Meaningful Change Will Come From Heart Changes Of The Individual

Offering from Higgins:

We are noticing the rioting and unrest among you.

It seems that the leaders of the countries of the world are expected to make some sort of magical changes for the betterment of the citizens but as citizens many of you are unwilling to make your own changes; changes within self that would open the door for positive life experience. Change does not come from the leaders of your respective countries. Change comes from within. If you as an individual will change your own heart offering a door will open for more people to follow suit. Leadership will eventually follow.

Anger is only a tool to bring one to action when one feels victimized. The aspect of this that goes unrecognized by most is: there are no victims. If there are no victims then there is no need for action in anger.

Take action in pleasure. Take action in joy. The world in general may still look a little messy but your immediate world will begin to look brighter right away.

Received June 2, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, USA

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