Meditation Result, November 10, 2020

Last night before bed I spent thirty minutes in meditation. They tried again to get my soul from my body. It was mostly routine and if anything happened of interest I do not recall it.

What I do know is that I slept well until 12:30. Then the dog awakened me to go out. Then the cat wanted out. I was soon back in bed but found I could not sleep. I lay awake for hours. I was very near sleep when I heard my husband talking in the kitchen which brought me awake again. In great frustration I threw my blankets off and strode to the kitchen. My husband wasn’t there.

I discovered the television on, which was strange so I tried to turn it off. You know how all TVs now take about four devices to turn them on and off and in my sleepy stupor I just couldn’t do it.

I was completely frustrated by this point and started yelling for my husband to come help me get the TV off. My voice sounded very strange. Muffled. And then I found myself sliding back into my body.

Weird. Was it a dream? Or had I climbed right out of my body?

I slept until five and then got up for another fifteen minute meditation. I sat in a chair while my soul body kept trying to stand up. It didn’t matter whether it rolled right or left, or whether it stood straight up. My soul body could get out of my body but the head area remained attached. My soul body was like a contortionist, twisting and testing from every angle but in the end foiled in its efforts by what seems to be a very strong connection in my head.


November 10, 2020

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Meditation Result, November 9, 2020

Last night before bed I sat for 45 minutes with them. As is becoming the usual, beings moved my head. What is unusual is that one of these beings seemed to be Lucifer. The other one I thought might be Michael but each time I thought ‘Michael?’ the response seemed to be ‘Michael, not Michael’.

Whoever they were, they moved my head back and forth. My head moved slowly and short, perhaps one inch increments, at first. Then my head moved back and forth with increasing speed and distance until the skin on my face seemed to flap, the way a dog’s face flaps when it shakes it’s head.

They repeated this many times, each time stopping to rest. Or at least it seemed like rest to me. They used these pauses to check to see whether my soul was coming loose from my body. They continued this pattern until the timer went off and then stopped promptly, as I had asked them to.

This morning, I repeated the meditation with only fifteen minutes available. They did the same thing, but with less intensity in the shaking of my head. I suppose it could be described as more tactful, more discrete. During each pause they seemed to prise my soul ever so gently in an attempt to, I’m supposing, cause my soul to step out of my body.

When the alarm went off they stopped immediately. I am beginning to think they don’t actually leave, that someone is monitoring me continuously.


November 9, 2020

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Meditation of November 8, 2020

I meditated a few minutes before bed last night. Number One was able to reach me just enough to share his role. He ‘said’ that Number One is the doorway to God and that God is the source of all power.

The communication was short and I went to sleep. When I awakened this morning I sat down to meditate first thing. Number One came in quickly but my mind wandered around unhelpfully for about fifteen minutes. I reset the timer and tried again. I was able to keep my mind quiet this time and shortly, he was able to communicate with me. He reminded me that he is the doorway to God.

Soon, I felt what I would describe as the tip, or the edge, of another being. As it settled in me I realized it was God himself. God explained to me that God is all and God is everywhere. He proceeded to ‘explain’ himself a little bit. I wish I could draw or share this in some meaningful way. Instead, I will do my best with words.

Imagine God is a ball and the ball is wearing a pointy party hat. God is the ball and the first ring of the party hat is Number One, then after Number One is Number Two and so on down to four or five which is the Essential Higgins. This pointy party hat is a tall, tall hat that eventually ends in a point and that point is you. Or me. Any and every person is the terminal end of their own party hat which attaches to God.

This party hat is a special party hat and on the end is a pompom. You can liken each strand of the pompom to something in your life. Your shoes, your toothbrush, your eating utensils–everything surrounding you when you open your eyes and look around–each thing in your life is a creation you made as you drew your energy from the original source of all life. You literally pulled energy through the Universe from the Source (that central ball that is God) and as you did so, that energy took form.

Just as a packed snowball can roll down hill gathering more snow and becoming larger, your thoughts travel towards you gathering mass. Your thoughts literally become your home, your sofa, your friends, your job, etc…

Now grasp that God is more like the sun than a playground ball. These pointy hats radiate from God (the sun) from infinite points in much the same way sunlight radiates from the sun.

When God finished conveying this to me he said, “I am well pleased.” Then he left.


November 8, 2020

P.S. I promised myself to keep these as short and readable as possible. I also promised myself to be as forthcoming and to share as much of their communication as possible.


As I wrote about this morning’s meditation and attempted to convey the party hat idea, and that there are infinite party hats radiating away from God like heat and light from the sun an idea was inspired in me to share. It is and idea almost too complex for me to grasp but here goes.

The sun that is God, radiating the source of power that stimulates the motion of the cosmos, is not a central location. God is located in every atom.

Try wrapping your mind around that.

