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I Don’t Know How to Have Fun

Question: I don’t know how to have fun and I associate having fun with being happy. Please respond. Higgins: The ability to have fun is actually secondary to maintaining feelings of well-being, light-heartedness and happiness rather than the other way … Continue reading

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Can We Really Create Anything We Want?

Question: My life is getting better and better by following your teachings the best I can. Is it really true, though, that we can create anything we want? The life I want seems impossible to achieve and I don’t know … Continue reading

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Why Does It Take So Long To Make Progress?

Note from Cheryl: This is a typed conversation with Higgins. Cheryl: You have said there is nothing that cannot be achieved if we put our attention to it with desire and positive expectation. Higgins: Yes, along with happy willingness to … Continue reading

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My Wife Doesn’t Like Me

Question from Cheryl secondary to several searches from women who don’t like their husbands. Question: Higgins, if a wife doesn’t like their husband yet the husband still wants to be in the marriage what can he do to make a happier … Continue reading

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Feeling Tired and Discouraged

Offering from Higgins: When you are feeling tired and discouraged…rest. ‘Tired’ indicates one of two things; either your mind and body need rest and refreshment or you are not in harmony with the activity you are about in this moment or … Continue reading

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Making the Transition from Life As It Is to Life As You Want It To Be

Offering from Higgins: Once you intentionally decide to make change in your life by making a positive shift in your emotional offering it is quite easy to expect to see immediate response from the world around you. And indeed you will. However, it … Continue reading

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When Another Person Just Won’t Be Nice

Comment from Cheryl: This question is a repeat. The answer is new. The asker needs clarity and requested that Higgins responds somehow differently to the same question. Question: Hi Higgins, on Wednesday evening last you all were talking about dealing with … Continue reading

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