Turn Negative into Positive

From Higgins’ live session on April 7, 2015:

Make a conscious effort on your part to turn a negative thought into a positive thought.

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Angry Emotions

Question:     How do you acknowledge long held angry emotions?

Higgins:     The first step to acknowledging deep seated anger is awareness. One first must recognize that there is anything to acknowledge. Deep emotions that have been ‘stuffed’ for long periods of time are often overwhelming to the carrier. (Assume that if a person can deal with a given emotion they do so in the moment.) Anything that has been suppressed is going to be emotionally painful to acknowledge.

A good practice is to ask your Spirit Guide(s) for help in recognizing and acknowledging deep seated emotional pain. Ask them to help you come to terms with the history that created the emotion a little at a time, in palatable portions. Be ready for the emotional rollercoaster which will surely follow. It is also very important to accept and acknowledge your role in your history without blame or judgment.

Life, you may have noticed, is cyclical rather than linear. As memories arise that remind you of why you are so angry, as situations arise that throw you into turmoil…know that if you deal with the emotion/problem right now you will no longer need to experience it and new things will arise as your life circles around and around. We strongly encourage you to address whatever life brings. Master all the little things you simply do not want to deal with. Then those things become little and insignificant. And you become more powerful and life becomes more fun.

A very fine story by Neale Donald Walsch, The Little Soul and the Sun, may be helpful in understanding why negative experiences happen to people. It also helps to explain why a person might commit a negative act. In both instances, the committer and the committee may harbor painful emotions surrounding an experience. This book helps to explain why there are no victims and there are no acts that can be committed so awful that one cannot accept their role in it, recover from their role, and live a wonderful life.

Received May 17, 2017

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Do What You Can

From Higgins:

Some things you just can’t do. Differently stated, sometimes there are things you need to do that you do not feel up to doing. Still, you are not a victim. Do what you can. Victim is out as a choice so look at the situation from a new perspective to find a solution that you can do.

Received March 7, 2017

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Why Were Humans Made?

Cheryl:     This questions refers to the post from May 14, 2017, The Second Coming of Christ.

Question:     Why did they make us? Is it an experiment for some reason, or just for entertainment? Also, if we are manufactured, do mysterious things like Karma and Hindu God really exist? Did they create Jesus also, or was he one of them? And lastly, Can you describe the beings that created us?

Higgins:     Humans were made for many reasons. Just as mankind experiments with cloning sheep and replacement human hearts other beings have developed similar advanced technology. So clever did this particular group become that they decided to make a helper species to help them in a similar way that you are now employing robotics and machinery.

We have referred to this previously as humans having been created by artisans but you could also call them scientists. Neither word is entirely correct. Neither word is incorrect.

Humans were an experiment, although when you get pretty good at doing something it is not so much an experiment anymore. These beings were quite skilled at cloning and genetics but humans were new, pressing the boundaries of what they’d accomplished before. Of course, they weren’t sure what would happen and in that respect it was definitely experimental.

Karma (from Oxford online dictionary): (in Hinduism and Buddhism) the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.

Karma…we struggle to explain this. In each life your Greater Soul learns, grows and expands. It also identifies areas for greater growth. If you will accept Karma as a choice of your Greater Soul to return in future lives to practice and finally master aspects of being human that have given you difficulty in previous lives then yes, Karma exists.

Hindu (from Wikipedia) is based on the recognition that Brahman (God) is the highest principle in the universe and pervades all of existence.

Hindu Gods are equivalent to the Olympians or the Anunnaki. They are non-earth based beings who educated humans once it was discovered that humans were soul-carriers. We use soul carrier to mean a life-form that has the capacity for thought and reason and the potential for intentional creation.

Jesus existed in human form. He came, as many have come before and after him, to help humans escape the limitations of human form, while remaining in the human form.

The beings that created you looked a lot like you. You were created in their image.

Received May 14, 2017

(Note from Cheryl: I added the notes from the online dictionary and Wikipedia for clarity.)



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The Second Coming of Christ

Question:     After many years of study/teaching/praying/living I have come to believe Jesus’ reference to coming again in this way … that the Second Coming of Christ is about human beings living into our own divinity – that the Second Coming is when each one realizes they are Beloved, and that we have access to the same eternal Spirit/God that Jesus pointed to and prayed to/with.  The Second Coming is & will be when we humans live out our lives ‘from the heart’ believing that Jesus was one prototype for the fullness of human being. Such a glorious moment that will be when we take our life path as surrendered to the Spirit within.  At present we seem to be living out of our personality rather than our soul – ego rather than eternal spirit/soul. 

I believe this possible path is congruent with his call to us to ‘go out and do greater things than he’, the kingdom of God is within, they are one as we are one’, etc.  

How do these words/images fit with your view/knowledge?

Higgins:     There really are two things going on in the Bible. One is reference to your creation and one is reference to Creation.

Mankind was created, not by God…the Original Source of All Things…but by other intelligent life forms not from Earth. You could not exist as human (thinking/reasoning) at first, but with trials and failed attempts they finally constructed a human ‘in their image’. That means you look like and have a brain structure similar to the beings that made you.

Interestingly, God…the Original Source of All Things…also created in his ‘image’ in certain ways. Specifically, one of the things that you are capable of doing is intentionally creating…like your creators and like God. You create all the time although most of you don’t know that you are creating or how you are doing it.

You are quite correct in thinking that the goal for humans is to eventually reconnect with their divine-ness as an aspect of the Original Source of All Things. The only way to do that is through love. If you have ever held true compassion for the ugliest ugliness you have experienced love.

Compassion nullifies the restrictions of the human body. Jesus tried to show you that you are limitless beings. The beings who created you and walked among you in your early years tried to show you this, too. Humans, in your youth, couldn’t understand compassion and when power is used without compassion ugly creation happens. Satan has been selfless enough to take upon himself the burden of showing you who you are not and therefore who you are. Who you are is compassion and love. Power used in love and compassion is limitless.

Look at what mankind has created in fear, anger, jealousy and greed. Amazing things. Now imagine what mankind can create in compassion, love, harmony and generosity.

When/if mankind makes their decision to be love your creators will join you and coexist with you. They look forward to this with eager anticipation.

Received May 12 and 14, 2017


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What is a Soul Friend?

Question:     What is a soul friend? And what other soul ties are there? Hopefully that is the right word. I have heard of soul family, and twin flame and soul mate. I was wondering whether Higgins could share more information on these. If these things are indeed a real thing.

Higgins:     Let’s talk about single cell blue-green algae. This life form lives its entire life as one cell. As the cell grows and becomes larger it splits in half and becomes two cells that are identical. These cells are aquatic so when the cell splits in two it is to be expected that the two cells will float apart and by doing so each cell, although they are identical, will have its own unique life experience.

A cell splits many times during its life so there are many copies each living a unique life.

Imagine yourself, your soul self, the one without a body. Imagine that you’ve had quite much experience and you have grown spiritually so big that one soul simply isn’t enough. Imagine splitting in half and now there are two of you and each having its own experiences and growing spiritually. You split again and again as you grow larger with experience. This is what we call a Soul Family or Soul Mates. Each of these souls will also grow, expand and split. It is a very big family tree.

(Extrapolate this concept of splitting over and over and over all stemming from the One Eternal Source and you will understand how you and we and God are all one thing.)

Members of your soul grouping can and sometimes do plan simultaneous life adventures with you. Not all of your close grouping would come into physical at the same time. Some always remain behind to assist you, as you sometimes remain behind to assist them.

Received May 12, 2017





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Is Satan an Invention of Humans?


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