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What Is Life?

C: Hello Higgins. Last spring, I began a conversation via email and blog with Alain Rifat, the webmaster of Simulismblog. It started with my asking him about the Higgs boson. He responded with several posts, the first on entanglement. (Simulismblog, … Continue reading

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More on Suicide

Question:  I was recently reading your post “Regarding Suicide.” Is it true that if we commit suicide, we do not learn the lessons we intended to learn when we planned our lives in spirit? If we commit suicide, do we … Continue reading

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The Kindness Paradigm (34)

There is a certain wholeness in one’s work and one’s life being joyfully intertwined. Cheryl Jensen  

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Life Is A Reflection

Higgins:     Life is a reflection of how you feel about what you think about. Excerpted from a post written August 13, 2014

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