Sound Bath

A short note today. I am traveling in Arizona and New Mexico and did a fun thing I hadn’t heard about before: I enjoyed a sound bath. Maybe sound healing is the technical name, but it felt like a massage, or soak in a warm bath.

On arrival I was invited by the healer, Celine Weiss, into a lovely room with a massage table in the center. the perimeter was ringed with drums, a gong, singing bowls and chimes. After a conversation during which we determined an intention for the session, she invited me to lie on the table. She began to tone these bowls around me, to drum and to use the gong. It was a lovely, remarkably relaxing hour.

If this sort of thing interests you, her website is

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Further Meditations for Peace in Ukraine?

Someone asked me today whether Higg(in)s will be doing more meditations for peace in Ukraine. This prompts me to share something they told me recently when I asked about more of these meditations.

Higg(in)s: When you request something from the Universe, the Universe always responds. This is absolute. Sometimes, perhaps much of the time, it seems as though the Universe does not respond. That is not true. The Universe always responds. Let’s explain how a request is placed.

The Universe, everything in it, vibrates. The frequency of the vibration tells the Universe something. It is information. And, because the Universe responds in like kind, the Universe responds with material offerings that vibrate in the same frequency range. You emit frequency when you are awake. You literally maintain an ongoing conversation with the Universe and the Universe responds all day long with material offerings equal to the frequency you emit.

The reason that it often seems as though the Universe is not responding to you is that you think wanting something and offering the vibrational equivalent of that thing are the same. They are not. Consider a vending machine. Let’s say Oreos are B4. You must press B4 to get Oreos. If you press B3 you won’t get Oreos. You’ll get something else. When you think the Universe is not responding, what is really happening is that you have ‘asked’ for the same thing over and over again thinking you are asking for something different, or you ‘asked’ for something but the vibrational equivalent you offered wasn’t quite equal to the thing you want, or you ‘asked’ appropriately but did not hold the frequency long enough to receive it.

Back to the recent meditations for peace in Ukraine. We do not need to have more meditations for peace because the Universe always responds to every request, and because we know that you offered the exact vibrational request because we helped you with that. The process now is to receive peace. The Universe is offering peace options, but you must allow peace by continuing to emit a frequency of peace or quite similar. This is the data we are collecting. We are monitoring how humanity connects to the essence of peace that your meditation group presented. Peace is available. Humanity must be able to tap into it.

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How to Stop a War

***Dear Reader, just a hint– the part on stopping war is way at the bottom so if you don’t want to read the entire thing, scroll down.

Today I am revisiting Alain Rifat’s post from April 4, 2021, What Is Matter? I have read and reread it multiple times and each time I get the nagging feeling that there is something important they want to add. The first nagging feeling comes with the question, what is energy? They have stated multiple times that energy is produced in the play between positive and negative but that doesn’t really answer the question regarding what it is.

The second time I get a nagging feeling while reading this post when the author writes on the Higgs Boson and the Higgs Field. When the Higgs Boson was first discovered in 2012 I immediately began to wonder about the name Higgins. When recently they asked me to change the spelling of their name from Higgins to Higg(in)s I felt an aha! moment. There is something they are trying to share with me that I am not yet able to understand. The more I focus on it, the more elusive their response seems to be.

For now, it seems the best thing to do is move on to The Weirdness of Indistinguishability, published on Simulismblog, April 19, 2021. In this article, the author explains that there is no difference between a molecule that occurs naturally and one that is synthesized in a laboratory. The same is true for the atoms that comprise a molecule, and the particles that form atoms. Atoms are made of protons, neutrons, and electrons.

For example, water is a molecule made of H2O. That means two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Hydrogen has the atomic number 1, meaning it is made of one electron. Oxygen’s atomic number is 8, so it is made of eight electrons.

Atoms can be broken down further into particles. The proton, for example, is made of three subatomic particles called quarks (an elementary particle). The electron is one subatomic particle called a lepton (also an elementary particle).

The author uses a simple metaphor for our understanding. If we were to deposit dollars in a bank and return later to make a withdrawal, the dollars you turned in may not be the dollars you receive back. But they are interchangeable.

Particles are like that. They are completely interchangeable. One is indistinguishable from another and cannot be marked the way a bill can be marked.

This is interesting because if one could take an atom apart to its constituent particles, those particles can go on to form something entirely different. For example, if one were to take two water molecules apart one would have four hydrogen atoms and 2 oxygen atoms. Theoretically, if one then put the four hydrogen atoms together again with the 2 oxygen atoms, the products that could be made are the previous 2 molecules of H2O (water) OR 2 molecules of hydrogen gas (H2) and one molecule of oxygen gas (O2).

