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How Do We Cope in a World of Unkindness?

As I prepare to publish Ask Higgins, Volume Two, I came across this old post and thought you’d like to read it again.     Cheryl- Question:  I do think that I was brought up to be kind to people.  … Continue reading

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Are We Creating The Rise Of Diseases Like Ebola?

Question:     Here’s something totally off topic that I’ve been thinking about and I’m interested in Higgins’ take on it: I understand that the human race has a collective consciousness that creates everything that comes to be on earth. I got … Continue reading

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There Are No Problems: A Clarification

Question:  You posted, “It is not a problem. It is clarifying data.” When I watch the news and see people, innocent or not, dying from bombs, shootings, starvation, disease….well, I wonder whether it’s a problem for them. Higgins:     A marvelous … Continue reading

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Diseases And Their Emotional Causes

This question refers back the post of March 25, 2014, Why Do Some People Want To Die But Can’t? Question:     You spoke of various diseases and all had emotional causes. Hypertension-anger not expressed, diabetes, cancer, with emotional causes. What about mental … Continue reading

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Why Does This Person Cause Me to Lighten Up Inside? (Part 4 of 4)

A continuing conversation: This same person that I get lighten up by now is the same one that I got lighten up in the past. BUT the first time was before my depression and mental illness happened. I started to … Continue reading

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