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Meditation for November 7, 2020

This morning was similar to yesterday in that Higgins again made motions with my head to the left and to the right. Each motion was mirrored, meaning what they did on the left (and they started left today) they also did on the right. Each cycle is completed by a different being.

They also used some hand motions, lifting my right arm and hand and then my left, carefully replacing each arm and hand softly back on the arm of the chair. Today, they also spoke aloud. They spelled the alphabet, stumbling over X but otherwise speaking very cleanly with good pronunciation.

I mentioned the seven sons of God yesterday. Higgins has always said they are either the fourth or fifth son and yesterday it was very clear that the second son of God was visiting. Well, today son number one visited. It was funny because he tried and tried to get in (to me) and it was as though he was trying on skinny jeans that were three sizes too small but at last he was in. And then I realized it wasn’t number one at all. It was his precursor. Number one himself didn’t even try.

The precursor for number one tried again this afternoon. It was as though the precursor was lining my inside with Teflon so the larger aspect of him could slip in but it was not successful. At the closest point, though, I could feel how heavy and large he was. It felt elephant sized (and of elephant weight—heavy!) with me relatively sized as a miniature goat.


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Meditation Result, November 6, 2020

Thanks to everyone sending in a word suggestion. Each of them is helping define and enrich the meaning we are looking for.

This morning’s meditation was quite interesting. Remember that these new meditations are short and to the point, not the long hours I used to spend sitting with them. Higgins jumps right in within thirty to sixty seconds. This morning, they began to move my head in circles and soon began a series of movements. First my nose moved up and right like a forward slash. Then back to starting point. Then it moved up and to the left like a backward slash. That was one cycle. Then they moved my head/nose up perhaps one half inch and repeated the cycle until my head was tilted as high as it would go (without injury…they really do stretch).

What I noticed was that with each set of two movements, one right one left, it seemed that a different being stepped in. During one cycle, my head moved but got stuck and it took a moment to get it to finish the slash movement. The cycles continued but it felt as though that being was allowed to jump in again two cycles later for a do-over. The second attempt by this being was completely successful and the cycles continued several more times.

When they finished this process I was filled with that indescribable feeling that comes when the essential Higgins visits. I was able to acknowledge him/it and just as quickly he/it left and the Angel came. She sat with me also for just a short time and when she left I became so sleepy I had to climb back in bed.

Later, I got up and dressed and after breakfast sat down on the couch to journal about my morning meditation. Immediately my body was assumed by a being. At first, I thought it was Higgins but it became clear it was not part of Higgins. I asked and the response seemed to indicated that this being was a sort of precursor to the being that was coming. Shortly, I was filled with this very large presence.

I asked, “Is this God?”


I asked, “If this isn’t Higgins, who could be bigger than Higgins but not God?”

I at last understood it was Higgins’ big brother. This leads me back so many years to when Higgins first came and they tried to explain who they were and who the essential Higgins was.

They explained it this way: As God expanded he wanted to know more and so he created seven aspects of Himself. Higgins called them the seven sons. Higgins tells me he is number four or five. When I ask, “Is it four or five?” they always say, “Yes.”

My husband’s response to me when I pondered this aloud this morning was, “Maybe they are a continuum rather than seven separate beings.” (Believe it or not I had never considered this!)

Anyway, this being visiting me indicated that he is brother number two. When I asked about his reason for visiting, since he is not a part of Higgins, he asked whether I would be interested in (somehow, unclear how) working with beings from other planets…In person, it seemed.


Thanks for joining me on this adventure.


November 6, 2020

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Day One of Phase II with Higgins

It didn’t occur to me yesterday when Higgins said meditate daily for fifteen minutes that they would start conversation right away. As it turns out, they are still full of surprises. I didn’t plan to post daily but I’d very much like to document this next adventure with Higgins and so I share with you…

The first thing they are conveying to me is that together we will create a United States Development Plan….only ‘development’ isn’t the right word. As my second chore (the first being meditate for fifteen minutes a day) they ask me to discover a word that means development but isn’t development. The word they want is like this:

Let’s say you live in a perfectly good house. The house may be older and in need of some updating, upgrading, possibly some structural repair, girding and shoring. Once these things are complete you will have a house that is structurally and foundationally sound, and updated inside and out, but it is still the same perfectly good house only freshened and strengthened.

What is the word for that? The closest word I come up with is renovate.

The problem with the word renovate is that it doesn’t encompass development in a way that means blossom. Maybe they are looking for fertilize? Mature?

My neighbors are avid gardeners. From time to time they give me tips. This past spring, they suggested that when planting, I loosen the soil, add slow release organic fertilizer and bone meal, mix that in, then put in the plant. This gives each plant all the nutrients it needs to grow to its fullest and best.

The word I’m looking for also means that.

Any ideas?