One step further, if you took the hydrogen and oxygen atoms apart to their elementary particle level, they could then form into new atoms.

Now….why Higg(in)s had me write all that out….

Higg(in)s: There are fundamental building blocks. Your body is made of these. A tree is made of these, as is a rock. Your body is like a car. A portion of your soul gets in your body and ‘drives’ off. We’ll call this aspect of you the Little Soul. Your body carries Little Soul around wherever Little Soul desires to go.

As this Little Soul, which is you in your body, wanders around Earth interacting with things, thoughts are stimulated. These thoughts interact with the Higgs Field, which is everywhere. When a thought carries enough power, it interacts with the Higgs Field in such a way as to cause a particle within the field to gain mass. (It is not true that energy is neither created nor destroyed. Energy is created with your thought. We do not know whether energy can be destroyed, but it hasn’t happened yet.)

This next part is not entirely correct, but for the sake of your understanding, this particle will now continue to exist, and as other Higgs particles are stimulated to gain mass upon the same topic, they are attracted to one another and when it becomes large enough it must take physical form. It is like water molecules in the sky coalescing to form a raindrop.

This is an important understanding because it has practical applications. When you, the Little Soul in a body, focuses on a thing, anything, you give it form. If you withdraw your attention from that thing, it will eventually cease existing.

If you would like to stop having war, then you must withdraw your attention from war like activities and violence, and instead focus upon that which you would have. You are all having a very hard time with this because most of you think of peace as the absence of war (peace is a thing in and of itself), and because you do not recognize the relationship between your attention to violent television programs (including watching it on the news programs), movies, games, and toys, and the violent world you exist within.

You all have created war. If you will have peace you must begin to focus intently upon peaceful things. You must begin to act in peaceful ways. Peace must be built, and it can be built by drawing it forth from the Higgs Field with your thought. The old way of war will fall apart into its constituent elementary particles and be ready to form a new and more supportive way of life. Keep in mind that that thing which you focus upon has been built in the Higgs Field well before you see evidence of it on Earth.

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Overview of Meditations for Ukraine

Beginning February 25 and continuing through March 12, I lead meditations designed to bring peace to Ukraine. A total of fourteen people joined me during this time frame. We meditated as a way to help Ukrainians defeat the Russian invasion. We also used this as a way to bring Higg(in)s back: to sort out what we will do together in this next phase of Higg(in)s, and how we will work together to accomplish it.

  • February 25-28, Peace
  • March 1, Comfort
  • March 2-3, Peace
  • March 4, Freedom
  • March 5, Compassion
  • March 6, No-fly Zone
  • March 7, Comfort
  • March 8, The Golden Zone (Surety and Eager Expectation) Globally
  • March 9, The Golden Zone, Globally, and Specifically for Water (Knowing the Body Is About 70% Water)
  • March 10, Peace, Globally
  • March 11, Global Harmony and Inclusivity, and Thriving, Harmony, and Individual Expression
  • March 12, Stablization of Ukraine

On the 12th of March, Higg(in)s explained that this would be the final meditation of the series. This surprised me. I assumed I would continue this offering until the conflict in Ukraine was resolved. Instead, Higg(in)s said they will collect data regarding the effectiveness of our meditations. They will use this data to make whatever adjustments need to be made. Higg(in)s also thanked the group for their assistance. Higg(in)s also used information gathered from the individuals participating to improve their ability to connect with individuals during such meditations.

I am thankful to each of you who joined me for this. It is important to me to have a safe environment in which to practice bringing them forth. I look forward to this new Higg(in)s, and to the Knowledge Phase which they have said from the beginning is their reason for interacting with us.

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Meditation for No-fly Zone in Ukraine

Ukraine has been clear in their repeated request for aid in the form of a no-fly zone, so Higg(in)s created one. Higg(in)s asked us to find the energetic equivalent of comfort. While we found this comfortable energetic feeling inside ourselves Higg(in)s asked us to find something positive about Vladimir Putin. They suggested that he is intelligent, some would consider him handsome, and he is clearly able to focus powerfully on achieving what he wants.

The reason for finding something positive about Putin is to eliminate resistance between him and us and the vibration we are placing.

We then lifted off as balloons with no wind resistance and we floated and bobbed playfully to Switzerland to pick up our friend there and then on we finished the journey to Ukraine. In Ukraine, we floated together, but a little differently than usual. Usually, we link metaphorical arms. Today, they ‘tethered’ us together like a child or dog on a leash so no matter which direction we moved, we all stayed together but it allowed us latitude to move playfully as they slowly inched our energy from comfort all the way to peace and then freedom.

