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Wars, Hurricanes, Bombings…What Can One Person Do To Help?

Question:   There seems to be so much trauma occurring…I’m talking about the hurricanes, wars, bombings, shootings…what can a single individual do to help? The problems seem so big and I feel so small, like anything I could do would be … Continue reading

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Getting Closer to Goals

Question: I feel like I am not getting any closer to my goals. Higgins: The rules that apply to creating something small, like a pair of shoes, are the same rules that apply to creating something larger, like an empire. … Continue reading

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I Can’t Find A Job I Can Even Stand

Question:     I can’t find a job I can even stand. Higgins:     We always encourage you to move towards the life of your dreams and we encourage you to dream big. Let us remind you, however, that it is easiest to … Continue reading

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I Don’t Feel Kind

Question:     I don’t feel very kind. I know what to do to appear kind but I don’t feel kind. Higgins:     We have stated in the past that compassion is the pathway to kindness. If compassion is the pathway to kindness … Continue reading

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