Are We Creating The Rise Of Diseases Like Ebola?

Question:     Here’s something totally off topic that I’ve been thinking about and I’m interested in Higgins’ take on it: I understand that the human race has a collective consciousness that creates everything that comes to be on earth. I got to thinking about our obsession on television and movies with a zombie apocalypse. I’m thinking that focusing on this drab and horrific reality could aid to the rise of diseases like Ebola. Isn’t this what we’re saying we want? If this is true, it’s more important than ever to be conscious of what we’re tuning into.

Higgins:     It is true. It is incorrect to assume that watching violent movies, television programs and even the violence reported in the news has no effect.

When an individual focuses on a thing long enough it becomes reality.

Because life is a reflection of how you feel about what you think about, focusing on this sort of negativity (and more importantly identifying with it) creates a magnetic field that draws energetically equivalent life events. The more times identification with any topic, in this case the zombie movies, the greater the negative creation. Movies and television have great creative potential because they reach wide audiences. The more people who make this energetic connection the greater the magnitude of the response that is drawn. This is due to that collective consciousness that you refer to in your question.

Evaluate, if you will, the disease symptoms of infection with Ebola virus. Symptoms begin with fatigue and generalized aches and pains, fever. It progresses to chest pain, shortness of breath and trouble swallowing. Then comes the bleeding phase, the visually ugly aspect of the disease. Notice how similarly frightening these symptoms are to the ugliness of the movies you reference. Notice how the symptoms parallel the emotions one might feel while watching some violent movie; generally uncomfortable at first followed by fear as the tension in the movie mounts. Notice how fear stimulated by events in the movie equals the fear surrounding the Ebola virus.

This last sentence is really, really important because as individuals and as a mass consciousness humans create their lives by how they feel about what they think about. They create their lives by focusing on something, by identifying with it. Life is not created simply by wanting something. Wanting is the first step. Identifying It (whatever It is) is just the starting point of creating life. Identifying with It is what creates It in daily life.

Consciously tune into the best of what is being offered. Clearly identify what you do want. Identify with it. Then, on those rare occasions when life is touched by something fearful you yourself will not be a magnet for it and that fearful thing will pass you by.

We appreciate your question and applaud the important connection you made between what is focused upon and what is experienced.

Received August 26, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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  1. Lune says:

    Great reminder to keep focused on the things that we want to see happen, especially when it comes to films and television. Thanks for yet another awesome response!

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