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Want Success?

Offering from Higgins:     If you want to succeed dress and act as though you are already successful. Received September 15, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington Advertisements

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School Shootings

Question:    Higgins, what is with all the school, store and mall shootings? Higgins:     Human life, the day to day events, is created by what you focus upon with feeling. Humans create television, movies and games that depict disrespectful, angry and violent treatment of … Continue reading

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Transition When You Want To

This question refers back the post of March 25, 2014, Why Do Some People Want To Die But Can’t? Question:     Those of us that hear and practice this information; will we be able to transition when we want to and not … Continue reading

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Appearance, Language and Behavior

Question:     Higgins, is the way we present ourselves…appearance, language, behavior…important? If it is, what mode of dress, what manner of speech and what sort of behavior is correct? Higgins:     The answer, Friend, is yes–appearance, language and behavior are important. They … Continue reading

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More on Achieving Desires

Question:     I still don’t understand why you mostly say that things (our desires) come to us with no effort and then say it does take effort. Which is it? Higgins:     We have been watching (American) football through the entity. During … Continue reading

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Soul Lead Same as Following Highest Emotion?

Question:     I am leaping into being a ‘new human’, meaning at the very least those that are spirit-lead/soul-lead. Being soul-lead/spirit-lead…is this the same as following one’s highest emotion?! Higgins:     Following one’s highest emotion is a part of being soul-lead/spirit lead. … Continue reading

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Finds it Difficult to Focus

Question:     Why is it so difficult for me to focus upon what I want? Higgins:     There are many reasons why it can be difficult to focus. You (specifically the asker) tend to allow yourself to tire and when the body and/or … Continue reading

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