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The Kindness Paradigm (43)

We are not planning terrorist attacks, shootings, murders or robberies when we are happy with the direction our lives are taking. So find your thing and pursue it. Help everyone around you find and pursue their thing. It will bring about … Continue reading

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School Shootings

Question:    Higgins, what is with all the school, store and mall shootings? Higgins:     Human life, the day to day events, is created by what you focus upon with feeling. Humans create television, movies and games that depict disrespectful, angry and violent treatment of … Continue reading

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The Kindness Paradigm (36)

There is a place for everyone. Unfortunately, we don’t seem to know where that is. Regardless of mental ability or mental stability, health status, financial status, race or age everyone has a right to exist. Everyone has the same right to exist. … Continue reading

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