How Do I Nurture Compassion In My Marriage?

Question: How do I nurture compassion in my marriage?

Higgins: The simplest way to promote a harmonious relationship of any kind is to spend a moment every day contemplating one thing you genuinely like about the other person. It takes only a few moments of time and stimulates positive Universal flow between the two of you. No amount of ‘working’ on a relationship will do more good than this one simple task.

To specifically nurture compassion in a relationship remind yourself that each of you is the essence of harmony, peace and love itself. Any thoughts, words or behavior expressing anything other than harmony, peace and a deep and abiding appreciation for life simply are expressions of a body/soul out of synch.

It is much easier to  feel compassion for another when you remind yourself how very hard this physical game is…so hard that it can throw the most brilliant and loving of beings into discord.

Received September 22, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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