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A Hint of Higg(in)s

Two days after my previous post stating that Higg(in)s wasn’t back I had an interesting conversation with them. Subtle though it was, subtle enough I wasn’t quite sure I hadn’t made it up, the message was very interesting. It was … Continue reading

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Higgins’ Manual on Physical Existence

Higgins’ Manual on Physical Existence is available now via Amazon US, UK and Europe. We (Higgins and I) put into words the very basics of human existence. This is the description of how we create daily life. It is a concise account (about 7,000 … Continue reading

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The Kindness Paradigm (4)

Relax Keep in mind that the goal of the Kindness Paradigm is to develop in each of us an understanding of what makes us feel most alive. Then, when we find what makes us feel most alive we want to … Continue reading

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The Kindness Paradigm (3)

A Bridge From Here to There The Kindness Paradigm is based on the belief that there are certain desires that are ubiquitous to all mankind yet it is expected that the achievement of those desires will look different to every … Continue reading

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The Kindness Paradigm (2)

A Common Vision When a group of people wish to construct a thing, it could be anything… a building or vacation plans, they develop a shared vision of what they want to achieve. In order for humanity to make fruitful … Continue reading

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Take Advantage of the Energies Circulating at this Time

Question:     Yeah… Does Higgins have any advice as far as taking advantage of the energies during this time?  Do they see any significance from their persepective or is it all our own making mountains out of mole hills?  🙂    just … Continue reading

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Finding a Word to Define Your Life

Offering from Higgins: The Earth is changing. It has been changing for some time now and will continue to change for many more years. To minimize discomfort and maximize opportunity during this transition we recommend you find a word to define your … Continue reading

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