Are the Creators of Humankind in Conrol?

C: This is the third and final set of questions asked by Metaphysicsmusic1:

Q: Can you ask them if these original creators of mankind still are in control and still want to maintain control over mankind?

H: Control, as used in the sentence above, is incomplete. In essence, you are adult children and your ‘parents’ continue to assist you. In some ways, it is similar to having elders who share the wisdom of their years with the next generations.

Q: Is there some kind of spiritual warfare going on over the fate of the current civilization?

H: The answer to this is more complex than we can pass through the entity at this time. The short answer is: Seek your happiness. Take action towards your happiness whenever you can, without pressing yourself to exhaustion. Find gratitude for everything that presents itself to you.

The actions of another, human or otherwise, can have no negative effect on you if you are choosing happiness, safety, vibrant good health, and so on.

Q: It’s fascinating that the divide between these two states of mind are so stark these days and how that occurred. Are these different dimensions we are living in on a metaphysical level?

H: There is neither good nor evil. There is an energetic vibrational continuum. Physical manifestation of the slow end doesn’t feel good and you perceive it as evil. The quicker end of the spectrum feels more pleasant and so you like it better and perceive it as good.

There are those of you who vibrate on the slow end and find things quite energizing that those on the quicker end find repellant.

The Earth is speeding up and the vibration of humans must quicken to align with the new Earth. Those whose vibration does not quicken will be metaphorically bucked off. Those same people feel the energetic change coming. It is unconscious but they know something is happening. To maintain the status quo, they act out. Imagine they feel they are fighting for their very life. It isn’t true, but that is how it feels and this accounts for the behaviors you are seeing worldwide.

That is why we say, find your happiness. Feel gratitude. Acting as though you feel gratitude is not enough. You must FEEL gratitude. Practice until you understand what we mean.

Do not try to place yourself on the spectrum, just find your happy balance. It is the only thing that you should do. In fact, it is the only thing that you can do.

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Help Create the next Phase of Human Civilization

C: This question is also from metaphysicsmusic1:

Would love to hear more about this precipice we are in and how or what we can be doing to evolve through this eye of needle and create the next phase of human civilization.

H: There is only one thing you can do. Live your life the best way that you can. Pursue your joys and interests. Everyone has some. Seek them. Find them. Live in gratitude for what is placed before you. Take action whenever you can. Do not press yourself to exhaustion. Do find a pleasant balance in life.

When you do this for yourself, your life comes into happy balance. Your life, whether in happy balance or not, radiates its essence into the Universe. Radiating happy balance into the Universe is the thing, more than any other thing, that will help to create the next phase of human civilization.

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The Knowledge Phase

C: This is one of the questions from metaphysicsmusic1:

This is a different group than before, am I right? That is what they said way back when….

H: A more correct understanding is that those of us bringing forth the Knowledge Phase are a different segment of Higgins than those who brought forth the Wisdom Phase.

There are some among Higgins who are skilled in the connecting process and some of these remain the same. We suppose it could be likened to actors in a television program. The actors have changed but many of the ancillary staff, cameramen, producers and directors are the same.

The Knowledge Phase relative to the Wisdom Phase could be likened to college courses: different classes that are parts of the same degree program.

The Knowledge Phase is the active reason we came forth. The Wisdom Phase was specifically designed to assist the entity in coming into alignment with us. Although she did share some of that information, and she was welcome to do so, it was not a requirement of her prebirth agreement. Sharing the Knowledge Phase is part of her prebirth agreement.

Part of her prebirth agreement is that she would be a person who likes to read and write so you can assume that writing will be an avenue through which she shares the Knowledge Phase.

The third and final phase of our work with the entity is the Power Phase which is still evolving.

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A Conversation with Higgins, December 11, 2021

Yesterday at work I had the opportunity at lunch to go up to the Chapel and sit. It is a quiet place and usually I am the only one there, so it is an opportunity to quiet my mind and take off my mask. The only other place to take one’s mask off is outside and it was too rainy, windy, and cold yesterday for that to be inviting.

Since I am practicing gratitude this month, I sat to find gratitude. For some reason, that nice warm feeling of true gratitude was elusive, so instead I started a backward count from zero. I counted slowly and as I approached negative twenty they ‘said’ to me, be careful. Be careful.

I counted more slowly and at nineteen they said again, be careful. I began to count by tenths and again as I got to about nineteen point six they said, be careful. I counted even more slowly but that wasn’t enough. They said again, be careful. So I stopped at nineteen point nine.

It remains unclear what the warning was about.

