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Making a Spiritual Connection

Question: Religion is a cultural process, and as so, has connections with sociology and politics. Spirituality is a vertical connection between an individual and God via a soul and therefore, can thrive outside a given religion, but is enriched by … Continue reading

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What Blessings Are

Question:     What is a blessing and what is it supposed to do? Higgins:    Two things to understand first: 1)  You are beings of light energy. Energy emits a vibrational frequency. When you (the soul being) enter your body the body vibrates … Continue reading

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Husband Died Leaving Her Alone

Question:     Hello Higgins, On this spiritual path, I have learned from many teachers that our thoughts become our reality.  We manifest our lives.  Well (my friend’s) first husband was the love of her life and they had a great relationship … Continue reading

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Only You Know What Is Right For You

Question:     In a previous response you said, “Keep in mind that stronger emotion produced by new thought means the thought is true for you. Each person has their own Truth and what is true for you may not be true … Continue reading

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What is Emotional Hardness?

Question:     What is emotional hardness? Higgins:     Emotional hardness is experienced when one holds themselves out of the Universal Flow. There exists a flow of energy, like a river or a stream. This energetic flow is the thing that Is in … Continue reading

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Living Without Judgement

Offering from Higgins: All things that exist anywhere are aspects of that which many call God. Even Lucifer is a part of God. All that Lucifer assists into being here on Earth is therefore part of God. Consider for a moment that … Continue reading

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What Is The Meaning of Life?

Question:     What is the meaning of life? Cheryl:     Higgins wanted a dictionary definition for meaning. Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, Tenth Edition says the thing one intends to convey (especially in language), something meant or intended as well as significant quality. … Continue reading

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