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Feels She Has Done Something Wrong

Question:  Please help. I hope that you are well. Since April I sustained bilateral ankle sprains, at least 1 foot bone bruise, a bruised tailbone and a wrist sprain. Only the tailbone has healed. At least two of these injuries … Continue reading

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Does a Baby Feel Pain During an Abortion?

Question:     Does (a) baby feel physical pain during (an) abortion? Higgins:     The short answer is sometimes the developing embryo/fetus/baby feels pain during the abortion.  Whether pain is felt depends on a couple of things. First, the embryo must be far enough along … Continue reading

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Pick the Low Hanging Fruit

Question:     Based on the previous post, Thinks About Pain All the Time, the asker responded, “I feel doomed.” Higgins:     Friend, we have talked about manifesting your desires for a long time and we have said: Lao Tzu–The journey of a … Continue reading

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Thinks About Pain All the Time

Question:     You get what you think about. I think about pain all the time. How can I think of something else when I hurt like this? Higgins:     Distraction is the key. When your mind is completely occupied upon some other … Continue reading

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How to Determine Opposites

Question:     Regarding your post of January 21, 2015, Mothers for Safe Driving, I assume the reason people work against drunk drivers is that drunk drivers often are to blame for vehicular deaths. I assume that these people think they ARE … Continue reading

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Clarification Regarding Post: Mothers for Safe Driving

Note from Cheryl:     This is from a comment someone made about the post on January 20, 2015 about Mothers for Safe Driving. Question:    So, the “war” against drugs and “fighting” against cancer is not the way to go about those things, … Continue reading

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Telepathic Communication with Person with Asperger Syndrome

Question:     I’d be fascinated to hear Higgins’ comments on my telepathic communications with young (name deleted).  (Higgins) mentioned that it may go through some changes.  My connection to him has certainly changed in the last month or two and is now … Continue reading

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