A Hint of Higg(in)s

Two days after my previous post stating that Higg(in)s wasn’t back I had an interesting conversation with them. Subtle though it was, subtle enough I wasn’t quite sure I hadn’t made it up, the message was very interesting.

It was a warm evening and I sat outside. Some sort of connection was initiated and while it was not the tight and tingly feeling I have come to expect it was definitely something. It seemed as though neither the wisdom phase beings nor the knowledge phase beings were speaking. Instead it seemed to be an intermediary between the two groups who said:

Item 1) I cannot stress enough how important it is for your well-being during this difficult time on Earth that you shall recognize and appreciate how much you enjoy breathing in and out; that your body moves in wonderful ways; that you enjoy your vision, hearing, taste and other senses. You enjoy a keen mind. You appreciate your heart pumping blood, and all the parts of your body, known and unknown, working in harmony for a body and mind in tip top condition. And if you’re not in tip top condition that tip top really sounds like a good place to be.

And that would be the final message from the wisdom phase.

And this shall be the first message from the Knowledge Phase:

Item 2) Wherever you are, be peace in that place. If you are sitting you are a haven of peace in that location. If you are walking then each step is a place of peace. Peace is moving, it is not you moving, peace is moving.

These two steps will help keep you safe and comfortable during this transition.

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