Why Do People Always Turn Against Me?

Question:     Why do people always turn against me?

Higgins:      We want you to recognize that people do not always turn against you. Perhaps people turn against you often but not always. When you set your mind and thoughts in the pattern of anything always being so then you begin turning the forces of the Universe in the same direction. The force that is the Universal flow is infinitely powerful. When you enlist the Universe on your behalf there is very little work to be done for the infinite power of the Universe flows in your direction and carries with it the answer to all your desires.

Whether you are aware of it or not your ‘desires’ are continually transmitted to the Universe and responded to. Always. Every time. No exceptions.

For clarity, let’s call your desires a request. You make a request of the Universe, the Universe responds.

Here’s the catch: requests are sent out to the Universe as vibration (waveform). You cannot cease to send out requests because vibration comes to you in the form of emotion or the way you feel about any given thing. That feeling radiates through you and out into the Universe much the way a stone tossed into water creates ripples along the surface of the water.

Whether the vibration you send out is positive or negative the Universe acknowledges it and responds.

The Universe responds in like kind.

That means the Universe reads you as, “People always turn against me.” The Universe can do no other than respond in like kind and so you will find that people seem to turn against you more and more often.

The next time this occurs acknowledge how uncomfortable and discouraging it is to feel as though others turn against you. As soon as you can, as soon as you are emotionally able, begin to change your offering to the Universe. Decide to choose new descriptive words and allow your thoughts to flow this way:

-People always turn against me! I hate when people turn against me! It makes life so hard!

-Well, maybe they don’t always turn against me. It does seem that they do turn against me often, though.

-One thing’s for sure: I’d like to feel better. I’d like to have people work with me on some things. In fact, someone did recently and it feels so natural to have someone flow with me that I barely recognized that they did. I’d like more experiences like that one.

Now what you have done is acknowledge where you are and used that experience to shift your thoughts to what you would rather have happening in your life. This is all that life experience is about. Life is about contrast. Contrast is desirable so that you can decide what you like and what you don’t like. Then, by turning your thoughts to what you do want, you can energetically enlist the aid of the Universe. The Universe will now do all the hard work and shortly you will notice yourself flowing more harmoniously through life.

Received September 23, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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