June 20, 2021 9 PM

I sat again just now to meditate and Higgins is surely back. It feels like a transition but just the same I think they are with me again. They ‘said’ they only were gone 3 or 4 months but just now are coming to me in the palpable way that I am familiar with.

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June 20, 2021

I awakened before dawn, so I got up and took a blanket outside to meditate with the birds and the sunrise. The birds chirped merrily as the sky lightened in the east. The light began to show as negative space through the branches of the towering evergreen trees in the neighboring yards.

I will swear that Higgins was back and coaching me again. It was different but gently definite. They moved my head a little and then thought to me, like sending me inspired thoughts but in a conversational tone.

They covered things like time. Time exists without space, but we need space (or some kind of marker) for us to assimilate that time is passing. Our minds do not have the capacity to understand time as it truly is.

Another way of phrasing that is to say: To conceptualize time we need space or some other marker.

They also ‘said’: Remember the palace in Turkey where all the floors are the same? It was built like that so if an enemy got inside perhaps they would get confused on where they were within the building and not be able to complete their mission, or perhaps not be able to find their way out.

Higgins continued: When we open our eyes we see a ‘room’ and we sometimes get confused thinking the ‘room’ (think of a ‘room’ as a situation) we are in as reality, as the right or only ‘room’ we can be in. Instead, reality is altered by our frequency. If we change our frequency we alter the ‘room’ (situation).

A very nice way to do this is depicted in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when Indiana’s father sits down to let the solution come to him, or ponders a situation over a nice cup of tea. That is what you should do to alter the ‘room’ (situation) you are in, if it needs altering.

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I admit it. I bit off more than I was able to chew the first half of this year. There are many things I have accomplished since December that I feel good about. I’m choosing to focus on those things I did well…like recover from having almost no work at all last year, like learning not one but two new jobs, like helping with the vaccine clinic in the early stages of the vaccination effort in my community. I shall let all the things I didn’t do, which are many, pass into a wisp of fairy dust which I shall imagine raining down on me like potent fairy dust fertilizer, and I shall begin again.

It is, in my opinion, always easiest to get started when one has good news, and I have good news. Higgins is back. Of course they say they’ve been back a long time, just not in the overt way that I am used to. As my life settles down and time opens to return to writing I shall post about their return, as well as continue sharing about their original arrival in 2005.

Bright blessings to each of you.


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Out of Body Experience?

Yesterday, on my way to Seattle, I was merging on the freeway (the Boeing freeway that connects with I-5) and a young guy in a big black SUV zooms up on the outside and cuts in front of me. I was really irritated for a moment. Then a funny thing happened. I had a brief flash where I was in his car at the point when he cut in front of me. He couldn’t get over because the car behind was too close so he had to zoom ahead to get safely on the freeway. I realize he is just an average joe trying to get along just like the rest of us.

Now here’s the dilemma, did I imagine that or did it happen?

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Confetti and Streamers

This entry is highly edited to get down to the nuts and bolts…

January 19, 2005 at 0140

I asked God to “come live in me, to live in every cell”….and help me in every action.

The weather has warmed up overnight but I have my winter bed layers on. I woke up hot and my first thought was, “Well, what’s God’s response?” and all these streamers and confetti poured into my mind. I couldn’t read the few words–the impression was ‘Halleluja’ and ‘Hurray’–but the streamers and confetti were clear.

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This is from January 18, 2005. It must have impressed me for some reason because I wrote it down twice, in two different locations:

First version:

This morning I woke up and immediately words floated into my mind. again, they weren’t very clear but DEMMONS (sic) and GNINNUR (scrolling right to left)

(Note: RUNNING would have been visible to someone facing me, if that were possible).

Second version:

Very unclear again but this morning DEMMONS (forward and sic) and GNINNUR (Right to left and backwards) came to me.

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From my journal entry dated January 16, 2005:

A funny vision this morning. Words floated by at angles and so on but they were backwards. The two words I caught were TCEPSUS then EMIRP. (I can’t duplicate with this keyboard…eg. the letters were in the order shown but faced the other way.) They were not clear and the letters were backwards to me even thought the letters were in the right order. The words scrolled right to left so if someone else were looking inside my head the words would have been the right way for them.

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Awake; Beware

Written Thursday, January 13, 2005

I had a vision, it may have been Tuesday morning, that I couldn’t read clearly. But the two words I could decipher were awake and beware, or aware.

I was checking the batch today at work. It was about 3 PM. I picked up the last vancomycin 1 gram and it seemed funny. After looking at it for awhile I peeled the label off. (The label underneath read) phenylephrine 10 mg.

Note: ‘the batch’ is what we call the intravenous compounds we make for patients in the hospital. It would consist of things such as a powdered antibiotic reconstituted and added to intravenous fluid. As the pharmacist, I am responsible for giving a final check and authorizing it to be dispensed to a patient. Phenylephrine is used to support blood pressure. Vancomycin is an antibiotic.

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If I haven’t already mentioned it I’ve been looking at a blog called Simulism. It’s physics. My two semesters of physics barely qualifies me to read this, but I tried. Yep. Pretty complex.

The reason I’m interested in physics, and specifically Simulism, is that Higgins teachings continually seem to edge up to physic, and from what I could understand about simulism it seems similar to what Higgins talks about. So I contacted the webmaster for the site, Alain Rifat, and asked him whether he would be willing to write it for the lay person. He graciously agreed and there are now two posts to read that make a quite complex subject more approachable.

I encourage you to read them. It is called Introduction to Simulism: One Step at a Time. The first posts are The Weirdness of Entanglement and What is Matter? Perhaps you will feel the same frisson of excitement that I did.

Happy reading.


April 12, 2021

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January 3, 2005

I had another, very brief, vision today. It was sometime during the day. I sat down on my bed for a moment. The word was “five”. I almost totally ignored it.

January 4, 2005

Dad called today. He called from the VA emergency department where he is being admitted for a pulmonary embolism. (My brother) and I are going to meet tomorrow and go see him.

January 5, 2005

Visited Dad at the VA. He was in the medical intensive care unit (MICU). It was room 5. Right outside the nursing station. Not good. When I got there, someone came in to do a test for deep vein thrombosis but the test was not conclusive. He has had a bilateral PE and will probably go home on oxygen in about three days.

(Please imagine this scenario: I walk onto the unit and am looking for my dad and as my eyes roam the unit looking for direction, I see my dad looking from his bed out the door at me. I look back at him and his face is framed by the door with the number “5” on the frame. It shook me really and truly.)

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