Last night, in bed but prior to sleep, I did another backward count with no such warnings and still they did not say why they told me to be careful earlier in the day. This time, they did not pop into me in the paralyzing way they did a few days ago. This time they quietly assumed that wonderful, intense tingly feeling which started covertly and grew more overt as I counted backwards slowly. I noticed my mind get increasingly quiet with each passing number. As my mind quieted, the feeling of powerful energy coursing through me became correspondingly greater.

The feeling was so delicious I lay there a long time. What was strange was how much my body hurt in the midst of that wonderful energetic flow. I experienced especially dreadful aches in my right foot in the metatarsal area under my fourth toe. Occasionally, there were shooting zings in my legs, feet arms and torso. It felt like they were hitting nerves.

After awhile I began to notice how exhausting it was to carry this energy. I stayed at it as long as I could but eventually I asked to get out and they were quite accommodating. I checked the clock. Two hours had gone by.

A thing to mention: When I began to notice how exhausting it was to carry their energy they said, and they said it several time, this is the cost, this is what we mean by the Law of Economics.

I’d like to think that I am beginning to understand the Law of Economics but I don’t think that I am.


C: Please explain the Law of Economics.

H: Your mind is not quiet enough.

(I have counted to negative fourteen. They recently said be at least to zero before I attempt to communicate with them. I resume the count from negative fourteen, but they have me start over at zero. This time I get lost about negative eight and soon they are ready to begin.)

The Law of Economics is the effort you apply towards achieving your goals. In some ways it is an energy expenditure. It is the effort extended in applying the Law of Attraction whether the effort is mental or physical.

C: For example, the effort I put into finding gratitude, the effort exerted on my part is Law of Economics?

H: Yes.

C: You have often said the Universe expends no energy in achieving its goals.

H: That is correct. The Universal flow of energy is always downhill, in a sense.

C: Why does it take effort on our part to do anything?

H: The effort expended to align with the Universal flow of energy is the Law of Economics. Those things you are aligned with flow towards you easily. The cost in terms of the Law of Economics is very low.

For example, if you are already aligned with poverty, it is very easy for the Universal flow to provide you with more poverty. The Law of Economics is the effort you expend changing your focus from lack to abundance.

If you are experiencing poor health, and your thoughts are focused on your poor health, poor health continues to flow easily into your life experience. The cost in terms of the Law of Economics is very low for you to have continued poor health. If you shift your thoughts towards vibrant good health, the Law of Economics is the effort you expend shifting your focus away from your poor health and onto vibrant good health.

C: I am having trouble focusing today, Higgins. I hope you don’t mind if we stop here.

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Negative Twenty and A Nuclear Explosion

Higgins has been quiet for several days, but last night they visited me.

My body was aching and I was feeling a little bit sorry for myself. I love to receive chiropractic care and so several times a year I put the dog in the car and we both go get a chiropractic adjustment. You should see Tucker a couple of days later. He will spontaneously break into a run for no apparent reason. It is wonderful to see my old dog so happy. Anyway, Brian always asks why I’m there and this time, after listening to my explanation of need, he did an unusual thing, he pulled out some vials containing different products and was able to muscle test me for some common environmental and food intolerances. Then he proceeded to give me an especially thorough head to toe adjustment. I feel good this early AM (it is 4:34 right now), but last night I ached.

There I am, lying in bed, aching in my hips and feet (yes, he adjusted my feet!), so uncomfortable that I can’t concentrate on thoughts of gratitude to pre-pave my day today and finally it occurs to me to simply do a backward count and go to sleep.

I began the count and Higgins was immediately with me, very gently, and I could hear them in my mind saying, ‘come to us, come to us’. Remember that each count is a breath in and out. I counted backward from zero fairly quickly although admittedly I was so sleepy I got lost a couple of times. At negative nineteen we began counting by tenths: negative nineteen point one, negative nineteen point two. We didn’t make it all the way to negative twenty, they took over my body.

It may be much like watching oneself go to sleep. My consciousness suddenly shifted from inside my head to inside my heart, and I could see in my mind’s eye a sort of explosion. Please understand that my mind’s eye was inside my heart watching this. It seems odd to describe it as a sort of nuclear explosion but each time I liken it to that my head nods yes, emphatically. We’ve all seen the mushroom cloud a nuclear explosion produces? It was like that, radiating from my heart center outwards to my limbs.

So this burst of energy accompanied by some sparks of light emanates from my heart out towards my limbs and I am immediately filled with that intense paralytic energy that I felt the first couple of times they visited me. It is the same energy I feel when I ‘catch’ them in me when I awaken in the middle of the night.

