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Does a Baby Feel Pain During an Abortion?

Question:     Does (a) baby feel physical pain during (an) abortion? Higgins:     The short answer is sometimes the developing embryo/fetus/baby feels pain during the abortion.  Whether pain is felt depends on a couple of things. First, the embryo must be far enough along … Continue reading

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Souls of the Aborted and Miscarried

Question:     I have read that the souls of the aborted and miscarried can return to the same mother if they wish. Due to some terrible mistakes in my past, I would desperately like to known if this is true. Also, in … Continue reading

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Dental Metal in Mouth Causing Illness

Question:     Being aware that Higgins can work with the vibration of substances to bring them into harmonic resonance with our physical bodies, I have a friend who has metals in her mouth that were put there through dentistry years ago. She … Continue reading

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