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I Need My Wife To Stay With Me

Question:     I need my wife to stay with me. Higgins:     We would like to respond to this comment. I need my wife to stay with me and I want my wife to stay with me are two vastly different comments. … Continue reading

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Husband Died Leaving Her Alone

Question:     Hello Higgins, On this spiritual path, I have learned from many teachers that our thoughts become our reality.  We manifest our lives.  Well (my friend’s) first husband was the love of her life and they had a great relationship … Continue reading

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Lonely With Nothing To Do

Question: Higgins, will you respond to a search? The words used were ‘loneliness nothing to do’? Higgins: Of course. From our perspective, lonely with nothing to do is a magnificent place to find oneself. Awareness that one is lonely with … Continue reading

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