As we swirled in the skies above Ukraine, we radiated this energy all around. Higg(in)s described it as a thick layer of peanut butter that we spread over the region. After achieving the equivalent of freedom, and spreading it around for a while, they let the lovely energy wash through each of us, through our skin, bones, lungs, feet, etc…Whatever the final endpoint is that Higg(in)s looks for, we must have achieved it soon after that, because they floated us home.

We were nine people tonight and the entire meditation was about an hour.

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A Meditation for Compassion in Ukraine and Russia

Tonight, we once again got our energy synchronized and floated slowly to Ukraine via far eastern Russia. We started with a slow steady rainlike sprinkle of comfort and continually increased our vibrational level and simultaneously the volume of emotion that we sprinkled across Russia. Higg(in)s described us as a storm cloud that rained, first comfort, and finally compassion.

We spent the entire ‘trip’ across Russia increasing our vibrational level to compassion so that by the time we arrived at St. Petersburg, we rained compassion at a pretty good pace. We were stretched border to border so we covered Moscow at the same time. Higg(in)s said the point of ‘raining’ compassion was to put out emotional ‘fires’. Their choice of compassion as tonight’s emotional equivalent was to lay a foundation where human mistakes can be corrected, where corrections will be accepted.

After a good soaking of these two cities, Higg(in)s moved us to Ukraine where we took up posts on the borders and surrounded the country. We poured and poured on Ukraine while occasionally moving one position to the left. There were seven of us tonight and we moved six times to the left, each time Higg(in)s assured us this is so that our own particular version of compassion was shared.

We then began to spread out, like pizza dough they said, so that eventually we surrounded the Earth in one big thick cloud of compassion and rained upon the Earth. When we were done, they has us surround Ukraine once again, this time to give special compassionate attention to the nuclear plants. Higg(in)s told us these plants are not happy to be abused. Apparently, the threatening way Putin talks about things nuclear is unpleasant to the nuclear plants. They do not want to be a part of causing harm.

We then floated gently back to our homes by completing a circuit of the Earth, via Europe, the North Atlantic, the East Coast of the U. S, across the Midwest and finally back to our chairs.

Everyone had a chance to share about their experience before we closed for the evening.

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Meditation for Freedom in Ukraine, March 4, 2022

Tonight’s meditation was slightly different. Higg(in)s did some teaching first about learning to defend ourselves in a posture of non-violence. They asked us to bring our energy together on our own and then to lift ourselves to comfort which each person was able to do easily. The group was five including me.

Once each person achieved comfort on their own, they helped us all move up to peace a step at a time. Higg(in)s explained about believing and knowing, then safety and security. When we reached peace, Higg(in)s did something quite interesting. Higg(in)s moved us from peace to freedom and back multiple times. They said peace and freedom are, generally speaking, equally high levels of vibration but there is a difference, a half-step I think they described it as. They moved us back and forth until each person could tell the difference between peace and freedom. Freedom, they were able to share with Higg(in)s, feels a little lighter and Higg(in)s seemed pleased that they could tell the difference.

Higg(in)s then began pouring energy into us. They described us as aerodynamically designed balloons on a magic carpet experiencing no wind resistance, flying north from here to Bellingham, then north along the coast of Canada to Alaska. From Nome, Alaska we flew across the Bering Strait to Far East Russia. All along the way we sprinkled fairy dust over the land and this fairy dust is the vibrational equivalent of freedom. Freedom, Higg(in)s explained, is our birth right. Freedom is freedom of spirit. I cannot replicate what they said, but I understood freedom in those moments. Clearly, freedom is not about whether or not you have to wear a mask.

We floated across Siberia all the way to St. Petersburg, sprinkling freedom as pixie dust all along the route. We spent several minutes in St. Petersburg before floating to Moscow. We also spent a few minutes at Moscow. Then we floated south to Ukraine and here they really began to pour it on, repeatedly doubling the energy they were giving us. They described us as vast rain clouds of peace and freedom reaching across the entirety of Ukraine. We floated east to west, highlighting the Russian tanks, the recently seized nuclear plant, and Kyiv. We dumped feet and feet of freedom pixie dust on these sites.

Eventually we finished with Ukraine and made a speedy flyby starting with Finland, Norway, and Sweden and covering the entire European area down to Italy with freedom pixie dust, before flying across the North Atlantic and back home.

