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Magic, Telekinesis and Bending the Elements

Question:  What is the best way to start practicing such things as telekinesis and bending the elements, to be able to do them? And also about magic. Magic is real light and dark magic. But how far, by that I … Continue reading

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This is from Higgins. This was the ‘Word of the Day’ on July 7, 2016 I think. Anyway, they were quite insistent on following up on this. From Dictionary.com: Velleity \vuh-LEE-i-tee\ 1. a mere wish, unaccompanied by an effort to obtain … Continue reading

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Appearance, Language and Behavior

Question:     Higgins, is the way we present ourselves…appearance, language, behavior…important? If it is, what mode of dress, what manner of speech and what sort of behavior is correct? Higgins:     The answer, Friend, is yes–appearance, language and behavior are important. They … Continue reading

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Can We Create Anything We Want?

Question:     Is it true we can create anything we want? Higgins:     In a word, yes. Whether you know it or not you already do create every aspect of your life experience. Learning to create what you want is simply a … Continue reading

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Why Do People Always Turn Against Me?

Question:     Why do people always turn against me? Higgins:      We want you to recognize that people do not always turn against you. Perhaps people turn against you often but not always. When you set your mind and thoughts in the … Continue reading

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