Does Higgins Advocate Christianity?

Question: When I met Higgins, it seemed like Higgins spoke from an agnostic place, not Christian. That Jesus was a man like us and all deities were valid expressions of the afterlife. Is Higgins now advocating Christianity alone?

Higgins:  If agnostic means disbelief in God, we are not that. We completely and utterly believe in God. There is nothing but God. If agnostic means we believe you can’t know God, then we teach agnostics because God is so much broader than the scope of the human mind can comprehend.

When Jesus is spoken of as God in flesh, we agree. However, you are all God in flesh. Jesus, Mohammed, Moses and so many others rose to fame for their clarity in representation and understanding.

As to which religion we advocate, we advocate all. Or none. If a religion draws you then by all means seek whatever that religion has to offer. Ask and ask and ask until you know.

Received January 4, 2018

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God Is Still Speaking

We want you to understand that God did not stop speaking at the conclusion of the New Testament. God is still speaking. God ‘speaks’ to you via your own intuition, emotions and internal guidance.

December 19, 2017

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Choose Hope

You are a magnet attracting and repelling life’s events. Choose hope. Choose happiness. Choose joy. Then you will attract hopeful, happy, joyful life experiences and repel that which does not match.

Received November 19, 2017

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3rd Dimensional Living to 5th Dimension

Question:  Moving from 3rd dimensional reality to 5th dimensional living requires a different intention and approach. Can Higgins summarize?

Higgins:  Third dimensional reality can be thought of as ‘I, me, mine’. Fourth dimensional reality can be described as, ‘we, ours’. Fifth dimensional reality can be thought of as ‘one’. Further, fifth dimensional reality means grasping the understanding that we are one and living as though that is true.

Received December 9, 2017

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The outer world is only a reflection of the inner world.

Peace begins in your own heart. Consider your own thoughts, words and actions. Are they peaceful?

Your own thoughts, words and actions must exemplify peace, they must themselves radiate peace. Then and only then will the outer world attain peace for outer peace is a reflection of inner peace.

Received February 8, 2012

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Fundamental Structure of Reality

Question:     Superb metaphor! It can be followed further; a magnet reveals the unperceived and deepest structure of space: only susceptible matter can react! Normal matter can cross a hugely powerful magnetic field without perceiving its singularity; could that mean that we should work on ourselves to become sensitive to the fundamental structure of reality?

Higgins:     The fundamental structure of reality is thought and magnetism. Thought, of course, with its accompanying emotion. And yes, we strongly encourage you to become sensitive to it. What could you do if you did, do you think?

Let’s brainstorm some ideas: create free energy, purify the air you breathe, walk through walls, self-transport, stabilize and subsequently re-create global economics, achieve world peace…

Received December 1, 2017

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Envision Your Future

Do you have a vision for your future? What’s in it?

If you do not have a vision for your future you are creating life by default, taking what comes and dealing with it the best you can. It is far more satisfying to create with intention. It is well worth your time to sit quietly and ask yourself, “What do I want from my life?” Listen for the answer. It will come. Then continue to ask the questions that will help define a plan for how to achieve it. Then follow your plan.

Today, and everyday, will be more enjoyable as your dreams become reality one step at a time.

Cheryl Jensen and Higgins, December 1, 2017


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