I Need My Wife To Stay With Me

Question:     I need my wife to stay with me.

Higgins:     We would like to respond to this comment.

I need my wife to stay with me and I want my wife to stay with me are two vastly different comments.

The word want in this context indicates desire and preference while the word need indicates powerless lack.

Not one among you is powerless. Physicals are extremely powerful. So powerful, in fact, that you have literally created the world around you. Another way to view that is to realize you have created your every day life.

No matter  how impossible your situation may seem right now, each of you has the power to change life for the better. If life is already terrific, rejoice, for it gets even better. All any of you ever has to do to improve life is to choose to create a happy and fulfilling life.

To have a happy and fulfilling life you do not need your wife. You may want your wife but we remind you that want is different from need. As long as you think you need your wife you create the possibility of no wife. When you want a thing you also create the possibility of not having the thing but with less intensity.

Before we continue we need to be clear that you do not have the power to create any life but your own so if your wife is hell-bent on creating a life without you in it she is going to.

Let’s do some explaining.

When you emit a continual emotion/vibration of need relative to your wife you create a sort of energetic suction that tugs and chips away at your wife’s energy. In effect, you are exhausting for her to be around even when you’re not around.

In order for her to maintain a sort of energetic stability she will likely resort to angry outbursts even when you have done nothing outward to deserve it. (You physicals never deserve poor treatment from anyone and we would not tolerate it. We would either get out of the situation or better, clean up our vibrational offering so as not to draw the negativity in the first place.)

If you will stabilize your personal energetic output then she will be better able to stabilize hers.

We suggest you start a regular habit of directing your own energy to flow through you from roughly just above the head to roughly just below the feet. Do this every time you feel that need arising within you. Every time you ‘need’ your wife you are sucking her energy away.

In some instances the emotion of need produces positive emotion in the needed recipient (like when a baby needs to be breast-fed) but not in this case. This particular type of need is exhausting to the recipient. Stabilize your energy to stabilize your relationship.

Practice this often for a few days. Then, when you feel ready, try this: immediately after directing your energy to flow through you head to foot you will feel a little stronger and more stable. When you feel that strength return think of one thing you really like about your wife.

While this may seem small and insignificant relative to the overall picture life may present right now it is not. This is a powerful and effective method of stabilization.

As your home life stabilizes begin envisioning happy and cooperative interactions between you, your wife and any others living within the household. There is no need to expend effort to make these happy visions play out. That is like putting a seed in the ground and then trying to force it to sprout. It is impossible to force a seed to sprout and in the same way it is impossible for you to make happy interactions occur between you and your wife. All you can do is provide fertile soil (pleasant energy) and water that soil with nice thoughts. Then when you plant the seed of happy visions they will have a chance to grow.

Received November 30, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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