You Are Not Alone

Offering from Higgins:

You are not alone here, in this physical realm. In a way, you are a like a radio controlled car being steered remotely. Unlike the RC car you do not have to follow directions. You have free choice whether or not to follow the directions offered.

Guidance comes from an inner, broader you and from Spirit Guides. The inner, broader you remembers every life experience you’ve ever had and what you learned from them. Most importantly your inner, broader you knows what you wanted to achieve this lifetime. From the inner, broader you’s expanded vantage point you are steered by emotion towards action that will lead inevitably towards achievement of your life plan.

Spirit Guides help by stimulating your imagination and impulses.

Each and every one of you has the inherent ability and capacity to create a life on Earth that is rewarding and fulfilling. All that is needed is for you to relax the mind and body and allow yourself to be inspired. Then act upon the inspiration.

Received June 10, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA


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