Finding a Word to Define Your Life

Offering from Higgins:

The Earth is changing. It has been changing for some time now and will continue to change for many more years. To minimize discomfort and maximize opportunity during this transition we recommend you find a word to define your life and live into it.

Each of you will find life flowing more smoothly if you will choose a heart based word that defines the person you are or want to be and then live that word. We use the term heart-word to describe a word that comes from inside yourself. It is a word that comes forth when the mind is relaxed and receptive. It will resonate with you in a way that other words do not, although the difference may be subtle.

The chosen word will define your life so when asking your Broader Being to share this heart-word first be certain your intention is pure. Then ask for the word. Statements such as, “What word defines the truth of my physical existence?” will bring good, clear responses.

Received December 4, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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