Why Do Humans Turn To Hate?

Question:      Why do humans always turn to hate?

Higgins:    Humans turn to hate for a very good reason. Hate is a powerful emotion. That is why people turn to hate.

Fearful, insecure emotions produce very little power and when a person feels powerless they become victims. It is an inherent part of the human game to search for the more powerful emotion and hate and anger are more powerful than fearful or insecure. People turn to hate and anger for the feelings of power these emotions bring.

We applaud all attempts to feel powerful and we do so in much the way a parent applauds a child taking its first steps. A parent knows the child has the capacity to walk but sometimes the child falls and hurts itself in the learning process. We know that humans have the capacity for happiness. Not only do you each have the capacity for happiness, happiness and pure contentment are the number one goals of the human soul. When you stumble and fall into depression, fear, hate and anger we know (in the way parents know the goal is to walk but that tumbles are to be expected) that this is part of the learning process.

We encourage each one to reach for the most powerful feeling you can achieve and if that is hate then we encourage you to explore that emotion. What we encourage of each of you is that while doing so you will temper emotional word and action with reason.

When a person delves into difficult emotions like hate what they soon discover is that hate doesn’t feel very good. Many, however, realize it feels better than fear and do not make intentional effort to improve their emotion. We wish for you to clearly understand that pleasure, happiness and joy are the emotions humans are designed to experience the majority of the time. Therefore, hate and anger are emotions that should be used as catapults to propel one to word and action that puts a person on a life trajectory towards happiness.

That is the purpose of the harsh emotions; hate, rage, anger…even jealousy. They are fire alarms intended to keep you safe and happy by igniting a power within that is to be used to catapult you away from negative life circumstance and towards thought, word and action in alignment with a pleasurable, fulfilling life.

Received May 24, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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