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Mastering the Life Experience

Higgins:     Continuing our response from June 4, 2013….. Presumably you’ve now been practicing holding your personal energy in harmonious flow for several days and feel somewhat stronger. If not, we ask you right now to set your energy to flowing … Continue reading

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The Emotional Danger Zone Explained

Question:     Please explain the Emotional Danger Zone you spoke of in your post on June 6 about anger. (On June 8, 2013 I posted this response from Higgins: Question:     Why do I get angry? Higgins:     Anger is an emotion that … Continue reading

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Why Do I Get Angry?

Question:     Why do I get angry? Higgins:     Anger is an emotion that produces energy. It is sort of an Emotional Danger Zone.  Anger is designed to stimulate you towards action in those times when you are slipping towards a feeling … Continue reading

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My Husband Died And I’m Trying To Get My Life Back

Question:     My husband has now been dead for 7 months. I am still trying to get my life back. I had open heart surgery last December and am now in the process of selling my large home. I can’t seem … Continue reading

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Feels Incapable and Anxious

Question:     How do I stop depending on others for so much? I don’t feel capable of doing anything on my own, and deal with constant anxiety. I am pushing people away. Any advice? Higgins:     This is a beautiful question. It … Continue reading

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Wants to Master the Life Experience

Question: Thank you for giving such opportunity. I have really serious issues and question regarding MY LIFE. I’m a channel, and I went through ascension once in this lifetime, however, now I stuck in the lowest possible position (disability, very … Continue reading

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Meaningful Change Will Come From Heart Changes Of The Individual

Offering from Higgins: We are noticing the rioting and unrest among you. It seems that the leaders of the countries of the world are expected to make some sort of magical changes for the betterment of the citizens but as citizens many … Continue reading

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