Still no Higg(in)s. Disappointing. Last time I was able to have a good ‘conversation’ with them they said it would be about three months until their return. It has been four months now. I recall when they would tell me they were waiting for an event to ocurr that would stimulate their return. That seemed to be the invasion of Ukraine because at that time Higg(in)s provided us with a series of meditations to promote peace and well being in Ukraine and globally. At the conclusion of those meditations they said they would collect data. I guess I assumed that when the data was in they would begin. Perhaps the data is not in yet? Certainly, the shelling ocurring near the nuclear power plant is of concern and one certainly hopes Higg(in)s will return in plenty of time to help us avert an even greater catastrophe.

There are a few people hoping for new messages from Higg(in)s. If you are one of those I point you to Amazon. I have several books available via Amazon that are collections of Higgins works. All of these are also posted here, but sometimes it is just easier to read a book while sitting in a comfy chair.

Bright blessings everyone. I will continue to keep you posted on Higg(in)s return.


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