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Magic, Telekinesis and Bending the Elements, Part IV

Higgins:  on Magic There exists a spectrum of energy. One end of the spectrum is considered light and the other dark. In reality, there is only a spectrum of energy. Humans name it light and dark because of the way … Continue reading

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Does Stuck or Negative Energy From A Patient Affect The Caregiver?

This question refers to the post,Why Do Some People Want To Die But Can’t, posted March 25, 2014. Question:     My first question involves caring for someone who is “stuck” as you call it. As a 24 hour care giver, does … Continue reading

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Question:     Someone once asked Higgins, “What prevents me from using this information to (in essence) practice magic?” Higgins’s response was, “Indeed. What does?” They have this to say to you, “When you are clear on the answer to this question … Continue reading

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