This was an especially lovely, albeit tiring, meditation. I think many of us were feeling exhausted by the end. It lasted nearly an hour and a half.

During last night’s meditation, which I did not post on, we became peace and radiated like the sun, irradiating everything in our path with peace. Higg(in)s likened the energy we placed to nuclear radioactivity and said it would radiate peace in Kyiv for one hundred thousand years.

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Meditation for Peace in Ukraine, March 2, 2022

Tonight, I am unable to sleep after a magnificent interaction with Higg(in)s. Although the meditation ended in a timely manner, and I did go to bed, the time is now nearly midnight and so, rather than waste time, I will write about tonight’s events.

I was joined this evening by eight people. Most are from this area of northwest Washington, one from New Mexico and one from Switzerland. As is becoming their habit, Higg(in)s helped us settle our personal energy, then link our energy bodies to one another before lifting off in our etheric bodies. We ‘flew’ southeast across the U. S. to pick up our friend in New Mexico, then east across the remainder of the U. S. and then across the North Atlantic to Switzerland where we picked up one more etheric body.

Higg(in)s pushed us like pushing a bunch of aerodynamically designed helium filled balloons to what I believe they said is the southwest corner of Ukraine, immediately in the corner near Belarus. I must need to bone up on my geography because that would be the northwest corner, the area where Poland, Belarus, and Ukraine meet.

Higg(in)s set us down on the ground and had us stabilize ourselves, grounding ourselves in the Earth. They described tonight’s energy as comfort, like wrapping in a fluffy blanket or sitting before a cozy fire. They proceeded to use the metaphorical water spigot to fill us with their powerful energy template of ‘comfort’. The goal this evening, they said, was to seep into the Earth and fill every nook and cranny of Ukraine in such a way that the feeling of comfort would radiate up like a spring. The metaphor they used to describe our flow through the top layer of the Earth was of molasses oozing. While it seemed to take quite some time, it was possible to fill most of Ukraine. However, the area around Chernobyl remained resistant to our offering. Eventually, Higg(in)s changed the visual for us for filling the area around Chernobyl to Pepto-Bismol, reminding us of the old slogan, “It coats, soothes, protects.”

Chernobyl was easily able to assimilate this and soon was filled with the energy of comfort that we offered. At that time, in our corner of the country, I developed a sensation of cold or emptiness on my left side. The angel-like beings came in and settled along that border to stabilize the energy template. Before long, Higg(in)s again instructed us to take whatever energy was given to us and let it flow though us to be composted into nourishing growth medium. When that was stabilized, Higg(in)s explained that the land mass of Belarus wanted to be included in the energy flow of comfort, so we took the time it took to bathe Belarus in the same comforting energy.

Throughout this, Higg(in)s turned up the volume of energy they passed through us. Time and again they doubled the energy. We did succeed in achieving the desired vibrational equivalent of comfort. We simmered or percolated at one point for five minutes by the clock, and more added to that for Belarus. After that, Higg(in)s began that wonderful thing they do when they increase the vibrational level. They said in ten steps they would move us from comfort to peace. Although they did not give a descriptive name to each increase, they did say once that we had achieved a level of knowing that things would be alright, a sense of safety and security. Later I believe they said we had reached kindness. It was not long after that that we reached peace, love, and compassion. It was a wonderful few minutes that we basked in this energy. Then Higg(in)s took each of us home, placing us in our respective homes, in our respective chairs.

If they did anything after that, I don’t remember. Each meditation ends in the opportunity for each person to say a few sentences about their experience. After several people spoke, I began to literally feel Higg(in)s unwinding from my energy body and leaving me. Yesterday, it was an abrupt surprise, today I realized it is a really nice way for them to exit. Higgins used to take over, then leave. Both coming and going it was obvious and took several minutes. I never liked the coming back part. I felt very awkward in that transition. Higg(in)s leaving in this new way gently drops me out of trance without missing a step and I don’t feel awkward at all. It really is very nice, and I am appreciative that they have discovered this better way of transitioning in and out.

A thing I wish to note: While I transcribe these events as carefully as I can, I do not doubt that things are missed, left out, forgotten, or recorded out of order. Nevertheless, to the best of my ability and memory, this is an accurate review of the evening.

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A Meditation for Peace in Ukraine, March 1, 2022

Although I am writing my recollection of the event on March 2, the meditation was held the evening of March 1, 2022.

