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The Kindness Paradigm (11): A Review

A Review It is very difficult to make change in our lives, or indeed in the world, when we have no vision for what a changed world looks like. That said, let us draw our attention once again towards The … Continue reading

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On Dying

Higgins:     Let the Universe know your desires by stating them clearly to yourself. For example, “I want to go easy when I go.”   From a Higgins on Health session held  March 21, 2012, Everett, Washington  

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Don’t Wait Do It Now

Higgins:     Find a spark of enthusiasm and go for it. In this speeding up time, you don’t have time to wait.  Do it now.   From a live session, February 8, 2011 at Everett, Washington

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Why Do Humans Turn To Hate?

Question:      Why do humans always turn to hate? Higgins:    Humans turn to hate for a very good reason. Hate is a powerful emotion. That is why people turn to hate. Fearful, insecure emotions produce very little power and when a person … Continue reading

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Happiness Lies In Doing What You Love To Do

Higgins:     Look at what you love to do. Find ways to do more of it. Happiness lies there. Received May 22, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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Purpose in Life

Higgins:     You do have a purpose in life.  When you express it, your heart will sing. From a live session. Everett, Washington, September 27, 2011

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You do not get ideas that are garbage.  What you can think up you have the ability to achieve. Received May 18, 2011 at a Higgins live session in Everett, Washington

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You Are Not A Victim

You are not a victim. If you are not victim, who are you? Once you realize that you are not a victim you must revise your own view of self. There are no longer excuses for not achieving your desires … Continue reading

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Share Yourself

Higgins:  Why is it important to share the beauty that you are with others?  Because it nourishes your soul. From a Higgins live session July 13, 2011, Everett, Washington

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Alternate to Surgery?

Question:  My husband has been gone now for almost one and a half years. I have been relatively in good health until recently and after surgeries for heart valve and hip replacement I am fearful of another serious surgery. Would … Continue reading

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