I luxuriated in their presence for what must have been several minutes before presumably drifting to sleep. I remember wondering whether they would move my arms and legs the way they did the first two times they visited this way, so many years ago. They didn’t. After that, my next awareness occurred at 3:50 AM when I spontaneously awakened.

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A Conversation with Higgins, December 5, 2021

C: Good morning, Higgins.

H: Good morning, Friend. You are not with us yet. Go find us.

(Pause ensues while I count from zero to negative eighteen, which is as far back as I can go. I feel a gentle pressure surrounding me, but not the overt sensation that a solid connection with Higgins usually brings.)

C: I don’t feel that sensation that you usually feel like to me.

H: You have not stimulated the flow enough. Wait. You are impatient.

(Another shorter pause.)

Do you feel us now?

C: Yes. You are quite heavy. If you were any heavier, I could not type.

H: Good. Did you notice how quickly we became ‘heavy’ after you began asking?

C: Yes, almost immediately.

H: Good. Try typing your first question before connecting with us.

C: Okay. This leads me to a first question. Even though I am faithfully documenting this information it seems I cannot remember it from day to day. I actually have to go back and read what I wrote in order to follow up on those things you tell me. Even when I read what you have said, my recollection of it is ephemeral.

H: And so it will be for awhile.

C: Why is this so?

H: Your mind is being rewired.

C: Since I don’t know how to respond to that, let’s move on.

This conversation started some days ago with getting at the root of the problem. I feel as though you’ve answered this issue but as I mentioned, I am a little hazy. Will you sum it up?

H: Getting at the root of the problem is your life’s purpose. Those few words sum up your reason for existence. We feel your immediate reaction, wondering how you got where you are in life, rather than starting with as a child.

You needed the breadth and scope of understanding that you have achieved in order to apply our offerings. Be grateful for what to you seems like taking the long route. In fact, your life has been just the right route, bringing you a taste of so many possible options. What seem to you like ups and downs in your life, have been gentle ocean swells compared with those who have experienced similar ups and downs more intimately.

C: I think I understand that. For example, I have lived poor, and I have lived with more, but never extreme poverty nor extreme wealth.

H: Exactly. But enough to have compassion for some of the issues that arise from either.

C: Yes.

H: And so it is on many topics.

C: Yes.

H: Right now you are in exactly the right place at the right time with the right skill set to realize your reason for existence.

We know that others come to their understanding of their reason for existence earlier. They seem to know from birth. You envy these people. Some never understand their reason for birth.

Your life is unfolding exactly as it should. Relax and enjoy the ride.

C: I sense that you are about to share something important.

(Pause as I totally lose my connection.)

C: Higgins, why is it that in those moments that I feel you are about to share something important, the computer freezes and loses all the information I typed or I lose my connection to you?

H: Fear. You become breathless and tense. Relax. All is well.

Regain your connection.

(Another pause while I reconnect.)

C: At this point, I can’t remember where we started today’s conversation.

H: We remember. Getting to the root of the problem. The root of the problem is, in essence, that most of you do not know that you create your existence. Further, you do not know how to create your existence. You are unable to follow your inspirations for one reason or another. If you could, you would find happiness with or without understanding how to intentionally create. In fact, that was the intended way for you to live. However, life in the Earth realm is denser than expected and you are needing some help. Enter Higgins and others like us.

Generally, humanity is off balance. You feel that it is possible for some people to have everything and others to have nothing. That is impossible. For example, people who experience true poverty look at those with much and feel lack. In fact, people who experience true poverty have cornered the market on poverty. They attract lots and lots of poverty and lack and the Universe just keeps sending more because the Universe is abundant and gives you what you ask for. The Universe always responds. Always.

We then offered you tools to solve the problem, from the root. We suggested you pre-pave your days with gratitude, then take action.

We have asked you, the entity, personally to spend a month finding gratitude and pre-paving your days. We will ask you to complete that. For the remainder of this period of time, we will entertain other questions including those you had about physics with Simulismblog, and the more recent questions from Metaphysicsmusic1.

That is all for today.

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A Conversation with Higgins, December 4, 2021

C: Will you list the tools you have given us for our toolbox?

H: Yes, but first let’s work on our connection. The connection between you and us.

C: Okay.

H: We will have you start at zero and count backwards as far as you are able. Start now.

C: I did it. I only got to zero. I mean, I started at zero and could only repeat zero over and over.

H: Did you notice how you felt?

C: Especially tingly. Not more tingly than ever, just more tingly than lately. It felt like you were swirling around me.

H: Good. From now on, do not begin writing or speaking unless you have at least that much of a connection with us.

