What Should We Do About the Gun Violence In America?

The problems you are experiencing are not about guns or violence or America. Of course, if you got rid of all the guns in America there could not be gun violence in America. But that would not solve the problem. The problem is that so very many people feel powerless to achieve the life they would like to live. When one feels powerless the natural instinct is to strike out. Anger feels better because anger has more power.

What we would have you do is begin finding your inner power and thus finding your inner peace. The closest available teaching to help you accomplish this is called the Law of Attraction. There is quite a lot of information available upon this topic, and many teachers of it. Some teachers might be considered New Age, some are scientists, some versions come from various religious beliefs. Whatever version is easiest for you to connect with is the version you should seek. We would have each one of you practice this with sincere intent every moment of your awake time. You cannot stop gun violence by saying ‘no’ to it. You stop gun violence by saying ‘yes’ to peace. It is paramount that you understand that peace is an inner thing and not an outward thing. You cannot control another powerfully enough to stop them from doing that which displeases you. You cannot pass enough laws or build enough jails to stop violence from happening.

If you want violence to stop, you yourself must be willing to stop. You must be willing to change what is happening around you by changing what is happening inside you. You must be willing to become peace. Then the change you want will occur in the natural order of things that is being called the Law of Attraction.

Note from Cheryl: Higg(in)s still feels a bit distant but they were willing to respond to this question. As I typed it, it seemed they were simultaneously asking me to type in some options for where a reader might find some information upon this topic.

  1. Abraham-Hicks, of course, is the primary teacher of the Law of Attraction
  2. Joyce Meyer speaks on Law of Attraction from a religious angle
  3. Gregg Braden, The Isaiah Effect, is a scientist’s version from extraction of ancient texts
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  1. Thank you for this. It absolutely resonates for me.

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