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Should I Divorce My Husband?

Question:    I have become sensitive to energy over the last couple years. It has increased lately that whenever I get in close contact with my husband my chest burns and aches, I feel it in my front and back chakras. It … Continue reading

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Unable to Conceive Due to PCOS

Question:     For years I’ve been trying to conceive without luck. I have pcos but many women do and still have a baby. I’ve done everything from tracking, natural therapies. My hope is… depleting. This is the short version. I feel … Continue reading

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What Are Demons?

Question:     What is/are Demons in general? What is Satan? From a Biblical point of view. Is Satan/Demons just the negative forces in the Bible and God the positive force? Is God and Satan actually one in the same? Cheryl:     Higgins … Continue reading

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Are We Creating The Rise Of Diseases Like Ebola?

Question:     Here’s something totally off topic that I’ve been thinking about and I’m interested in Higgins’ take on it: I understand that the human race has a collective consciousness that creates everything that comes to be on earth. I got … Continue reading

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Life Is A Reflection

Higgins:     Life is a reflection of how you feel about what you think about. Excerpted from a post written August 13, 2014

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Grow Your Own Food

Higgins:    Grow your own food, at least some of it. Agribusiness is contrary to human desire.  The body needs to be in contact with the earth.  Touching the Earth promotes deeper connection to the eternal self. Higgins Live, September 4, 2012  at Everett, … Continue reading

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Discard What Doesn’t Suit You

Higgins:     Get rid of what doesn’t suit you anymore. Higgins Live, August 21, 2012 at Everett, Washington  USA

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What Does President Obama Need To Do To Solve The World’s Conflict: Eudaimonia (Part 3 of 3)

Comment/question:     Eudaimonia is unattainable for Man as a whole. No matter how far you “uplift” many, they will still cause strife because they will believe that others have been given more. The given part is the important one as too … Continue reading

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The Simple Solution to End Conflict: A Clarification (Part 2 of 2)

Question:     I asked you about conflict in the Middle East, conflict in Africa, drought, the riot in Missouri, etc… and asked whether there was a simple answer to end the problems we are having. You said, “Yes. None of you were born … Continue reading

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The Simple Solution to End Conflict (Part 1 of 2)

Question:     Conflict in the Middle East, conflict in Africa, drought, starvation, violence. Now, in the U.S., a riot in Missouri. Is there a simple answer to end this? Higgins:     Yes. None of you were born with the intention to hurt … Continue reading

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