Do it again.

C: Okay. I tried but did not feel you as you say, especially tingly like that.

H: Try again.

C: Got it now.

H: Let’s begin. If you lose that connection, stop, regain it, then resume. If you do not recognize when to stop, we will stop for you.

The tools in your toolbox. Gratitude. Gratitude is your first and foremost tool. Practice finding the feeling of gratitude and appreciation. Once you can consistently manufacture that feeling, apply it to the next segment of your day, your day, your weeks, months and years. Think ahead. Then feel gratitude in advance for the life that is coming your way.

Practice it now. Just create your morning.

C: That was….interesting. I decided to create my right now, to improve my connection with you. I often feel as though I am not able to bring you across clearly or right somehow, or maybe that you don’t even exist and I’m making you up.

I thought about how much better my life is since you appeared and how I would enjoy a connection to you that felt safe and reliable. By that I mean a connection that I am sure is bringing forth reliable information.

As I sat there thinking these things, I began to feel sort of warm. Strangely, I couldn’t tell the difference between the gratitude I was manufacturing and you.

H: Exactly! This is what we want you to understand. Gratitude is that powerful! Gratitude is the positive connection to the universe. Everyone has access to it.

Once you are able to manufacture gratitude, begin to find gratitude in literally everything that surrounds you. If you cannot solve, to completion, a discordant note in your life within thirty seconds, find a way to feel gratitude for it. Solve it in thirty seconds if you can. Otherwise find your gratitude.

C: (Thoughts but no clear question comes to mind.)

H: We feel and hear your thoughts. Go ahead and type them for us, please.

C: Well, I’m looking from where I’m sitting over to the kitchen counter. It is strewn with things we use such as a pitcher of water, butter at room temperature, a knife set, and napkins. There are also Thanksgiving greeting cards, birthday cards and even a first Christmas card displayed where we can see them. There is a bag of catnip out…these are just some of the things I can see.

My point is, I didn’t put them all there. Some are things my husband leaves out for his convenience, for his happiness. I have some control over putting my things away, but not his. Some things, like a plant, and a flashlight for when the power goes out, live there on the counter

H: Good. Apply gratitude to any one item on the counter. Additionally, apply gratitude towards a cleared counter surface. Envision it the way you would like it to be.

C: Okay, done. I also applied gratitude towards my husband. I do appreciate that he finds some pleasure in these things also.

H: Good. You’ve nothing left to do about your counter today other than await impulse from the Universe. When the Universal Air Traffic Controller sends you a message, you will need to take action.

C: Okay, Higgins. I can see that not responding to the Air Traffic Controller could lead to a catastrophic collision. I suppose in terms of our conversation, not responding would mean colliding with my cluttered counter repeatedly forever. Not responding is equivalent to not taking action and that goes back to **c* the Law of Attraction. Take action.

H: Excellent. This really does cover the tools in your toolbag. Gratitude, pre-paving, action. These are your tools.

We will add that pre-paving could also be called pretend. Pretend your life is already the way you would like it to be. Imagine your life is already the way you want it to be. Feel gratitude for it. Feel it as it would feel upon its arrival. Then take action.

C: That does not seem like a very big toolbag.

H: But it is mighty. We will stop for now. Please continue to manufacture gratitude. Constantly.

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A Conversation with Higgins, December 3, 2021

C: Good morning, Higgins. Will you please continue along the topic of giving us the tools we need so that life on Earth does not feel like climbing Mt. Everest?

H: Yesterday, we discussed how it is that you assist others in finding their way in life by finding your own way in life. We hope that it is clear to you that your life is the one you control. None other. When you live your life in harmony with your prebirth intent, you will find fulfillment. Your prebirth intent is likely different in many ways from the prebirth intent of others in your environment. The commonality you all have is that each of you seeks to find that which brings you happiness and fulfillment.

Do not allow yourself to be tricked into thinking that what is right for you is right for everyone else. Do keep in mind that what is right for you, and what is right for others, is kindness and a life of gratitude.

C: You have talked about pre-paving. I would like to acknowledge for our readers that the first time I heard this term it was from Abraham-Hicks.

It seems like if we each pre-pave our own life, life would be quite nice for everyone. From your description on a previous date, pre-paving could be analogous to music for the orchestra’s conductor. If we get our music to the conductor in time, he will direct our actions in harmony. But maybe it is more like an air traffic controller giving instruction to keep us from flying into one another.

Not everyone knows to pre-pave, though.

