Clarification upon Higgins’ Message

Question:  (Re: Urgent Message from Higgins posted March 25, 2018)

That is quite startling coming from Higgins. Can I ask is this an Earthly Force or something from the Galactic side of things? When you say Great Force, it sounds like something from off of our planet. I would just like to know if it is a human cause or something planetary like a comet or huge solar flash. Thanks for the words.

Higgins:  It is neither a comet nor a huge solar flash. The march yesterday, although intended for good, produced a significant amount of angry energy. All that energy acts sort of like a skier crossing a snowy slope and causing an avalanche. Certainly unintended but with potentially unhappy outcome just the same.

Whatever it is that you do to ground yourself, do it. Stabilize the ‘snow’ before an avalanche occurs.

It is entirely possible to do and we encourage you to not be lazy about getting to it. Set a tone of peaceful happiness now.

Received March 25, 2018 4:02 PM

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Urgent Message from Higgins

Higgins:  We are not typically interested in prophesizing. However, you are about to be blindsided by a great force. Your future is not pre-determined and there is still time to allay this trauma.

These are things you can do:

  1. Feel peace inside yourself.
  2. Meditate or pray on peace.
  3. Stay calm and centered throughout your day.
  4. Find your own happiness.
  5. Help others find their happiness.
  6. Be inclusive. The happiness of others is just as important as your own.
  7. Work towards positive outcomes.
  8. If you are going to organize a march, march for world happiness.
  9. Be in the spirit of friendly cooperation.
  10. Find that place of peace inside yourself and hold it. Hold it.

Blessings, Friends.

Received March 25, 2018 2:22 AM

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My Prayer of Choices, Children’s Version

Jan Stone adapted My Prayer of Choices to make it accessible to children. I think you will agree her adaptation is lovely. I have chosen to shorten the title to ‘Choices’ for the children’s version.


By Cheryl Jensen and adapted for children by Jan Stone 

These are the things I choose for me:

I choose to feel calm and peaceful inside, to feel good about what will happen to me and to wake up each morning looking forward to fun.

I choose to be safe.

I choose to have great ideas about what to do and to believe that my ideas are really clever and good.

I choose to follow my ideas and to find out what I’m interested in and what I really love doing.

I know other people choose to do different things to the things l like, and that’s fine. It’s okay for them to want to do different stuff. I’ve already chosen to be safe and peaceful, so that’s what I will be.

I choose to have days filled with all the things I love doing.

I choose to feel great, to be well in my body and in my thoughts.

I choose to be with people who make me feel happy and good inside.

I choose to finish everyday feeling proud of myself and pleased about the good things that have happened.

When I close my eyes at night, I choose to sleep peacefully, and when I wake up in the morning I choose to feel well and rested and to be excited about the day ahead.

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My Prayer of Choices

It seems lately that the news is filled with victims. Higgins stresses that we are not victims. We are active participants. They reminded me to choose what I want before I walk out the door each morning and before I go to sleep at night so that I am not involved in these shootings and bombings and awfulnesses. I wrote this prayer in answer to their suggestion. Feel free to use it if you like it. cj-

My Prayer of Choices

These are the things I choose for myself:

I choose to have a sense of peace in my soul, to feel secure about my future and to face each day with eager anticipation.

I choose safety.

I choose to feel free to follow my inspirations and my intuition and to allow inspiration and intuition to lead me unerringly through my days.

I choose to follow these inspirations to find what I am interested in and passionate about. I know that others are also inspired to find what they are passionate about and their interests may be far different from my own interests. It is OK for others to choose a different path from me, I have already chosen safety and security and what others choose does not distract the Universe from providing me with what I have already chosen.

I choose to have days filled with things that interest me and absorb my attention.

I choose to prosper.

I choose to thrive both mentally and physically.

I choose to have relationships that are fulfilling and interactions that are uplifting.

I choose to reach the end of each day feeling satisfied.

When I close my eyes at night, I choose to sleep peacefully. And when I awaken in the morning I choose to feel refreshed, with a sense of eager anticipation for the day ahead.

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A Reminder

Higgins:  Match the life of your dreams in every way you can using what you already have.

Received March 8, 2018

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Definition of Love

Question:  Will you define love?

Higgins:  Love, like water, is hard to define until you’ve experienced its many nuances and forms. Perhaps the best way to explain love is to explain how it feels. It feels like a full heart. Push all thoughts away and feel what your heart feels. If it feels full and complete and happy without any further action on your part then you are feeling love.

Received March 5, 2018

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More on Emotions

Question:  You gave a really nice definition of bliss: We’ll gently define bliss as being in love with everything all at once. It’s a bursting with happiness sort of feeling.

I would like you to define a number of emotions that could be used to explain emotions and what they are for. What do you think the most important emotions are?




Eager anticipation/happiness

Confidence of self/surety/a gentle knowing that you are and that is enough



Variations of anger (frustration, impatience and also rage)








Question: Do you put them in this order for a reason?

Higgins: Yes. Love is the most important emotion. It is, if not readily available to you, accessible through compassion. Bliss is in many ways a sort of super-happiness. Happiness is easiest to explain as a sense of eager anticipation. Self confidence is extremely important to your sense of well-being. It is not possible to fully and truly achieve all the previous emotions until you know, with your entire being, that you belong here if for no other reason than that you were born. Contentment and satisfaction come when you are pleased with the life you are living.

Hope is valuable because when you cannot achieve these powerful emotions, hope is the emotional bridge. Every emotion listed after hope is less powerful, less wonderful. Anger has many faces. Anger, frustration, impatience…these emotions are a powerful communicator. They tell you that you are losing control; that for some reason you are slipping into victim mode. Your core belief about yourself is that you are powerful and capable so when you begin to feel as though you are having a loss of power some level of anger kicks in to jolt you to action. Rage is a last-ditch effort to move yourself from victim back to powerful creator of your own life.

Boredom and discontent show that you are not creating your life with intent. Sadness, like loneliness, indicates a loss of power. While grief is normal at times, there is healthy processing of grief that will pass and there is unhealthy dwelling in misery. Same with loneliness, take action when you are lonely or know that you will sink lower still.

Embarrassment and guilt occur when you’ve lost confidence in yourself. Fear is perhaps the worst enemy because it is disabling, so very far away from the able person you are.

Received March 4, 2018


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