What Are Demons?

Question:     What is/are Demons in general? What is Satan? From a Biblical point of view. Is Satan/Demons just the negative forces in the Bible and God the positive force? Is God and Satan actually one in the same?

Cheryl:     Higgins asked for dictionary definitions and so I looked up some different meanings. One definition is the demon as an  evil spirit that possesses a human. Satan may be considered a demon. Some believe demons are fallen angels.

Higgins:     From a biblical standpoint, Satan is a fallen angel who brings evil and temptation to humans.

In Genesis, a similar story exists for the fall of mankind…the story of Adam and Eve wherein Eve convinced Adam to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Eating from the tree of knowledge was forbidden in the Garden. Satan, in this story, would be the force of temptation that lead to Adam and Eve doing the ‘wrong’ thing by eating of the tree of knowledge.

Demons are beings similar to Satan although they may or may not be angels. Satan may be considered the leader of the underworld or the leader of the negative forces. Demons are negative energetic forces. They may be small bundles of negative energy or large. The greater the human focus upon an energy the greater it grows due to the creative power of the collective conscience. Said again, humans give demons their power by focusing upon them.

Demons can project their energy into the human realm. Humans sometimes see demons. What is actually happening is the human mind transposes the negative energy that exists in any given location into something recognizable, usually a scary face or human form.

Satan, while not directly God, is God in the same way that you are God. Satan is a child of God. Satan, who is perhaps the greatest master of choosing positive thoughts, decided to explore the negative side of what God is. Until Satan, that great balancing point of God’s goodness lay unexplored. Satan was willing to explore the depths of ‘darkness’ and then lead humans through the ‘darkness’ so that we may know ourselves more fully.

Satan:     The more quickly humans learn to steadfastly follow the call of their hearts towards happiness the sooner I will move into my next career.

Cheryl’s note:     This was conveyed with a sense of humor not expressed in the writing.  He suggested perhaps painter would be his next career, something less strenuous. It was said jokingly but with some hint of real possibility.

Higgins continues:     Satan, and demons in general, are faces of the negative aspect of God. Angels are faces of the positive aspect of God. Thus, the definition of Angel is incomplete since Satan is an Angel. While this may twist the mind a little it is well worth exploring since in the end, there exists neither good nor evil, only that which is often called God. God (Allah, Prime Source, Great Creator) is an energetic power, a balanced magnetic force which either repels (negative-think demon) or attracts (positive-think Angel).

Depending on the individual human’s ability to focus on positive, and thus be the attractive side of a magnet, the energy that exists in the world (God/Allah) exhibits itself in the human realm (as life experience) positively. If one happens to focus more intensely on the negative, thus acting as the repelling side of the magnet, life experience is drawn that feels uncomfortable.

We appreciate this complex questioning and welcome further questions for clarification.

Received August 28, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA 




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