Question:     Someone once asked Higgins, “What prevents me from using this information to (in essence) practice magic?” Higgins’s response was, “Indeed. What does?”

They have this to say to you, “When you are clear on the answer to this question you are ready to manipulate energy any way you want.”

I’ve asked Higgins to clarify further.

Higgins:     Whether you are aware of it or not each of you has practiced ‘magic’ in your lifetime. Magic is simply the manipulation of the Laws of the Universe to achieve a desired goal.

When a child throws a tantrum to get what it wants it is practicing magic. When one adult rages to another to sway circumstances to the former’s liking, that one is practicing magic. When one of you sweetly manipulates a conversation to bring about a desired conclusion, again, that is magic. All these are instances of manipulating the flow of energy to bring about a desired result.

Although in the non-physical realm there is no qualification good or bad, black or white from the physical realm these examples would go under the heading black magic. In Harry Potter’s world this would be considered a form of the Dark Arts.

When a person visualizes themselves holding a trophy, winning a race or having simply holding a successful conversation with someone they find difficult, these are examples of ‘good’ or ‘light’ magic. Another form of ‘light’ magic is to ignore negativity and focus only on things that are positive. People who ‘look on the bright side’ of things are doing this.

Black and white or dark and light do not refer to color but rather to whether one is shining forth in Truth. The Truth of what humans are is light. Light when it slows becomes matter and that is what you are, slow-moving light. Thus when you behave or act out of accordance with your Truth this negativity is spoken of as coming from your ‘dark’ side.

The Universe is interconnected and though you may feel as though you are an individual you are not. You are one part of a whole. When you are clear that what you do to another you do to yourself you are ready to use our teachings in their fullness. We say this because you will never do anything to harm another when you are completely clear that what you do to another you do unto yourself.

Received February 25, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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