Books by Higgins and Cheryl

Currently, three books containing Higgins’ Wisdom are available on Amazon.

-The Kindness Paradigm

-Higgins’ Manual on Physical Existence

-Ask Higgins, Volume One

Read on to find out more about them….

The Kindness Paradigm is an answer to the violence we are seeing around the globe. My goal with this book is to get us, as a world community, to envision what we want life to be like. That will stimulate change in the mass consciousness and help us usher in a gentler, more prosperous and inviting era.

A synopsis:

It is time to shift our social paradigm to one of kindness, where mutual happiness is the driving force behind our decisions. The goal of such a shift is to create an environment in which humans flourish. We achieve this through compassion and kindness.

The Kindness Paradigm holds the single most important aspect of human happiness to be the discovery of, and subsequent expression of, a person’s spiritual gifts. In such a paradigm, the focus of the system, and indeed the climate of world culture, is to support the discovery and development of each child’s gifts, even if the child is 109.

Higgins’ Manual on Physical Existence also available through Amazon.

Higgins’ Manual on Physical Existence briefly explains the directions for life and provides a strong foundation for understanding the responses Higgins provides to readers of Ask Higgins.

A synopsis of Higgins’ Manual:

The most magnificent vision you have of yourself is Truth. And regardless of apparent physical or mental inequalities each of you is capable of creating a life that you enjoy; a life that includes satisfying relationships, good health, prosperity and daily activities that are entertaining and fulfilling.

Life is designed to be a pleasant adventure and the body is capable of performing smoothly and without fail until the day that you decide you are complete here and slip out of your body easily, without pain and without fuss.

All that you are continuously guides you towards expression of the Truth of who You are. So make the decision to live in harmony with your Truth. Then remain at peace with your emotions no matter how uncomfortable they may seem because how you respond to the life experience that arrives today dictates what your future will bring.

Practice actively listening for internal guidance.  Then follow up on that information immediately. Impulses stimulate you to action and when you are clear about living in harmony with your Truth your impulses will always lead you towards joy.

Focus upon what you want, think about that which you enjoy, talk about things that bring you a feeling of happiness, commit actions that bring you closer to those things you value.  It is in this that satisfaction lies for in all cases what you focus upon manifests itself literally or metaphorically sooner or later.

There is nothing that you can think up that cannot be achieved.  So follow your heart’s desire and enjoy the journey.

Ask Higgins, Volume One is a compilation of the first 100 post on Ask Higgins. Volume two will be out this year.


11 Responses to Books by Higgins and Cheryl

  1. Shanomi says:

    I just discovered your wonderful blog and look forward to reading your posts. Bless you for the work that you are doing. You have given me much inspiration to continue sharing my channelled writings.

  2. Shanomi says:

    Thanks. It already has, and I feel inspired to move more into this direction.

  3. Hi, Cheryl. I like the idea of shifting our social paradigm to one of kindness and having mutual happiness as the driving force behind our decisions. Bob

  4. Kathy reiff says:

    I am loving the new posts and spending time to take the new offerings in.

    In the Nov 25th post where the discussion states “climbing Mt. Everest on earth…’ tools can make our earth experience easier…has Higgins given us the tools in the wisdom stage so that we can apply them now in the knowledge phase or are tools going to be unveiled now? If it is that we have already received the tools could Higgins give us a review of the tools and examples of how best to apply them now.

    Blessings to you, and John and your mom on our day of Thanksgiving….kathy

    • Just clarifying the date of the post you refer to is my conversation with Higgins of November 15 that I posted on the 23.

      You know that Higgins is just coming back and they are a little different than before. It’s kind of like getting a new pair of shoes and we’re in the break in period.

      I believe that two things are happening right now. First, they seem to be giving me a review of the wisdom phase. That is because the knowledge phase builds on the wisdom phase. Once we begin appropriately applying the wisdom phase teachings, they are going to share knowledge that helps us expand.

      An example of what I think expand means: instructions for building a society that better reflects our needs. That could include infrastructure or political system. Or as regards our health, new modalities of healing. Or as regards the health of our planet, new modalities for dealing garbage, waste and refuse.

      I am still unclear at this time exactly what to expect and it is exciting to have it begin to unfold.

      To directly answer your question. HIggins has given us the tools in the wisdom phase and they now encourage us to apply them. (Which implies that we haven’t been—darn it! I thought I was!) And yes, the last two days Higgins has been sharing with me in a clear way what has been missing in my application of the wisdom. Specifically, the emotion that emanates from us when we think about something should be gratitude. Gratitude 24/7. There is no time left for irritation, frustration, boredom, etc because we need to find a way to genuinely enjoy our life the way it is right now.

      • Kathy Reiff says:

        Thank you…gratitude 24/7 is a great place for me to begin applying a wisdom teaching! I think it is the best emotion for me to facilitate my creative energy …kathy

      • You are a person who loves well. Gratitude will be easy for you. I hope to see some of your art created in gratitude.

  5. Kathy Reiff says:

    These recent Higgins communications are really helpful.

    24/7 gratitude and an attitude of gratitude, gratitude is a feeling…a feeling that feels good and using gratitude as a tool to pave the way/to access the law of attraction daily have really clarified how to take action, for me. I also found the compass metaphor story very helpful. I feel prepared and excited to apply this wisdom and take action.

    I am filled with gratitude for the dedication of you Cheryl and for Higgins desire and efforts to help mankind…thank you for these blessings of interactions.

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