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Is Ebola the Rise of the Zombies?

Question:      Is ebola the start rise of the zombies? Higgins:     Yes and no. The ugliest symptom of ebola is severe and uncontrollable bleeding. A person afflicted with ebola who begins to bleed both internally and externally develops ugly sores that look eerily … Continue reading

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Tips for Making One’s Home a Healing Site

Question:     Thank you for all your advice. It is being contemplated, and I appreciate it greatly. My circumstances have changed so that I am having a surgery Sept 18 with six weeks in a foot and leg cast, and then … Continue reading

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Unable to Conceive Due to PCOS

Question:     For years I’ve been trying to conceive without luck. I have pcos but many women do and still have a baby. I’ve done everything from tracking, natural therapies. My hope is… depleting. This is the short version. I feel … Continue reading

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Father’s Medical State

Question:    I would kindly ask you to ask Higgins about my dad’s medical state. He was diagnosed with stomach cancer last year and has undergone chemotherapy, first with some success and then eventually with none. Two weeks ago, a surgery was … Continue reading

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Alternate to Surgery?

Question:  My husband has been gone now for almost one and a half years. I have been relatively in good health until recently and after surgeries for heart valve and hip replacement I am fearful of another serious surgery. Would … Continue reading

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Diseases And Their Emotional Causes

This question refers back the post of March 25, 2014, Why Do Some People Want To Die But Can’t? Question:     You spoke of various diseases and all had emotional causes. Hypertension-anger not expressed, diabetes, cancer, with emotional causes. What about mental … Continue reading

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Alternative Healing and Reduction of Stuck Energy

This question refers back the post of March 25, 2014, Why Do Some People Want To Die But Can’t? Question:    As alternative healing becomes more widely accepted in the western medicine will fewer patients be stuck? Is this more common in … Continue reading

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