November 4, 2020

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Something Interesting Happened on Election Day

I did say I’d keep you informed if anything interesting happened. Well, something interesting has happened that I’ll tell you about.

Today is a rainy and blustery Western Washington day and this afternoon I decided to lie down for a short nap. I rested for three quarters of an hour and got up. My husband was still asleep and the lights were out around the house, so you should be getting the impression that it was comfy and cozy in the house and the house was sleepy even if I wasn’t.

I picked up my precious kitty and we sat together in the living room for a few minutes when he decided to leave without notice. Cats…so fickle.

For months running into years I haven’t been able to meditate and was suddenly inspired to do so. Literally within thirty seconds Higgins slid in. They are back! Just like that and they gave me the scoop.

In order to proceed with Phase II (Knowledge), a different group of beings will step in. Their vibrational level is significantly higher than mine and so it was necessary for me to improve my vibrational level before they could continue. In my most recent post, I mentioned that I thought they were leaving me alone until such time as I could master the application of the wisdom they shared with previously. In fact, they said today, applying the wisdom was (as all things seem to be with them) a method for improving my vibrational level.

At this time it seems that my vibration is enough improved that they can proceed with their plan. Importantly, they said, note that their arrival today (Election Day 2020 in the United States) is not by accident. Neither presidential candidate understands the underlying issues, the root cause of the nation’s unrest and indeed the world’s unrest. They will begin a series of communications (method yet to be determined…written, verbal?) upon this topic. It seems most likely they will weave it into the context of The Kindness Paradigm, from what they said.

The first directive they have for me is to meditate fifteen minutes a day for a month and then they will reassess.

Welcome back, Higgins!

November 3, 2020

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As you all know, Higgins was a large part of my life for 13 years. Then they left. While they were with me, I asked them, “Higgins, if I were to distill all this information that you have given me down to something useable what would it be?”

That was about 2013 and from it I had a series of conversations with Higgins about something they called a ‘Kindness Paradigm’. I put that information together in a short book, called The Kindness Paradigm (of course) which I self published in 2015. It is available from Barnes and Noble online, as well as Amazon.

The next step for me is to expand on it. The simplest format for me to do that is to create another blog. So I did. Guess what it’s called?

Anyway, if you are interested in joining me for this exploration, you may find me at

Thanks for reading Ask Higgins. I will continue to post on Ask Higgins when things that may interest you come up.


October 29, 2020

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It’s Been Awhile

It’s been some time since I posted anything. Higgins is not back in any appreciable way. They’ve been gone quite some time now. If I remember correctly, they were supposed to be back about this time two years ago.

When I began with Higgins, they told me they would come to me in phases. Phase one was the wisdom phase. I could understand what that meant because I had already been introduced to Abraham-Hicks. What Higgins shared at first was very much like that. Higgins told me that I could do anything with the wisdom they shared that I wanted to. For instance, I could share it (as I did with this blog and via live sessions) or not. They were perfectly contented with me never saying one word about them to anybody. In fact, the goal of the wisdom segment was, they ‘said’, to help me increase my vibrational level. The point of increasing my vibration is to better align with them. Apparently, the Earth environment and the people in it vibrate so slowly that it is difficult for them to be here with us. It takes expert skill on their part to do so.

They said they would come back in three to six months and begin part two, the knowledge phase. I wondered the other day, why they would say they would be back and not come. Then I realized, what if they did come back right on time? If that was the case perhaps ‘knowledge’ is something different than what I was expecting. I looked up the meaning of knowledge online: facts, information and skills acquired by a person through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject.

Then the definition listed some synonyms: understanding, comprehension, grasp, mastery, skill, proficiency, accomplishment.

No matter how many times I am told a thing, I don’t really grasp it until I do it myself. Higgins often said, “Teaching is not. Learning is.” This, they said, is true because teaching implies that one person can impart knowledge to another and that the other person will ‘get’ it. We all know that is not true. My goal now is to master application of the wisdom they have shared.

October 24, 2020

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Meditation Vibrations

Upcoming events with William Wolford and   Meditation Vibrations.
Hello fellow time/space travelers,

I’ll be leading a guided meditation event and talking briefly about my Energy Alignment Music, how it was created, and leading a group meditation so you can experience how you might benefit from this music. Come, experience and learn about how music, energy and frequency/vibration work together and can be a powerful therapeutic tool in many different ways.

This Event will take place on July 22nd at 7 PM at Intraspace. Bring what ever you need to be comfortable and relaxed sitting or laying down. (yoga mats, blankets, pillows)
And give yourself some time to ‘come down’ a bit before you drive home. 🙂  $10 cover. CD’s available for $20

CD’s are available to order or download at

Participants will learn to align, ground and center their energy to increase energy and well being.
This will include lightly guided meditations with Med Vibes Energy Alignment music for an immersive, cleansing energy bath.
Leave feeling grounded, rejuvenated and happy!


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