Hi Everyone,

I found myself not able to sleep last night so went out to the sofa so as not to wake my husband with my restlessness. I read and watched television to boredom and then decided to check in with Higgins. As usual, they are there but they’re not and finally I gave up and was able to go to sleep.

The thing you might find interesting is that when I awakened this morning I was stretched straight out on the sofa with both arms straight above my head. There was an intense tingling throughout my body that continued for many minutes while I woke more fully. In that waking moment, noticing my position and the tingling, I felt like an antenna.

Anyone have insight on this? Love to hear your thoughts on this.


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Hi Everyone,

In June, this must’ve been last live session with the original Higgins, we talked about grace. I shared this quote with the group. As I reread it now, it occurs to me to share with you this lovely description of grace.         

From: Embrace the Grace: A Graduation Speech, by Nipun Mehta, June 11, 2018

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September 12, 2018

Hi Everyone,

People seemed to like my sharing about how things are coming  with this Higgins transition, whatever it turns out to be. There was such a nice response I thought perhaps that when anything of possible interest happens I’ll post about it.

A friend of mine recently sent a meditation to try. I must have already deleted her message so I can’t confirm the details. This meditation is from The HeartMath Institute and generally it goes like this:  breathe in through your heart 3 times; then ride an elevator from your brain to your heart; when you feel better say, “I feel better.” (This is the best I remember it.)

Yesterday, I tried the meditation with a twist. I went into the storeroom in my brain where I have lots of thoughts of peace stored. I then put all those boxes on a freight elevator and rode down with them to my heart where I could live peace rather than just think about it in theory. I took many trips from brain to heart and when I ran out of boxes of peace I simply gathered boxes of compassion and finally joy.

It was a wonderful meditation, so good that I wanted to try it again this morning.

Funny thing…I asked for more boxes of peace but ‘they’ said in a sort of bored way, “You took them all yesterday.” They gave me one dusty, cobweb covered box and I took that down to my heart only to discover it was empty. It was a box from before I knew peace.

I went back to my brain for some boxes of joy. There was one small box and when I opened it, I came out: all the energy parts of me from baby to adult. We had a happy reunion. Then a very little me, perhaps one or two years old, pulled a tiny little box out for me. The very last box of joy stored in my brain.

It was so small, the size of a jewel box, I wondered what could be in that tiny little box. My little me opened it for me with such happiness! When the box was fully opened, a shower of foam spewed out and soaked me. My little girl me was so happy! She watched to see what I would do.

The foam soaked into me like water to a sponge. It filled every cavity and then set up. The best I can liken it to is foam, only hard and dry and easily scraped away. Then, that hard dry foam began to dissolve into the air and with it went my toes and feet and legs. Then went my bottom and middle. Finally, everything was gone but my head.

‘They’ said, “What do you think happens to you when your skin, skull, and sinuses are gone?” So they dissolved all that. There I was, in only my brain. Then they asked, “Where will you go when your brain is gone?”

They began to dissolve my brain. Very weird.

I can’t say where I will find myself when they finally succeed at dissolving my whole brain. They could only get as far as the area between my temples. I must’ve been holding onto it for dear life!

Blessings to you all,


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Higgins Update

This is a letter I sent out to my live session group yesterday:

Hi Everyone,

It seems like such a long time since we’ve been together. Someone asked the other day how things are coming with Higgins. I suppose it doesn’t occur to me that the day to day of Higgins might be interesting because the day to day, in reality, is mostly dull 😉!

Higgins is very distant, meaning they feel very far away instead of right here. But…if I think about them, I know they are right here. If I ask a question, it seems as if they are very far away and having a difficult time reaching me. I guess it might be a little like a long distance phone call on the old rotary phones, they used to crackle and the response time was so long from the time one stops talking to the time the response is heard.

Sometimes, when I check in it seems as though there are hundreds or maybe thousands of workers doing something. All of them stop and are really quiet, like they don’t want me to know they are there.  It also seems as though it is a great inconvenience for them to have to stop to clarify my questions. It seems to put them off schedule somehow.

In these moments, when I ‘catch’ them at work, I picture it like this: I am broken down into all my cells. Each cell is like you might imagine a dragon scale to be. They are running wire under or maybe around each and every cell. It is a little like the way you floss a tooth only I think the ‘floss’ stays put once it is placed.

They do not join me for meditation, even if requested. They say lie down, don’t sit, and have prompted me with words to use as a mantra. The goal is to get as pleasant a feeling in my heart as I can achieve and hold it for as long as possible or until I run out of time. You all might enjoy the mantra: I am eternal. I am perfect as I am (even in my imperfection). In my clear connection to the eternal, I am safe from harm. I have nothing to fear. And since I have nothing to fear, I am free to look forward to tomorrow with eager anticipation. (I often vary significantly from the original but the I am eternal part never changes.)

Other than that, I haven’t noticed anything of import. I don’t levitate or materialize things from thin air….yet.

Blessings, Everyone!


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Higgins’ Closure

From Cheryl:

During a live conversation and meditation in June, there was a clear sense of ‘graduation’. I sat with Higgins quite long over the next few days digesting and sorting this information. On July 11, 2018, they gave their last live conversation/meditation ‘in this format’. It seems that Higgins as we’ve known them is now complete.

I am not entirely clear what Higgins’ further plan is but I feel certain that this was our last gathering with them in this way. This information has been unveiled to me over the last few weeks. Even though it comes as a surprise, shock even, they have said repeatedly through the years that this is not what they came here to do, this is just a warm-up for part 2. So I guess part 2 is arriving, whatever it is.

They tell me that I will now become a sort of chrysalis for 3-6 months. Whatever is happening is already starting. It is harder and harder to access them for Ask Higgins. For this reason, I am closing Ask Higgins to further questions.

Cynthia and Bob, of Ask The Council, give very similar responses to what Higgins would say so please feel free to check out askthecouncil.com.

Thank you for reading and following Higgins these years.

Bright Blessings,

Cheryl Jensen


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Abortion from a Spiritual Perspective

Question:  Can Higgins comment on abortion in general from a spiritual perspective?

Higgins:  All events occur for both/all parties involved. From the perspective of the soul of the aborted child, abortion is almost 100% expected by the spirit of the child/soul that would have inhabited the body. This because each of you preplans your life and that means you choose your parents and that means the spirit of the child and the spirit of the parent discussed this in advance. This sort of conversation is carried on during sleep time.

Important note: Many souls do not jump into the body until birth.

From the perspective of the potential parents, the spiritual burden is often much greater. They would plan an abortion situation in their sleep time for the spiritual growth it would offer.

Received July 15, 2018

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God’s Mind

Question:  I like this answer (regarding the post on The Akashic Record), but I’m wondering… if we live in the mind of God, are we God’s thoughts/dreams/nightmares?

Higgins:  While it is impossible for us to describe God so that you can understand what God is we think the following analogy is pretty close:

Think of God’s ‘mind’ as a canvas in 3-D. You are painting a picture on the canvas that is God. God is the structure within which the Universe is woven. God is consciousness so that’s why we call it the Mind of God.

You are neither a thought, nor a dream, nor a nightmare. You exist. You are part of God himself. God is aware of what God is doing as you. For example, as we type this with the help of the entity named Cheryl, God is aware that God, as Cheryl, is connecting with us, Higgins, and that we are individual segments of eternal consciousness, also aspects of God.

When you feel good, God feels good. God wants to feel good and holds forth a steady homing signal that is love and compassion and happiness and joy all rolled into one. When you align with that homing signal, you are happy and God is happy. That is what God likes best.

Received July 10, 2018

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