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Why Is The Money Not Flowing?

Question:     Energetically, why is the money not flowing? Higgins:     The simple answer is: the money is not flowing because you have not yet aligned with it. Try this: rather than attempt to align with a strong flow of income instead … Continue reading

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Can We Create Anything We Want?

Question:     Is it true we can create anything we want? Higgins:     In a word, yes. Whether you know it or not you already do create every aspect of your life experience. Learning to create what you want is simply a … Continue reading

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I Feel Discouraged and Lethargic

Question:     I went to have my vision checked this morning and had a headache most of the morning into midday from the eye drops. I finally slept and upon awakening felt much better. Then I was able to go outside and work … Continue reading

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What Would A Kindness Paradigm Look Like?

Question:     Higgins, on December 29, 2011 you wrote this: “The shift you and Earth are experiencing provides an opportunity for a new paradigm on Earth. We encourage you to consider a Kindness Paradigm. What would a Kindness Paradigm look like? … Continue reading

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