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I Don’t Know How to Have Fun

Question: I don’t know how to have fun and I associate having fun with being happy. Please respond. Higgins: The ability to have fun is actually secondary to maintaining feelings of well-being, light-heartedness and happiness rather than the other way … Continue reading

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Can We Really Create Anything We Want?

Question: My life is getting better and better by following your teachings the best I can. Is it really true, though, that we can create anything we want? The life I want seems impossible to achieve and I don’t know … Continue reading

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Why Does It Take So Long To Make Progress?

Note from Cheryl: This is a typed conversation with Higgins. Cheryl: You have said there is nothing that cannot be achieved if we put our attention to it with desire and positive expectation. Higgins: Yes, along with happy willingness to … Continue reading

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My Wife Doesn’t Like Me

Question from Cheryl secondary to several searches from women who don’t like their husbands. Question: Higgins, if a wife doesn’t like their husband yet the husband still wants to be in the marriage what can he do to make a happier … Continue reading

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Feeling Tired and Discouraged

Offering from Higgins: When you are feeling tired and discouraged…rest. ‘Tired’ indicates one of two things; either your mind and body need rest and refreshment or you are not in harmony with the activity you are about in this moment or … Continue reading

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Making the Transition from Life As It Is to Life As You Want It To Be

Offering from Higgins: Once you intentionally decide to make change in your life by making a positive shift in your emotional offering it is quite easy to expect to see immediate response from the world around you. And indeed you will. However, it … Continue reading

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When Another Person Just Won’t Be Nice

Comment from Cheryl: This question is a repeat. The answer is new. The asker needs clarity and requested that Higgins responds somehow differently to the same question. Question: Hi Higgins, on Wednesday evening last you all were talking about dealing with … Continue reading

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To sexandtheshameless

Comment from Cheryl: One of Higgins’ posts received a ‘like’ from sexandtheshameless so I visited her site and read the first entry that popped up. Higgins had such a positive response that I wanted to share it with you. Offering … Continue reading

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I Don’t Like Being Around My Husband but I Love Him

Note from Cheryl: a reader did a search for, “I don’t like being around my husband but I love him.” The following is Higgins’ offering regarding this topic. Higgins: We are pleased that you understand that loving and liking are two different things. … Continue reading

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Relax Where You Are In Life

Offering from Higgins: Relax where you are in life. Struggling will only tighten the knots of an uncomfortable life. Stop struggling. Float instead. Once you are able to relax and float you will notice a direction that seems positive and desirable. Allow … Continue reading

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