H: Right. That is why it is very important for you to master pre-paving. For every one of you that masters creation of their own life, one more puzzle piece is fitted into the beautiful picture of life. Remember that the Universal Air Traffic Controller either directs incoming towards you or diverts it from you based on your energetic offering. Learn to pre-pave and regardless of whether others are living in harmony or not, their struggle will not overlap with your creation of a life that brings you happiness.

C: Will you list the tools that you have given us so far for our toolbox?

H: Yes. Let’s save that for tomorrow’s conversation. For today, practice gratitude and pre-paving.

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A Conversation with Higgins, December 2, 2021

C: Yesterday we talked about fulfilling our purpose in life. You said that fulfilling our purpose for existence would bring us a sense of fulfillment. You also said that by fulfilling our purpose for existence we would fill in missing puzzle pieces in the lives of others, and that by doing so they would find it easier to find their respective ways in life.

Will you elaborate on this? I guess also keep us heading towards providing us with the tools we need.

H: The best analogy we are able to come up with follows.

You are with a large group of people on a cross country hike through rugged terrain. From the vantage point of your vehicles, your destination is obvious. You can see it clearly. It is so obvious that you all leave your compasses in your cars and head off into the wilderness.

Many days into your adventure you lose sight of your goal destination. It is no longer visible through the trees. You wander for sometime, becoming frightened. You begin to bicker amongst yourselves as to the best way to solve the problem and arrive safely at your destination.

One day, you yourself realize that you do have your compass after all. It was buried at the bottom of your backpack. You pull it out and get yourself oriented. You attempt to share with the group, but many are so busy bickering they cannot hear you. A few hear you and this small group heads off towards your original intended destination.

Of this small group, you each have ideas about the best route to take, since the compass only points the way. In general, though, this small group heads mostly amiably towards your goal, leaving a trail that is faint but fairly easy to follow.

Those that are left behind continue their bickering. Resources become scarcer and the bickering escalates to violence and fighting. A few realize that anywhere is better than where they are currently, and they start out in the general direction that your group headed in. They come across your trail and follow it, also deviating from time to time to meet their needs and desires, as members of your group did.

This is an imperfect analogy, but you can grasp the general idea. Those of you who follow your connection to Source, blaze a trail for others to follow. The fault with this analogy is that not everyone is born to achieve the same physical destination. They came to find the same emotional destination.

We will stop here for now.

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A Conversation with Higgins, December 1, 2021

C: Yesterday we/I seemed to have a bit of a breakthrough in understanding the root of humanities problem. We feel powerless against the events that seem to happen to us. In an attempt to regain control, whether conscious or unconscious, we lash out in anger. We choose anger because on the scale of emotions, anger is more powerful than that feeling of being powerless over our situation.

I suppose this could be likened to slipping on a steep muddy hill. If a person fell on a slippery slope one would naturally grasp wildly for anything that would stop their fall and subsequent potentially harmful slide down the hill.

I choose the words ‘seem to happen to us’ because you clearly indicate we draw our life events to us so they must happen for us rather than to us.

Will you elaborate on this?

H: We don’t need to. You have encompassed it beautifully.

C: I’d rather you talk about it.

H: We’re laughing now, with love. You physicals do not trust your connection to Self.

C: I’m sure you observe us and understand why we wouldn’t.

H: Yes. But when you are connected, as your above statement is connected, you do not trust yourself either.

C: You’re right.

H; We do appreciate your attempt to ask the questions, as we have asked you to do. So please ask more.

C: Huh. I’m thinking…

As I am thinking, I notice that my thoughts are pulling me out of trance.

H: Find your question. Type it to us. Then get back with us. You know how.

C: I feel as though you are coaching me to a desired end?

H: We are.

C: What is it?

H: Asking. Asking. Asking. It is the asking that stimulates the flow of Universal Energy. So ask.

C: If losing control, and powerlessness, are the feelings/emotions causing the chaos on Earth… Well, I get it and I can change myself. I want to. But how do we share this with others? Not everyone sees the need.

It is becoming my understanding that we each as individuals need to find gratitude to shift our personal life experience and that the other seven billion plus inhabitants of Earth also must find their gratitude.

H: Yes. Exactly. We are certain you will like the answer.

You don’t have to do anything other then please yourself. We do not mean please yourself in a hedonistic manner. We mean seek a feeling of fulfillment. As you seek this fulfillment you will be inspired to meet up with your prebirth intent for this life experience. As you satisfy the inspirations you will receive you will offer to the inhabitants of planet Earth the missing puzzle piece to their existence. As their puzzle fills in one piece at a time, it will become easy for them to find their way.

Absorb this and we will visit with you again tomorrow.

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