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Clarify Contrast

Question:     Higgins, I am preparing your manual, Higgins’ Manual on Physical Existence, for publication. In the first chapter you state:  Contrast is of great importance in your physical realm.  In fact, your realm is all about contrast.  It is in … Continue reading

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More on Achieving Desires

Question:     I still don’t understand why you mostly say that things (our desires) come to us with no effort and then say it does take effort. Which is it? Higgins:     We have been watching (American) football through the entity. During … Continue reading

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Achieving Desires

Question:     Yesterday, in the post on Yo-yo dieting, you talked about achieving goals and said, “…you will know when you’ve exerted enough effort on your part, both physical and mental, because the Universe will bend to your will.” Will you … Continue reading

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Yo-yo Dieting

Question:     What to do to get past constant yo-yo dieting to a stable, healthy and desirable weight? Food is not the enemy so what am I doing wrong? Higgins:     First, let us establish that you are not doing anything wrong. … Continue reading

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Has Too Much To Do

Question:     I have too much to do. I can’t get it done. It feels like I will never catch up to all the things I need to do. Higgins:     If there is nothing you can do to solve this today … Continue reading

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How to Read the Universal Language

Question:     Can you give us a hint as to how to read the universal language? Higgins:     Yes. When we speak of the Universal Language we speak about one’s personal environment. Each one of you is a kind of magnet drawing … Continue reading

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Read the Universal Language

Question:     I am back from sunny Arizona. While I was there I asked Higgins, “What would you like to share about Arizona and being here?” Higgins:     Wherever you find yourself, look around. Data abounds. Whatever you need or want…the answer … Continue reading

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I’m taking a week’s vacation to Arizona and will not post during that time. Blessings, Cheryl

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Energy Alignment

Question:      What is energy alignment? Higgins:     Energy alignment is the descriptive name given to our energetic offerings. In this Shift of the Ages the planet is speeding up. We do not mean that it will spin faster on its axis. … Continue reading

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Upcoming Event

Higgins presents wonderful energy meditations to help us align our energy in peace and harmony. Bill Wolford has recorded some of this energy and set it to music on his latest CD, Meditation Vibrations, Energy Alignment Music. Join Bill Wolford at East … Continue reading

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