Keep Trying

Message from Higgins:

Whatever it is that you wish to accomplish it is yours. If it isn’t falling into place easily keep trying. Use each failure as the clarifying data that it is to bring greater clarity to your dream.

Continuing to expend effort without clarifying and re-clarifying with each new piece of data may be likened to spinning your wheels in mud. You will use lots of energy getting nowhere and this is discouraging.

Use the visioning capabilities of the mind to pre view yourself achieving your goals. Remember the movie, Groundhog Day? Bill Murray just can’t die. He lives the same day over and over trying one thing and then another until he perfects who he wants to be.

You do that. Each day try a new technique or a new approach until finally you are satisfied with the outcome. You physicals become frustrated when you expend energy and get seemingly nowhere but the reason you make less progress than desired is that you forget to learn from failures. You must review failures for the positive information they contain then apply what you learn from those failures with zest.

Let’s say getting together with a particular person is stressful to you. Before you see that person view in your mind a successful meeting with that person. Then meet with that person and let whatever happens happen. After you leave re-view in the mind what went right and wrong. Re-play those same negative aspects as having a positive outcome. Before you see that person again pre view your desired outcome.

As you become better at this life will smooth out. What we see is that you all tend to be a bit lazy about pre-creating. Pre-creating is what being physical is all about. If we were in your shoes we would be proactive in creating our days and we encourage you to be, too.

Received February 28, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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