small emotional response, you are an F-0 tornado when it comes to creative power. When your thought carries very strong emotion you can reach F-5 creative power and manifest the physical metaphor of your thought very quickly.

The Universe knows what to ‘send’ back to you because it can only send a copy of what you tell it. The information you give (your thought/emotion combination)  is a vibrational request. It is always answered. Every time.

Received June 30, 2017


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D. H. Lawrence Quote

Higgins suggested I share this with you:

From D. H. Lawrence, Kangaroo, 1923 and reprinted by, Word of the Day, on Sunday, September 4, 2016.

–The mass does not act by reason. A mass is not even formed by reason. The more intense or extended the collective consciousness, the more does the truly reasonable, individual consciousness sink into abeyance.

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On Reincarnation and Souls

Question:     I believe strongly in reincarnation, or at least the concept that we all have the opportunity to have many human lives.  I tried to ask my guides about a friend of mine who used to contact me after her death but suddenly stopped after about five years.  The response I got was that this friend is now involved in another human life.  I then asked whether that means she would have been born as a new baby at that point, or whether this happens outside of the timeline we follow while on Earth.  The response I got through dowsing was:


The implication seemed to be that once she had left her body, she was able to put her focus into this other human aspect of herself.

I wondered whether this explains why we sometimes dream that we are living other lives, but in what seems to be the present time.

I wish my channeling skills were better!  I’d love Higgins’ comments on this.

Higgins:     We are in agreement with your assessment of reincarnation. Your soul has the opportunity to be born and reborn and usually does so until it exhausts its interest in the human experience.

What you may not understand is that your Soul–note the capital S, Soul–may monitor several lifetimes at once. (The Soul is the same at Jane and Seth’s oversoul.) The soul is the one involved in focusing into one specific lifetime. The Soul (oversoul) is the one that monitors you in the way a person might operate a remotely controlled toy, like a drone. The soul goes about its business, focusing you into a day to day life. The  Soul (oversoul) monitors the soul’s progress. A soul will eventually become skilled enough to advance to Soul (oversoul) status. The Soul also advances.

The structure is much like this: you are the project; your soul is the student; your oversoul is the college level teacher’s aide. All the ‘yous’ there are continually expand until, through a sort of concentric circle configuration you return to your center, God. We realize we are saying expand to get to the center and although this seems counter intuitive this is what happens.

It is unlikely your friend has returned to inhabit a currently active soul lifetime because the body already has a soul in it. What is more likely is that your friend is actively engaged as a Spirit Guide for her ‘twin sister soul’.

We encourage you to continue to access your own knowing. The human mind, and words, are not complex enough to completely grasp or explain the non-physical. Nevertheless, you are well able to understand enough of the information you are receiving to get the basics, in the way that you may not be fluent in a language but understand enough to get the gist of the conversation.

Received June 11, 2017

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President Trump and Other Things that Bother Me

Higgins:     You are not a victim. As such, when you feel discomfited the thing to do is to address that which discomfits you. Find a beneficent solution and implement it.

What you do NOT do is keep talking about how awful that thing is.

Talk about your beneficent solution for it. Focus on your beneficent solution for it and do not waver from your implementation of it accept to make it better at every opportunity.

Received May 17, 2017

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