Yo-yo Dieting

Question:     What to do to get past constant yo-yo dieting to a stable, healthy and desirable weight? Food is not the enemy so what am I doing wrong?

Higgins:     First, let us establish that you are not doing anything wrong. Humans respond to powerful Universal Laws. Yo-yo dieting is the Universe’s metaphorical reflection of one’s inconsistent application of the Laws.

Secondly, you are correct in understanding that food is not the enemy. In fact, food is a good friend to the human body.

To get to a stable, healthy, desirable weight one must gently and persistently apply the Universal Law so that one works with the Law rather than at odds with it.

Imagine if you will a massive hand crank. The handle is man-sized and is connected with an ever larger series of gears that eventually are universe sized. To initiate the turning of the crank is quite simple, remember that it is sized for the human. However, due to the sheer magnitude of the terminal gear (the Universe) the turning of the crank takes a bit of effort and is slow to start. If it is slow to start at the human end imagine how much time it takes to get the gear moving enough to effect the terminal end, the Universe.

With that picture in mind, begin imagining how life will be once your body has achieved a stable, healthy, desirable weight. Next, determine what small, achievable steps you might take on a regular basis so that you are living now, as much as is possible, the way you imagine you will live then, when your desirable weight is achieved.

For example, the body is designed to move a significant part of any day. It is designed to lift and bend and walk. Find some way to begin using your body as it was designed. This may look like walking to work or initiating a gentle yoga practice.

Clothing is another large aspect of feeling good about one’s body. Dress, to the best of your ability, in clothes that make you feel good. Regarding food, eat the way you imagine you will eat when you are the weight you wish to be.

Once the Universe is flowing in a desirable direction the crank is quite easy to keep turning but it does require some initial effort to get the crank started. This effort is never hard when broken down into simple steps but it may be hard from a mental aspect as it will require a shift in perspective. It takes determination to change. Determination is the effort required to start the crank. Action keeps the crank turning, action in joy keeps the Universe flowing positively.

Start somewhere, it doesn’t matter where, just start living as though you are already the weight you wish to be. You will know when you have turned the Universal crank enough to make a difference because you will begin to look and feel the way you wish to look and feel. If you do not look and feel the way you wish to look and feel then put a little more intentional effort into turning that crank.

Let’s say that one more time: if you have not achieved It, whatever It is, then you must put more effort into it (or possibly give it a little more time). The Universe always responds in the positive, you are the variable in the equation. The variable is the amount of belief a person has in their ability to achieve their goal and is reinforced each step of the way by their attitude. The more positive the attitude the more positive the response from the Universe.

Wanting is the first step that drives a person to move towards a goal. Action is required. Those actions produce results that either positively or negatively influence the amount of belief a person holds regarding their ability to achieve their goal. If the actions you are taking are not producing positive expectation for success then you must strengthen your resolve and take firmer (and happier, more expectant) steps towards your goal.

One more statement about ‘hard’. From a Universal standpoint achieving anything is simple. From a physical standpoint effort may need to be exerted. The Seahawks and Broncos are going to the Super Bowl. We maintain that while their desire was strong and their commitment to their goal steady, it did take a significant amount of effort on the part of each individual to achieve their common goal.

Again, you will know when you’ve exerted enough effort on your part, both physical and mental, because the Universe will bend to your will.

When this balance of physical and mental effort is perfected you will understand what Jesus preached. Mountains will get up and move for you.

Received January 25, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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  1. iMac 2.16 20\ says:

    Hi Cheryl. I was going through the darkest time for last summer and early fall, and then suddenly the universe DID open up to me and it is kind of scary how everything I want is happening, all at once. I applied to graduate school, ______ moved out, I got my driver’s license, and now I am taking steps to get a job. All this happened this month. I feel like energy work and positive intentions truly DID help. Still wondering if my luck will stop, but grateful. If I hadn’t gone through the dark time, I think I’d still be stuck in inertia. Thank you for the CD, and I know the answer to the question “What’s to stop me from doing anything I want with magic?” It’s simple, I don’t *want* to do anything with magic that would harm any other being. Thank you for introducing me to the world of energy and healing, I am now attending pagan rituals and very spiritual.

    Also, I get the Ask Higgins notifications now, so you needn’t send it to me especially. Thank you for doing that, though. I hope all is well with you…

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