The Kindness Paradigm (36)

There is a place for everyone. Unfortunately, we don’t seem to know where that is.

Regardless of mental ability or mental stability, health status, financial status, race or age everyone has a right to exist. Everyone has the same right to exist. Yet so many feel as though they  don’t fit in to mainstream society. It seems even those who appear to be mainstream society feel they don’t fit in to society.

Each person needs a place to belong, to serve and be served, to feel of value. Instead, we tend to push people to the fringes of society when we don’t know how to include them.

For example, a person who struggles with schizophrenia needs a place to exist, to be included and to be of value. Where is that place? Some are prickly sometimes. How does one participate fully despite porcupine bristling? Our aged need to be included and to be of value. And that place for those who are irascible, blaming others for their personal failures; the place for introverts; the place for those lacking social grace…where is that place?

When we find answers to these questions I believe we will simultaneously solve the issue of shootings and terrorist acts, depression and loneliness simply because we will include everyone, not just the beautiful people and not just those who are willing to play game by the current set of rules.

When we learn how to include everyone there will be no one left on the fringes of society, frustrated, alone and bitter.

What we need is to understand that even those who are willing to play by the rules don’t necessarily thrive within those rules. The rules don’t really fit anyone. They fit businesses and corporations but unfortunately they don’t fit people.

The rules are made to suit the needs of business. In the Kindness Paradigm we shift the rules of business to suit the needs of the human.

Cheryl Jensen, June 9, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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