We were joined last evening by a new friend located in Switzerland. This is a particular joy to me. Higgins has said many times that the Universe is fractal. If that is true, then last night we began forging a cooperative, pleasant, and agreeable international alliance that by definition must be a facet of many other such alliances. The general group that has met with Higgins through the years is well acquainted with one another by now and our new friend fit in extremely smoothly. Higgins is always considerate in that they establish a harmonious energy between each of the attendees prior to guiding us on towards the fulfillment of the prescribed energetic goal.

This harmonious energy connection was very easy to accomplish and soon Higg(in)s had us link our energy to form an overlapping ball of energy and floated us from the Pacific Northwest, where most of us are located, down the sunny west coast of the United States to pick up one person, and then east across the U. S., across the Atlantic Ocean and to Switzerland where we picked up another person. From there we easily floated to Kyiv, Ukraine, and established our point of contact over Kyiv.

This night, one participant requested that in addition to the essence of peace we would provide, would Higg(in)s also be able to in some way account for the cold which must be very uncomfortable for many who are sheltering in basements or perhaps living out of doors right now.

When this was asked, Higg(in)s paused for awhile to allow what felt like an addendum of non-physical beings to collect and define our energetic frequency. What they came up with was comfort, with the visual description of curling up in a soft chair before a warm fire, fuzzy slippers on one’s feet, and a nice cup of hot cocoa to sip on while family and friends happily occupy themselves nearby.

As is their way, Higg(in)s continually turned up the rate of energetic flow each time we were capable of holding more of the energy. Notably, the Tree Army as well as the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans participated and were maintained separately. While I do not exactly understand how that occurred, I did not feel Higg(in)s monitoring them through me as they have in the past. Occasionally, Higg(in)s did turn up the volume to accommodate them, but that is the limit of my conscious awareness of their participation.

We had been hovering over Kyiv for time (I really can’t tell time in that state) and offering the soft energy of comfort when a huge billowing, ball of energy approached me from my left. It was definitely sorrowful, some angry, some beleaguered energy aspects all approaching me in such a way I personally nearly faltered under it. If you have seen television depictions of a sandstorm hitting a village, that is the relative size of it to me. Higg(in)s buoyed me, verbally telling the group that all energy is just energy. Allow it to run through you as though it is any, more pleasant, energetic frequency. We were able to do that quite easily, it seemed.

An important thing to note, Higg(in)s made it very clear while we hovered over Kyiv, that we must hold the same energetic frequency of comfort for the Russian troops, and their military equipment as we do for the Ukrainian people. Otherwise, we create a wall of negative energy which is exactly the thing we are trying to remove. In fact, creating a wall of negative energy, by definition of the Law of Attraction, would be attractive rather than repellant to the invasion process.

I was becoming physically tired by this point, and we were only about 35 minutes into the meditation. Usually, they take 75-90 minutes start to finish. Despite my increasing fatigue, Higg(in)s pressed on, floating us to Chernobyl. Chernobyl is important in that it has carried an energetic negativity at least since the reactor meltdown that occurred in the 1980s. Higg(in)s placed us fairly low over the area where we again stabilized our apple shaped energetic bodies in cozy, warm, fireside comfort. They had us use our energetic arms to sift the soil and clean out stuck energy.

By the time we stabilized Chernobyl I was exhausted, but I received a huge energetic reward. The greatest energetic frequency I have felt in all these years of sharing Higgins and now Higg(in)s engulfed me. At one point they talked about frequency and amplitude. What I experienced, possibly we all felt it, was a huge number of beings of whatever kind all carrying the same energetic frequency which increases amplitude of a wave. This was the frequency of warm, fireside comfort magnified by hundreds of thousands (by Higg(in)s count) of souls of all kinds, synching together thus creating a wave of magnificent proportion.

There was some intention by Higg(in)s to increase the vibrational frequency to peace, however I’m certain they stopped early because I simply could not carry the energy any longer. The total length of time spent was about an hour.

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A Meditation for Peace in Ukraine, February 28, 2022 B

Tonight’s meditation included six people plus myself. It was the most powerful so far. We connected first and then achieved the level of comfort. We invoked the Tree Army as well as the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans right from the start.

It seemed to take a long time today. I am energetically exhausted but the long and short of it is: We were able to bring a lovely sense of peace to Ukraine and especially Chernobyl asked for assistance. The large angel like beings posted themselves along the border with Belarus and some beings I have not been aware of before lined the Russian border. These were especially skilled at holding firm in the energetic frequency of their choice and like steel they would not bend the frequency of comfort, and then later of peace.

At completion, we took the energy of what Higg(in)s called Super Peace and sprinkled it like fairy dust over Chernobyl and all nuclear power of any kind around the globe.

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