Achieving Desires

Question:     Yesterday, in the post on Yo-yo dieting, you talked about achieving goals and said, “…you will know when you’ve exerted enough effort on your part, both physical and mental, because the Universe will bend to your will.”

Will you talk more about achieving goals? It seems to take such a long time to make big change.

Higgins:  We are well pleased that you quantified the word ‘change’ with ‘big’.  This indicates to us that you may have found smaller changes easier to make.

Any one of you, literally any single one of you physicals, may have anything you can think up. The caveat being that you must be the vibrational and therefore emotional equivalent of whatever it is that you want.

The emotional scale is a little like a slide trombone in that in order to play any note on the trombone one must manipulate the slide in and out. One cannot play a note without moving that slide. This differs from a piano keyboard in which one can play any note by moving their finger to the note that is desired. With emotions, one must slide up and down the scale one ‘note’ at a time. Big change is generally too far away emotionally to be achieved quickly because one must shift one’s vibration through each note between the currently held emotion and the emotion needed to be equal to the desired goal.

And so, Friend, when little tidbits reminiscent of the desired goal begin slipping into your life you can be assured you are headed in the right direction. All that is needed is time before your goal is achieved.

Several things are needed to achieve goals: vibrational alignment with the desired goal, time, and continued positive expectation. However, there is another aspect that we haven’t talked about very often or in-depth and that is the aspect of human effort. We don’t speak much about the effort part because the Universe offers all things with no effort expended in much the way water runs downhill with no effort. What you physicals do seem to forget from time to time is that some physical energy must be exerted on your part to achieve many of your desires. Athletes must exert tremendous energy to achieve the physical fitness required to participate in their particular sport and they  must practice the sport to achieve skill.

If you are not yet the recipient of your desired goals there are choices: give up, continue as you have been and give it more time, or take heart knowing that you’ve laid solid groundwork and then put your back into it. This third option requires more diligent attention and more directed effort.

Focus is really the key element for creating anything. Focus on what you want, depend upon your own infinite intelligence for inspiration, then take action. That is what life is all about and the more intent one is upon following these three steps the more rewarding and fun life is.

Received January 26, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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