Dental Metal in Mouth Causing Illness

Question:     Being aware that Higgins can work with the vibration of substances to bring them into harmonic resonance with our physical bodies, I have a friend who has metals in her mouth that were put there through dentistry years ago.

She is now aware that these metals have been and are poisoning her.

She is so very physically sick right now, that getting to a dentist who can help her is very difficult. (There is more going on than just getting the metal out of her mouth- there is structural damage from years ago that needs to be corrected through surgeries).

I was wondering if we could have a meditation with Higgins that would bring the metals in my friend’s mouth in resonance with her human body. And I have no idea, but would Higgins be able to help my friend’s energy be able to correct the physical bone structure in her jaw/head that was damaged many years ago? It was through this friend and other healers that I became aware that we hold the potential to regenerate structures and organs in our bodies, given the correct circumstances.

Higgins:     Of course we can arrange such a meditation. A more clarifying question might be: Would such a meditation help her? We pose this question because there truly is more going on. We recall our meditation at your place regarding the well water. We want you to disregard that as a reference point as this is an entirely different energetic situation.

In this situation your friend has come into alignment with the negative aspects of the metals in her mouth. The most helpful option is for her to change her point of attraction to something significantly more positive such that she becomes a literal repellant to the metals in her mouth. Then, by the laws that exist in the Universe, the metals would have to come out. Of course, the more positively she can vibrate the more positive and swift the outcome.

A meditation to raise her vibration (without regard to the metal in her mouth) would be the most helpful option right now. Raising her vibration would help her recover more quickly from the surgeries and propel her to a quicker resolution of the problem (getting the metal out).

Relative to actually correcting the bone structure in her jaw/head…all of you do have the potential to do this. What we are discovering is that the level of commitment and understanding needed to do this is significant, more than most are able to muster in the necessary time frame. This is why the medical system can be immensely helpful! They can take care of so many things relatively right away that would take years to fix yourself unless you are ALREADY skilled in the manipulation of matter.

Our recommendation is that a one time meditation with us, while helpful in the short run, will not be enough to shift her. Our suggestion is to listen to either or both musical CD’s, the entity can follow with information on them. This is clearly on opportunity to utilize them as they were intended. Our goal with them was to provide a gentle stream of energy that methodically uplifts the listener.

The  blue CD is milk toast for a sick planet (the energy is easily palatable). The yellow CD is more overtly powerful and contains New Earth Vibration which would be helpful to her.


1) to feel safe and secure and free to follow her inspirations

2) to thrive both mentally and physically

3) to prosper

4) to develop and maintain relationships that are fulfilling and satisfying

5) to reach the end of each day feeling fulfilled and satisfied (a sense of her day having value)

She must take what steps are necessary to achieve these goals. When she chooses these and subsequently puts her attention to achieving them she will begin to notice feeling more powerful and free. Remind her that the steps she will be inspired to take may be very small (and thus achievable) and that as Lao Tzu said, the journey begins with a single step.

Received March 4, 2017

Higgins seems to feel that a session would be less helpful than the CD music for her. If she wants the meditation we can surely do that. My suggestion is to check out Page one is ‘digital downloads’ where she could sample the music via computer. Page two is the place to order Physical CD’s.


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