Higgins’ Arrival Update

Someone asked recently if I am okay since I’ve been silent lately as regards posting on Ask Higgins. Yes, I’m okay. This past year was very slow workwise, second to the corona virus shutdown, so in the fall, when more work was offered, I accepted all the hours I could. With the arrival of the Covid vaccine, I have also been working with the vaccine administration process in my workplace/community. While I am extremely appreciative of the work, it often leaves little time, energy or enthusiasm for meditating and writing.

It is also of note that when my schedule is as full as it is, it is frequently difficult to access them. Something did occur that may be of interest although I am loathe to share it since I have never truly believed that it will come to pass.

One day I was trying to connect with then to determine whether there is anything specific I could do to speed up their arrival. (They indicated they are already here.) Then I asked whether I could do anything helpful. (They indicated that they are well pleased with my current exercise routine, as well as with my current diet which is simply the omission of additives of any kind from my food. Higgins would like me to continue this course of action permanently.) Next, I asked whether we (Higgins and I) are ready for whatever it is that we will do next. (Yes.) What, then, is the holdup, I wondered? (The response: They are ready. I am ready. We await some moment of need in the social, and also ecological, realm and I cannot decipher what that special moment is.)

I further asked whether they are already using me for whatever it is while I sleep. (Yes.) Note that when they left in July of 2018–it was 2018, wasn’t it?– they stated that the next segment would be the knowledge phase and that they would work through me while I was not conscious. I finally realize that being asleep is not conscious and was quite disappointed that this might be all there is. Pretty anticlimactic if I will never be aware of what they are doing. That prompted me to ask whether I will know of the work they do. If I understood correctly, 90% of what they do with me will be while I’m asleep.

Of course, I was disappointed to know that. I want to enjoy whatever it is they are here to do so I pressed on. What happens during the remaining 10% of our time together?(They indicated that time is when I will be awake but they will assume use of my body to do whatever overt work they are going to do.) This use of my body is the very thing I have understood them to say they would do since the very beginning. I hope they will, if only to build my trust in them. They went on to say whatever discomfort we are having in the world right now, it will get worse and there will be times when they are drawn forth to assist us. It also did seem as if that time is very close.

From time to time I have moments of dizziness and I wonder whether they are practicing. For example, if they take over and there is a moment of passing my body’s functions from me to them, isn’t it possible I would collapse and be hurt in the process? I like to think they have this well in hand. Sometimes I hope we will pass through our difficulties with ease and instead draw them out for something fun and inspiring. Either way, whatever it is I believe it will be coming soon.


January 18, 2021

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4 Responses to Higgins’ Arrival Update

  1. Regarding your concern of collapsing and getting hurt, I would think they have a higher awareness so it wouldn’t happen. I mean, they can see forward and backward in time and have a good read on your body energetically enough to know if what they were doing would cause your body to collapse, I’d assume. As to the discomfort in the world getting worse, I’ve heard that too. Thanks for your post! And thanks for the work you’re doing with regard to vaccinations.

    • You know, you are right. I remember now a time when they did take over. It was just for a second but it was seamless. Thanks for jiggling my memory. It does make me feel more confident.

  2. John says:

    Hi Cheryl,

    Did you get the feeling that them arriving to assist us soon would be sometime within this year?

    Also, do you have any contact information one could reach you at?

    • Hi John. When they say things like that it always seems that their arrival is imminent. When I ask, they say they are already here. You can understand why I get confused as to what they mean. The last few meditations have been intensely pleasant but they do not give me further information. So will it be in this year? I expected them by the end of December 2020 so my plan was pretty much not their plan.

      You can email me at cherylorhiggins@hotmail.com.

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