School Shootings

Question:    Higgins, what is with all the school, store and mall shootings?

Higgins:     Human life, the day to day events, is created by what you focus upon with feeling. Humans create television, movies and games that depict disrespectful, angry and violent treatment of one another. The news channels report shootings and violence morning and night. We have a question for you. Why do expect anything else?

It defies Universal Law to expect that life will provide peaceful, happy events when violence and traumatic death is relentlessly focused upon.

Furthermore, more people are generally feeling alienated and disillusioned with their place in the game of life. Because the news reports these violent events, those who may not have acted before, now have visual and mental templates placed in their minds. The possibility of carrying out ideas for harming others, for seeking some kind of revenge on a world that isn’t welcoming, comes closer to reality.

To stop the school shootings you, as a people, are going to have to mature emotionally. You will have to stop watching murder and the mistreatment of others depicted on television. You will have to stop waging war on other countries. You will have to learn to speak kindly, to act kindly. For example, presidential candidates will have to speak well of one another during the race for election. Think about it. You will have to change your behavior.

You will also have to learn to be inclusive so that those who now feel marginalized instead feel themselves to be, and in fact are, contributing members of society.

There is no law that can be enacted that will stop what is happening.  Only changing your behavior will lead to sustainable safe neighborhoods.

Received June 10, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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