There Are No Problems: A Clarification

Question:  You posted, “It is not a problem. It is clarifying data.”

When I watch the news and see people, innocent or not, dying from bombs, shootings, starvation, disease….well, I wonder whether it’s a problem for them.

Higgins:     A marvelous question.

People tend to see their problems as problems rather than as clarifying data. That is because most of you do not understand how life experience is created.

Life is created in the mind first. Life experience is created by each individual by their emotions and how they feel about what they think, hear, see, say and do.

Said another way, life is a reflection of how you feel about what you think about.

When bombs are exploding nearby or you are lying in a hospital with some dreaded disease the only thing you can do is relax. Tension will only make things worse. Once the immediate danger has passed begin active participation in the creation of a bright future.

We encourage a twice daily routine in which you sit quietly contemplating the day.

In the morning contemplate the day ahead. Fill your mind with pleasant thoughts about how the upcoming day shall be. Include things like safety, pleasant interactions with those around you and fulfillment of your heart’s purpose.

In the evening contemplate the day passed. Consider what things you liked, and plan more of that for the days ahead. Also consider what you did not like. Determine what you would rather have, then plan that for your days ahead.

Spend no more time considering those things you did not like than necessary for defining what you would rather have. Safety, pleasant interactions with those around you and fulfillment of one’s heart’s purpose are very basic desires and an appropriate place for beginning the intentional creation of life.

We do understand how easy it is to get caught up in the reality of mankind’s collective miscreation. We hold in our heart’s the knowing that you all are magnificent creators of life experience or you could not have erupted into the world in human form. We know that as soon as you are able to direct your thoughts from the negativity that is to the positivity that is your birth right the violence, the disease, the starvation, the crime…these things will begin to fade. The more people who begin to intentionally choose a gentler, more fulfilling path through life the grander the vision will be. Let us make special note that only you must change your thought for your life to change.

Received August 13, 2014



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