Tell Me My Future

Question:     What events do see happening to me this year and big changes?

Higgins:     The more important question is: What changes and events do you want to experience this year?

Before you make the decision to come forth into a body you make a plan. The plan is pretty vague. It’ll be something like planning to experience poverty or a diseased body or to be loving. (Read The Little Soul and the Sun by Neale Donald Walsch for a really quite accurate look at choosing a life experience.)

Once in physical you have a system in place to guide you in making decisions that will carry you towards happiness. To utilize your guidance system continually choose the choice that feels slightly better than the other options; that brings relief; or that actively feels positive. The Universal Flow keeps you updated in real time about what will be happening, when changes are coming and how close or far you are from realizing your desires. Everything you see around you is a metaphor for your own expectations about your life and this is how the Universe notifies you continually about what’s coming.

We suggest you decide what you want to happen to you this year. Decide whether you want these changes to come in big or little steps. Then live your life as if these things have already happened. The closer you match your belief to your desires the quicker your desires appear.

Received February 15, 2017

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  1. janonlife says:

    Such wisdom. I discovered ‘The Little Soul and the Sun’ many years ago. It was the first book that explained Life in a way that felt right to me.

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