Can We Really Create Anything We Want?

Question: My life is getting better and better by following your teachings the best I can. Is it really true, though, that we can create anything we want? The life I want seems impossible to achieve and I don’t know anyone who is doing what I want to do.

Higgins: Yes. You really can create the life you dream of.

If your dream is a common dream and many others are already living it, you’ve seen it and know it is possible. If you already believe a thing is possible then it is easier and quicker to achieve. In your case, you have a dream but your belief in your ability to bring it about is not strong so drawing that particular life into being will take a bit longer because you must develop that belief.

You will move forward one small step at a time. You may not even be clear how the step you take today will move you toward that end goal. That doesn’t matter at all just follow the impulses that arise. Over time you will take enough small steps that you will begin to see a direction forming that looks a little like what you thought you wanted.

When life begins to look even a little like what you wanted your confidence improves. Confidence and belief are two emotions that will move you quickly toward your goal.

Keep taking all the little steps that present themselves to you and soon enough life will be looking a whole lot like what you are hoping for.

Received June 26, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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