Does Stuck or Negative Energy From A Patient Affect The Caregiver?

This question refers to the post,Why Do Some People Want To Die But Can’t, posted March 25, 2014.

Question:     My first question involves caring for someone who is “stuck” as you call it. As a 24 hour care giver, does this situation affect those caring for them? Do we need extra protection? Does the person without energy take energy from the caregiver?

Higgins:     The brief answers are yes, no, and yes, but please allow us to explain in more depth.

Each of you carries an energy field–each of you is an energy field. All of you affect others and are affected by others. Some to greater and lesser degrees but still, you all do this. For example, when a person is extremely angry others may bend to their will when they might not have done so when the person exhibiting the anger was in a more pleasant mood. This is overt manipulation of another’s behavior. Anger used to manipulate another’s behavior may be considered Dark Magic and overtly shifts the energy field of another person.

Most energetic manipulation occurs more covertly. Have you noticed that being around someone who is feeling very depressed or sad also causes a change in your own feelings? In a similar way the energy of people who need care generally is slow. We’ll remind you that slow energy is low energy. Whether you are aware of it or not this slow energy can affect you and anyone else who comes near the slow energy person.

What you as the caregiver must do is consciously maintain your personal energy. This is done by grounding your energetic flow in the Earth. Use your hand, thoughts or voice to direct your personal energy to flow in through the head, along the spinal column and out through the tailbone into the Earth. Remind yourself regularly that you choose to maintain your personal flow of energy in harmony with the Truth of Who You Are. Choose safety, happiness, fulfillment. Choose to thrive. Then remind your energy to flow head to toe. (This works for bed-ridden people, too. Energy will find its way to ground in the Earth by directing it to flow head to toe.)

When you fastidiously maintain your personal energy the slow vibrations of the one you care for do not affect you so much. This is what you need to do for ‘protection’, although we would not describe it as protection so much as simply carrying your energy the way it is designed to be carried.

Fast energy feels better than slow energy. People who carry slow energy and do not know how to carry their own energy (the way we described above) will often unconsciously seek to draw energy from others. Each person is responsible for their own energy so this sort of energy sucking is alleviated by carrying your own energy fastidiously and with grace and works regardless of whether the other person ever learns to carry their own energy.

Received March 27, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA


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