How Can We Reverse Cancer and Other Diseases?

Wellness begins with thought as all things do. Whatever your physical condition, your thoughts took you there. Your thoughts, words, actions and the emotions that came with them got you where you are physically, financially, socially. Where you live, the clothes you wear, the condition of your home, your neighbors, your health…all these things are attracted by you. You are not a victim. You are a skilled player.

Imagine you are wrapping a gift. You get a bit of tape stuck to your finger and you attemp to flick it off into the waste can. Each time you flick the tape gets stuck to another finger and as many times as you flick is how many times it moves from finger to finger, but it stubbornly remains stuck. In frustration, you stop what you are doing and concentrate on removing the tape from your finger. You apply it firmly to the liner of the waste basket and finally you are able to continue wrapping the gift.

Discomfort of any kind, whether disease, financial hardship, difficulties at work, poor relationships, or loneliness are solved by stopping what you are doing and trying the same thing a new way. Like getting the tape off your finger. You must change your approach.

We would have you find something wonderful to focus upon and focus upon it with determination. The effort required to focus on the wonderful, the uplifting and the joyful is the cost of achieving your goal. This is called the Law of Economics. You will find that at first it takes quite a bit of effort to focus on happy things all day, every day. As you practice it gets easier. It only takes a few seconds for the Universe to shift in response to your new energetic offering. But once the shift occurs you must learn to maintain this happy focus for the preponderance of your waking hours in order to begin to see evidence of your desire. As long as you remain focused on happy thoughts, the Universe, which is always bringing you the things you ‘ask’ for, will begin delivering good things.

If it feels to you that nothing in your life is changing, this indicates that the preponderance of your thoughts have not shifted significantly enough to change the offerings coming to you in the Universal Flow. The Universal Consciousness that is the Source of All That Is flows through you continually. It never ceases. So if your health, relationships, job situation, or financial condition are not improving it is because the Universe continues to bring you more of the same. Keep practicing until you notice improvement. Improvement will likely seem small at first but the trickle will become a fully flowing river if you will keep the positive thoughts (thoughts accompanied by an uplifted feeling in the heart) flowing.

An important note: A positive thought, or word, that is not accompanied by an uplifted heart is weak and carries little creative power. Search for thoughts that bring a positive lift to the heart when you think them.

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